PULL UP!!: September Session

06 October 20

Posted at 11:33

Pull Up!!: September Session



Dean and Harris Elliott's monthly radio session 'PULL UP!!' is available to hear again. Originally broadcast on the 21st September through the East London digital radio station Totally Wired Radio.

This month the duo DJ a vinyl only selection of uplifting beats and rhythms as well as a bit of chat in between the records.

Available to hear now again on the Catch Up / Mixcloud .


Emma Noble: Vinyl 45 Release

10 September 20

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Emma Noble: No Turning Back / Woman Of The World

©Dean Chalkley



Emma Noble has released her debut 45 vinyl disc. This beautiful orange disc contains Emma's up tempo 'No Turning Back' and on the reverse her reworking of Marvin Gaye's anthemic 'Woman Of The World'. The singles were made as a limited edition and have sold out fast becoming instant collectors items. 

Dean's monochromatic photograph of Emma features on the cover artwork.

PULL UP!!: August 2020

10 September 20

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PULL UP!! : August



Dean and Harris's radio show PULL UP!! broadcast on Monday 17th through Totally Wired Radio, a slight shift from the third Thursday of each month to the third Monday of each month. This month the pair focus on music with two hours of brilliant beats and exciting rhythms, recorded live from the Totally Wired Radio studios in East London. Click HERE for the link.

Get ready for the next show on the 21st September.

Emma Noble: Woman Of The World

25 August 20

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Emma Noble: Women of the World

©Dean Chalkley



The first spin of Emma Noble’s latest release went out on Gary Crowley’s BBC radio show on Saturday 22-8-20.

‘Woman Of The World’  is an uplifting positive anthem, a version of a track from the ‘lost’ 1972 Marvin Gaye album “You’re The Man” released in March 2019 decades after Marvin’s passing.

This new track will be pared with Emma’s debut release ‘No Turning Back’ and made available as a very limited edition 7inch vinyl through Acid Jazz Records.

Please note if you want to get a copy then move fast (at the time of writing this journal entry over half have been secured) . It is available for pre-order here.

Date for release on 28th August.


25 July 20

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Eddie Piller: Mod Revival

©Dean Chalkley



Scheduled for release on: 18th September: Eddie Piller presents The Mod Revival 

Mod culture has many different facets, growing and evolving being shaped by a variety of influences since it originally emerged in the UK in the late 1950's.

With this album Eddie Piller has collaborated with Demon Music to present an extensive compilation focusing on the Mod Revival period of the late 1970's into the 1980's.

This was a time when so many young people were captivated by the Mod style from decades past, some sought to look back and reflect what had gone from those early days in a purest sense whereas others took those past influences and twisted things through their contemporary time...This is where The Mod Revival album comes in. The music is full of angst, spiky guitars and youthful exuberance clearly expressing the youth cultural explosion that was happening against the backdrop of those times. This part of the Mod scene relates to what had came out the other side of Punk with added influences of bands including The Who, The Small Faces, Creation The Action as well as sixties Soul and R&B,

Eddie Piller has been immersed in the Mod scene since the 1970's through it's various evolution twists and turns, he's an author, social commentator, DJ, radio station owner. In the 1990's Eddie cofounded Acid Jazz Records with Gilles Peterson,in time Gilles decided to leave and form other imprints and projects, Eddie continues to sign bands and musical artistes totting up thousands of releases on Acid Jazz Records.

As mentioned this Mod Revival album is a personal reflection of the music from the Mod Revival scene compiled by Eddie and released on Demon / Edsel Records, the CD Release has a staggering 92 tracks included,  the LP has 28 tracks on red and blue vinyl. Both formats will have extensive extras in the form of sleeve notes and illustrations from Eddie's scrap book...Available on preorder through Rough Trade and other suppliers. 

PULL UP!!: July 2020: REWIND

25 July 20

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Pull Up!! July 2020

©Dean Chalkley / Harris Elliott



Continuing the conversation...This month Dean and Harris invite guests Cynthia Lawrence-John, Tmichael, Seye Adelekan and Norman Jay onto PULL UP!!...

The conversations are frank, illuminating, inspiring and don't pull any punches. 

This Pull Up!! session was originally broadcast through Totally Wried Radio on the 16th July in the regular 2 hour slot that takes place on the third Thursday of each month. The link below will take you to the  'Catch Up' version of the programme that has an additional music only section made from the music selections from the four special guests. 

Click here for PULL UP!!

The next PULL UP!! will be 20th August.

