Gallery 289: All Kinds Of Naughty

03 September 21

Posted at 6:31

Gallery 289: All Kinds Of Naughty

Gallery 286 c/o Gallery featuring triptych of images ©Dean Chalkley / Ciaran O'shea and Glove in Glass by Rod Melvin.



All Kinds Of Naughty arrives at the very special Gallery 286 in Earls Court Road West London.

After the PV on 7th September there will be some limited opportunities to visit the show in this space, Wednesday September 15th 12.00-6.00 pm and Wednesday September 22nd 12.00-6.00 pm.

We would recommend messaging the gallery for exact entry information HERE

Gallery 286 is a private art gallery situated in a Victorian terraced house in Earl’s Court, London SW5.