• Husbands and Sons : Detail

  • Richard Ashcroft I

    Richard Ashcroft

  • Down By The Jetty XIV

  • Alice Go


The Assembly

If a moment is undocumented, unseen, did it really happen?

Yes, of course, but memory is a trickster and without an image, moments become hazy. Dissipated into fog where only emotion remains.

Give us all of it. Give us the hard lines and defiant colours. Forever etched, without fear of running. Without the image, we will only be half sure, half aware of the humanity that ebbs and flows around us.

Lens like an all seeing eye, snare the bold and the bright. Let them be exposed to an audience hungry for inspiration, appreciation, gratification. Let us turn our heads to the side, as we look and say, ’ah, this makes me feel, this sets my soul on fire.’  

- Aimée Keeble



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    Own Your Future

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    Return of the Rudeboy

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  • Down By The Jetty XII

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  • Richard Ashcroft I

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    Never Turn Back

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