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10 March 23

Posted at 6:03

Young Souls Excerpt: Ace Records version

©Dean Chalkley



Back in 2011 Dean made a short film called 'Young Souls' it celebrates the sub-culture of Northern Soul. Those who are familiar with Dean's deejaying sessions will know that for years Dean has loved Soul music and especially Northern Soul, he will often play these rare original vinly records out in clubs lighting up the dancefloors with their fast paced intoxicating rhythm and expressive lyrics.

Ace Records are proud to present a short excerpt from the whole Young Souls film that features two tracks from their back catalogue. Originally Dean obtained official permission to use these tracks in the whole production. 12 years later the full length version of Young Souls is off line but here is a taste of what the film is like.

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The whole 'Young Souls' body of work was made by Dean in response to a brief set by 125 Magazine.

The publication put the call out for inspired projects that in some way represented ