Young Souls Excerpt: Ace Records YouTube Channel

10 March 23

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Young Souls Excerpt: Ace Records version

©Dean Chalkley



Back in 2011 Dean made a short film called 'Young Souls' it celebrates the sub-culture of Northern Soul. Those who are familiar with Dean's deejaying sessions will know that for years Dean has loved Soul music and especially Northern Soul, he will often play these rare original vinly records out in clubs lighting up the dancefloors with their fast paced intoxicating rhythm and expressive lyrics.

Ace Records are proud to present a short excerpt from the whole Young Souls film that features two tracks from their back catalogue. Originally Dean obtained official permission to use these tracks in the whole production. 12 years later the full length version of Young Souls is off line but here is a taste of what the film is like.

Click here to go to the link

The whole 'Young Souls' body of work was made by Dean in response to a brief set by 125 Magazine.

The publication put the call out for inspired projects that in some way represented ‘Religion’. Dean immediately connected the notion of religion to faith and then to ‘Keeping the Faith’ an expression that captures the devotion and love that people who are into Northern Soul scene have for it. He set out to not only make a series of contemporary photographs showing a group of young people who were into it but also to make a short film, an excerpt from which you can see above.

The full length short film was screened for the first time at the 6T’s anniversary night at the 100 Club in April 2011 and the official premiere took place at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club on the 14th July 2011, a night that featured the film and photographs from the project, as well as a great party across all the floors of the venue.

Subsequently the film has been screened at many film festivals nationally and internationally collecting awards along the way.

At the time of release Dean Chalkley commented: “I didn’t set out to create the definitive story of Northern Soul, but I did aim to celebrate it. The Photographic aspect is a study focusing on the current burgeoning generation of young people getting into the scene, whereas the film brings the atmosphere and wonder of Northern Soul to life. I didn’t want to recreate the past, but to produce timeless works that illustrate the culture as never before. It is great to show how people dance to Northern Soul, but more importantly how it is a passionate experience and how its fans - young and old -are immersed in it. I have been very careful to exercise the utmost integrity on this project as it is close to my heart.’

The two tracks featured in this excerpt are as follow:

Featured songs:

Is She In Your Town - Curtis Lee 

Anything You Want AKA Any Way You Want It - Jackie Lee 

Please note - in this "Excerpt From Young Souls" the track and artist information is placed over the picture. The full Young Souls short film has this information in the end credits only and not presented over the picture.

Emma Noble: Single Release

10 March 23

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©Dean Chalkley / Art Direction Emma Noble



Emma Noble's latest release is an upbeat slice of two-step, it's a foot tapper with an infectious bass line that supports Emma's unique delivery. This track is produced by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee, Shaun's drumming can be heard pushing the track along with a deep, grooving, soulful strut.

Break Down The Walls is another co-write from Noble & Corbin, with all their soulful signatures, the pair often incorporate danceable, uplifting and catchy vibrations with a big dollop of 60/70s inspired soul on the top.

Dean has photographed Emma many times in the past whether it's singing live on stage, whilst Emma deejays, for advertising campaigns or for projects. In fact first time Dean met Emma was on the 'Young Souls' Photographic and Film project he directed and photographed (this will be the subject of the next post) Emma was introduced to Dean by one of his friends Elaine Constantine.

This single's visual concept was art directed by Emma herself reflecting the lyrics of the track. Emma explains  ‘Break Down The Wallsis about trying to push aside those negative thoughts that can sometimes creep in and letting the positive ones lead instead.

Beak Down The Walls will soon be available on vinyl for this and other music by Emma click here

Rhoda Dakar: Press Session

10 March 23

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Rhoda Dakar by Dean Chalkley

©Dean Chalkley



Here is one of the photographs from Dean's press session with Rhoda the legendary artist who continues to make great music to this day.
In 2023 Rhoda released her take on Louis Armstrong’s all time classic What A Wonderful World
Like all the recent singles What A Wonderful World was released through Sunday Best Records and now Rhoda's new album Version Girl, is set to be released through the same channel. Version Girl is a collection of cover versions of unexpected and cleverly worked tracks by Rhoda. It will be the first album Rhoda has released for 5 years, and will be well worth the wait. A 12-song collection featuring a diverse range of covers chosen by Rhoda, celebrating her love of Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady. Most of these songs have never before been given proper treatments in these incredibly versatile and timeless Jamaican genres. 

Rhoda says of the album: “I wanted to go a little left field for this. There seemed no point in covering songs which already had perfectly good Reggae versions. Both UB40 and Madness have already done a series of definitive covers albums. So, rather than hanging on their coat tails, I went for songs that had no previous definitive Reggae, Ska or Rocksteady versions, that we could find anyway. I think it also continues to demonstrate the amazing adaptability of these Jamaican genres!”

Version Girl can be pre ordered here.
The 'Lyric Video' for What a Wonderful World contains several more of Dean's  photographs of Rhoda and can be viewed here.

Justin H Min: The Observer

10 March 23

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©Dean Chalkley 



These are exciting times for Justin H Min, many will be familiar with Justin from his role in The Umbrella Academy as Ben Hargreeves. As this chapter of his career has come to a close a new phase is about to begin as Justin is now crossing to the big screen. He appears in his first feature film directed by Kogonada called ‘After Yang’, this film has an ensemble cast including Jodie Turner Smith, Colin Farrell and of course Justin. the premise of the film is as follows.
When his young daughter's beloved companion -- an android named Yang (Justin H Min)-- malfunctions, Jake (Colin Farrell) searches for a way to repair him. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has been passing in front of him, reconnecting with his wife (Jodie Turner-Smith) and daughter across a distance he didn't know was there.
The film has scored 90% in the well respected  'Rotten Tomato' site.
The Observer feature explains what brought Justin to this point, what it was like growing up in Cerritos & some of the challenges he has faced as well as explaining more about the detail of ‘After Yang’.

