Kitty Liv & Band: Tour Poster

06 July 23

Posted at 4:47

Kitty Liv & Band Tour Poster

©Dean Chalkley / Kitty Liv Poster Artwork



Artist Kitty Liv gears up for a series of concerts through August and September 2023, joined by her band mates the Grammy award winner David Mrakpor and brother Lewis Durham. The three gigs through August and September will further propel Kitty Liv into peoples consciousness, a vital solo Artist that needs to be heard and seen Whoever is lucky enough to get to these concerts will be rewarded with the fact they saw Kitty Liv at this moment live and direct. 

The gritty and simply beautiful tour poster above contains a photograph Dean made of Kitty Liv when she recently played at the Hawley Arms. This iconic Camden venue has become synonymous with one of its former regulars Amy Winehouse and symbolises an important part the Camden music scene and spirit, fitting that Kitty Liv introduced a new phase of her solo project there new songs and intentions heralding exciting times ahead.