Abbey Road: Music Photography Awards

16 May 22

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Abbey Road_MPA 'Artists At Work'

Abbey Road Music Photography Awards - Closed Category - Artists At Work..
The awards ceremony took place at Abbey Road Studios 1 and 2 on the evening of the 14th May 2022. Matt Everitt presided over the event, with an introduction to the awards by photographer Rankin and presentations by all the judges, Jill Furmanovsky, Shy Girl, Dana Scruggs, Sacha Lecca,Sabel Garvey, Moses Sumney.   
The winner of the Artists At Work category was excellent American photographer Greg Noire. Across the whole competition the quality of the entries was very high. Photographer Eric Johnson received an Icon Award too, it was an excellent competition and hopefully the first of many to come. 
Invited nominees and vip guests from the world of photography, music and fashion were in attendance.
Abbey Road Studios is such a legendary place and it is clear that they not only value musical creation but also the visual side too.

Abbey Road: Music Photography Awards

14 May 22

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Music Photography Awards



In 2022, Abbey Road Studios launched the Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards. It is the first ever global music photography competition. A celebration of the previous year’s unforgettable, possibly unsung but certainly unique and eye catching music moments and the photographers who captured them.  

This is a global competition shining a light on the creatives behind the lens – whether established, emerging or undiscovered.

Dean has been nominated in the 'Artists At Work Category' with an image from the groundbreaking 'New Perspectives' project that he conceptualised, brought together and documented visually. The photograph features music producer Lewis Durham's hand and arm as he operates the 16 track tape recorder at Durham Sound Studios whilst in the writing and recording session of freshly formed through the project musical collective Phono48 as they made the track 'So Pure'.

The Awards winners will be chosen by a panel helmed by photographer, publisher and director Rankin, together with musicians and creatives Moses Sumney and Shygirl, photographers Jill Furmanovsky and Dana Scruggs, Rolling Stone’s picture editor Sacha Lecca and Abbey Road MD Isabel Garvey.

There were several categories open to submissions by all photographers as well as 'Closed Categories' where the judging panel nominated images  they recognised as outstanding work by photographers in music photography, 'Artists At Work' is the latter .

Abbey Road Studios has so much musical history woven into it's DNA including being the studios where landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis and Adele to name only a few were made. The Awards take place in recording studios 1 & 2 on the night of the 14th May 2022, it will be another significant event at this legendary place.

Far Out Magazine : Interview with Dean

08 April 22

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Far Out Magazine : Interview with Dean

©Dean Chalkley / Far Out 



Out this week... Dean 's interview for Far Out Magazine.

The feature written by Eoghan Lyng revolved around Photography and Music and including memories of shoots with Paul Weller, Amy Winehouse, The White Stripes and the recent 'New Perspectives' project.

Click HERE for the link.

Clash Magazine: New Perspectives / Phono 48

25 March 22

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Phono48_Clash Mag Feature

Phono 48 by ©Dean Chalkley


The New Perspectives project and musical collective Phono 48 are discussed in the Clash Magazine piece.

Writer Robin Murray outlines the project and gives a flavour fo the hot track.

Here For the link.

The New Cue: Interview

25 March 22

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The New Cue: Interview With Dean



This insightful and illuminating interview with Dean by The New Cue writer Chris Catchpole discusses several of Dean's Iconic images as well as the New Perspectives project.

Expect to some behind the scenes memories from shoots with The Strokes, Kojey Radical, The Horrors, Pete Doherty, The White Stripes and Amy Winehouse.

Click here to go to The New Cue

New Perspectives: Short Film Release

03 March 22

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New Perspectives: Short Film


Freshly released through YouTube Premiere the New Perspectives short film is now available to watch on demand. 

Presented as part of the gallery exhibition held at the Museum of Youth Culture in Shaftesbury Avenue London.

This short film documents moment when 6 musicians came together for the first time, to create an original piece of music through this expansive and experimental project, over a two day writing and recording session and including elements of the subsequent mixing and mastering at Durham Sound Studios and The Exchange, together with vignettes of the musicians filmed around London.

The musicians are Amané Suganami, Andre Laville, Kitty Liv Durham, Lewis Durham, Nick Corbin and Solomon Douglas the collective came to be known as Phono 48 and their composition ‘So Pure’.

DIRECTOR - Dean Chalkley




©2022 Dean Chalkley All Rights Reserved A Dean Chalkley Film in Partnership with Sunspel the 12" Single and Journal Publication is available through Big AC Records.

New Perspectives: Exhibition Concludes

03 March 22

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New Perspectives:Events

©Dean Chalkley



The final weekend of the New Perspectives exhibition was complimented by several special events.

Clash Magazine came to the gallery and took over the decks on Saturday 26th February for a two hour take over. Dj's played vinyl records from the Soul and Rhythm & Blues archives a great interlude in the basement of 154 Shaftesbury Avenue London. 

On Sunday 27th the final day of the exhibition visitors were treated to a question and answer session. An esteemed panel chaired by broadcaster/DJ/Artist Tasty Lopez guided the conversation with panel members Laville the singer in the project, Lewis Durham the co-producer and engineer from Durham Sound Studios and Dean. The relaxed discussion touched on many elements of the creative process , how the project came about, the writing and recording, the atmosphere in the room at the time and the general ethos of 'New Perspectives' and subsequent formation of 'Phono 48'... The talk was very illumining indeed..

