Wigan Casino 50th Anniversary Exhibition & Events

28 August 23

Posted at 9:58

Wigan Casino Anniversary poster

©Dean Chalkley



To mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the legendary Wigan Casino, a programme of events are planned in the town to explore what this iconic Northern Soul club meant to people then and its continued impact on the culture of today.

The Museum of Wigan Life are displaying artefacts including clothes, personal photographs, records, patches. There are a number of talks planned with Russ Winstanley founder of the Wigan Casino All-Nighters back in 1973, a unique panel event with Richard Searling, Tim Ashabende, Gary Rushbrook, Tim Brown, Ian Wills and Dr Paul Sadot talking about their experiences of Wigan Casino and the Northern Soul movement, Stuart Cosgrove is also present a talk called ‘Soul Music and Social Change’.

There will be two exhibitions in this busy programme presented in different locations around Wigan. 

‘Last Night At The Casino’ will be an outdoor public space exhibition featuring evocative images by photographer Francesco Mellina. ‘50 Years On The Soul Stays Strong’ is an exhibition in a location close to the original site of the Casino and focuses on the different perspectives and impact Northern Soul continues to have. Dean is contributing to this exhibition with large scale printed images and projected film from his archive, he will be unveiling new fresh work for the show too. Artist William Titley and the Wigan & Leigh College will also be featuring in this forward looking part of the programme.

There is a theatrical aspect in the programme, a one-off performance of 'Northern Soul' a new play written by Jim Cartwright and Directed by Nick Bagnall, which pays tribute to the legendary music and dance venue.

For details of all the events click HERE