PHONO48: One Off Live Performance

24 November 22

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Big AC Soul Revue : PHONO 48




PHONO48 will play a one off live gig as part of The Big AC Records concert at the world famous 100 Club in London on the 24-11-22. They will be on stage at 8pm, Dean will introduce the band then they will play their track 'So Pure'. Phono48 are the musical collective who were born out of the New Perspectives project Dean created recently.  to see the film about the project click here. To visit The Big AC Records website for books and the Phono48 vinyl record click here.

In the past Dean has photographed several of the Big AC Soul Revue members and Kitty Liv too.. 






Wilko Johnson: The Passing of a Legend

24 November 22

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Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson, 2013 by Dean Chalkley 



On the 21st of November 2022 we lost one of the most influential, eccentric and outstanding musicians. Wilko Johnson sadly passed away this week leaving a great legacy and immensely profound effect on the route of modern music and so many musicians his music reached out to. His personality and methods in music set him outside the box, at times unconventional doing it all his own way, he had a profound and deep side with a sense of humour too. Wilko Johnson... Legend!



F*** Rooms: Exhibition

28 October 22

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F*** Rooms Exhibition Soho London



The final day of the exhibition takes place on Saturday 29th October 2022.

This short and sharp group show has successfully brought together the work of seven artists in Five Rooms (F*** Rooms) at the gallery space of 15 Bateman Street, Soho, London. Dean and Ciaran O'Shea present their Reverberation show original aired in 2017 this time set in a gallery space the work is allowed it's full colourful potential and with the additional of a unique 3-D installation piece called the Wonderbox it feels totally fresh, as relevant as ever and highly stimulating. Reverberation is a series of unique images inspired by The Beatles seminal album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

Other artists involved in 'F*** Rooms' group show are painters Simon Monk and Johanna Melvin, 3-D artist Jennie Sharman-Cox, photographer Graham Cann and actor /director Charles Sharman-Cox. 

The PV for the show took place on the 27th October...really busy and a great buzz! 

Hero Magazine features F*** Rooms HERE


Paul Weller x Sunspel: A/W '22

25 September 22

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Paul Weller x Sunspel: A/W 2022

©Dean Chalkley / Sunspel



Paul Weller x Sunspel Autumn / Winter '22 just released.

Paul Weller has once again collaborated with the great fashion brand Sunspel. This new collection follows the success of his first from back in Spring 2021. This time the collection focus's on clothes Paul regards as indispensable winter staples, he is quoted as saying about the design process ‘On both collections we’ve worked the same way, I bring in some sketches and some colour references sometimes a picture of an old garment for inspiration. David (Telfer, Sunspel’s creative director) and his team draw this into a proper design and the we look at how to match the colours to what I have in mind...’ The collection has already garnering a lot of attention, and it is available now here!

Dean worked closely with Sunspel's creative director David Telfer and the creative agency Studio Small to develop the campaign.

Throughout the years Dean has photographed Paul Weller many times through the years and he always really enjoys their meetings, 'It was brilliant catching up with Paul again, as well as taking lots of photographs we talked about music and all manner of style stuff as is always the way... '.

As an aside from the Sunspel collaboration, some of Dean's memories of Paul Weller and his band The Style Council are included in the extremely collectable book 'Soul Deep'. This book was made initially as a hard back and then latterly as a soft back see here, unfortunately both version sold out very quickly are out of print currently.


Dean Chalkley x Grolsch Photographic Competition: Winner Announced

24 September 22

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Dean Chalkley x Grolsch Photographic Competition: Winner Announced

©Nici Eberl



The winner of the 'Dean Chalkley x Grolsch Live Music Photography Competition' was announced on Friday 23rd September 2022 by Dean through his Instagram account @deanchalkley_ .

Image makers were asked to submit their best live music photographs by tagging their work with #grolschlivemoments on Instagram. A large amount of images were submitted, the deadline for entries was midnight on Friday 9th September 2022.

After a very deep an intense judging period reviewing so many excellent images the winning image became clear, it was an outstanding image submitted by Nici Eberl. The winning picture features Charlie Steen (lead singer from the band SHAME) immersed in the concerts crowd. Nici will receive the prize of £750 of photographic equipment, a mentoring session with Dean and a personal limited edition run of Grolsch bottles with her own images on. Additionally 10 entrants were randomly selected and they will be send a case of Grolsch beer too. 

Dean said in his post, 'I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who entered the competition. It was magnificent to see such great photography, the variety & energy of the image making was remarkable, so many eye catching & thought provoking photographs entered....Brilliant! So, thank you all again for entering & making it a joy to behold!! Long Live Live Photography!!'.

The competition has been a really positive celebration of the live gig experience through photography.

Suede: AUTOFICTION : Album Release

16 September 22

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Suede : 2022

©Dean Chalkley



Suede make a triumphant return with 'AUTOFICTION' their 9th studio album (Released 16-9-22) for this album the band have chosen a very raw and immediate direction, it's the band's 'Punk' record a dynamic straight ahead, no frills approach. The album includes the tracks 'She Still Leads Me On', '15 Again' and 'That Boy On The Stage'.

Suede are preparing for several UK shows to celebrate the new record... They are great live too! Dean has long been a fan of the band, many years ago he saw them perform at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool when he was studying in the seaside town. 

Recently Dean has been collaborating with the band for their press photographs and many of his images are making their way out into the world now as the album and tour proceed.

NME say of the Album ' One of the the best comebacks of the 21st century', The Times ' A superb album' and Uncut ' Suede have just made their best album in decades'.