After the Q&A Dj's Penny Sanford, Ryan Ray and Jake Wigham locked into a closing party vibration.

New Perspectives ran from the 17th Feb to 27th February at the Museum of Youth Culture.

Made in partnership with Sunspel. 

New Perspectives Exhibition

20 February 22

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New Perspectives Poster



From the 18th February until 27th February Dean is presenting his latest and very exciting exhibition called 'New Perspectives'.

A new project  conceptualised,  photographed and directed by Dean.  

Six outstanding UK musicians come together through the project to write and record an exclusive vinyl record in just 48 hours – the centre of a unique multimedia collaboration exploring the creative process.

The resulting composition has been made into a limited edition 12” single, “So Pure”, by new musical collective Phono 48,was released on 18 February by Big AC Records. 

The limited edition 12” will be accompanied by a photographic journal and an experimental film, documenting the intense creative process that took place over those 48 hours between the newly formed Phono 48 – Nick Corbin (of Big AC Records), Kitty and Lewis (of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis), neo-soul singer Laville, bassist Solomon, and keyboardist Amané Suganami.

An exploration of the creative energy that comes from collaboration and the idea of creating an experimental ‘space’ where a group of musicians could come together freely as a real collective to just see what happens. 

The magic of the two days in the studio was captured by Dean in a series of documentary style shots. “I photographed the collective in and outside of the studio,” Dean says. “There were only a couple of times in the studio when I intervened to get a shot of all the musicians together, for the most part I looked and listened, quietly collecting and preserving these special moments on my camera.” 

Setting out to find musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, Chalkley enlisted brilliant singer-songwriter Nick Corbin to act as musical director. Formerly of New Street Adventure, Corbin is now carving his own path as a solo artist on Big A.C. Records, the East London label he founded in 2020 with his wife and DJ Sophie Heath. 

Chalkley and Corbin toured London for a suitable studio, and visited the acclaimed analogue Durham Studios, custom-built by the Sunday Best Records’ artists, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham. (A sign outside the studio reads ‘Phonographic Studios’ – this, and the time constraint, inform the group’s name.) This led to Kitty and Lewis being invited to participate in the creation and recording of the track, with Kitty playing drums and Lewis overseeing proceedings. Chalkley and Corbin then invited three more musically diverse musicians to complete the temporary group: acclaimed contemporary soul singer Laville and two in-demand session and jazz/neo soul players, bassist Solomon Douglas and keyboardist Amané Suganami (a founding member of jazz collective Maisha, signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings). Soul devotee Corbin was on guitar and backing vocals.   

The magic of the two days in the studio with all the musicians – and the subsequent mixing and mastering by Kitty and Lewis – was captured by Chalkley in a vast series of documentary style photos. In addition, with project art director Ciaran O’Shea (Discordo), Chalkley created a short experimental film with different abstract elements reflecting this brilliant creative journey. This wonderful creative project was made in partnership with Sunspel

Note to visitors: The Exhibition features Photographic prints and a film projection, there will be a number of special events in the gallery space. The film will be played on loop generally in the space however when the special events are on it will be paused and played intermittently. 

New Perspectives

04 February 22

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Teaser for New Perspectives film : Dir.Dean Chalkley -  Edited/Art Dir. Ciaran O'Shea - Dop Sophie Tuckwell


New Perspectives is the name of Dean's new project set for release in February 2022.

This groundbreaking project has brought together a group of six musicians for the first time.

Over a two day period they wrote and recorded a remarkable piece of music from scratch with no preparation. Dean photographed the entire process and directing a short film too, working closley with one of his good friend and regular collaborator Ciaran O'Shea at Discordo Studio, and young film crew lead by Sophie Tuckwell - above is the 'Teaser' for the short film.

The musicians called their collective Phono 48 and made an outstanding groove lead Modern Soul Classic recording. Soon to be released on 12" vinyl (as well as digital platforms) the track is now on pre order made available through Big A C Records.

It's an astonishing soulful single written and recorded in just 48 hours.

Phono 48, features neo-soul singer Laville, Kitty and Lewis Durham (of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis), Amané Suganami, Solomon Douglas and Nick Corbin, all of whom entered the studio with no preconceived ideas of what they would create.

The result is a beautifully crafted, contemporary-sounding song; Laville’s positive lyrics and smooth, laid-back vocal are soundtracked by an infectious piece of music, with all participants blending seamlessly to create a track at the intersection of soul, funk and jazz.

‘So Pure’ anchors the multi-media ‘New Perspectives’ project devised by Dean Chalkley, who captured the magic of the two days’ studio time in a  series of documentary style images.

There will be lots more in the press and through social media channels about 'New Perspectives' in the coming weeks so do check out Dean's Instagram account. 

The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Youth Culture in Shaftesbury Ave open to the public from the 18th Feb until 27th Feb 2022. The New Perspectives  project was made in partnership with Sunspel.



Creative Review: Breakthrough

14 January 22

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Creative Review

©Dean Chalkley/NME /Camera Press



Live on Creative Review Magazine's site from the 13-1-21, an illuminating account by Dean reflecting on the photograph of Noel Gallagher (above) and the significant time in which it was made. 

Click here to go to read the full feature.