Emma Noble: No Turning Back

26 June 20

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Emma Noble: No Turning Back

©Dean Chalkley



Emma Noble’s debut single is out today. No Turning Back is released on the Swedish label, Cosmos Music.

Emma's sound is influenced by her love for rare soul, funk and disco this passion and knowledge for the music steadily grew since she moved to London 10 years ago, exploring and being part of the city’s underground soul scene. 

A regular DJ with Sophie 'Heath' Corbin, the pair present a regular radio show on Totally Wired Radio.

Back to the single Emma say's: “It’s a kind of metaphor about getting yourself out of a situation where you are a bit stuck, and that moment you realise you need to act. 

I guess it’s about empowerment and inspiring people who might be in a place where they feel like they aren’t getting the best from life and encouraging them to say “F*** it, I’m getting out of here now" 

Dean has photographed Emma on a number of occasions over the years, the cover of the single was one of the most recent times. Emma Noble also appears in Dean's film 'Young Souls' as well as the accompanying photographic collection that appeared alongside the film. These images can be seen in 'The Assembly' section of this site.


PULL UP!!: Return of the Rudeboy 6th Anniversary : Rewind

20 June 20

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PULL UP!!: June Session Catch Up

©Dean Chalkley / Harris Elliott / Return of the Rudeboy


Pull Up!! June 2020 now available to listen again click HERE

This month Dean x Harris Elliott present a Return of the Rudeboy 6th anniversary special broadcast. Rather than follow the usual mainly music direction the programme evolves into more of a podcast, so talking with music. Featured guests are some of the collaborators from the original exhibition, Art Comes First, Andrew Ibi, Jason Jules, Bevan Agyemang  and Gary Powell (pictured here in a detail from one of the shots in the show), Gary is the dapper drummer from The Libertines and more recently The Specials plus other collectives. 

Harris and Dean talk about this crucial moment we are in right now as well as reflecting on the past, vital views and wisdoms are contained in this programme you must listen to this broadcast!! 

It's recommended using headphones for the best listening experience.


PULL UP!!: Return of the Rudeboy 6th Anniversary

18 June 20

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PULL UP!! : June Edition Return of the Rudeboy Special

PULL UP!! : June Edition Return of the Rudeboy Special

PULL UP!! : June Edition Return of the Rudeboy Special

©Dean Chalkley / Harris Elliott / Return of the Rudeboy


Return of the Rudeboy originally opened at Somerset House on 13th June 2014. This seminal exhibition presented by creative director Harris Elliott and Dean celebrated the 21st Century Rudie. Tonight on Totally Wired Radio Dean and Harris change up the usual flow of their monthly radio show to dive deep into the insights and experiences from the original exhibition. Harris and Dean welcome onto PULL UP!! Art Comes First, Andrew Ibi, Gary Powell, Jason Jules and Bevan Agyemang, all the aforementioned creatives were collaborators in the 2014 exhibition.

Todays radio discussions reflect on memories of those times and the effect Return of the Rudeboy had and continues to have. In keeping with the Return of the Rudeboy's ethos and cultural position Harris, Dean and the guests also discuss these pivotal and crucial moments we are in now. 

PULL UP!! can be heard on Totallywiredradio.com 6-8pm 18-6-20

Please note: Approximately 24hrs after it can be listened to on the 'Catch Up' part of the station and on Mixcloud, we will update this post once this happens.

The pictures above feature: Jason Jules, Art Comes First, Bevan Agyemeng all were photographed for the original Return of the Rudeboy exhibition.


Return of the Rudeboy: 6 years ago today

13 June 20

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Return of the Rudeboy

©Dean Chalkley / Harris Elliott / Return of the Rudeboy


Return of the Rudeboy took place at Somerset House in London 6 years ago today.

On an equally sunny day Harris Elliott x Dean's exhibition opened in the Terrance Rooms, South Wing of Somerset House.
It was a landmark immersive exhibition that worked culturally, historically and aesthetically. 
Six rooms of the gallery were used to present Photography as well as numerous other aspects;  a live Barbershop, Tailoring presentation by Art Comes First, Dj sets from the likes of Norman Jay MBE, Film Screenings, Book Readings and discussions. 
This exhibition informed of the positive impact the generation now dubbed 'Windrush' had on Britain and showed the style and swagger of the 21st Century Rudeboy in full effect, a celebration of culture that resonates & vibrates today as it did then.
Photography: Dean Chalkley x  Creative Direction: Harris Elliott
Rudeboy in the picture: Sam Lambert (Art Comes First)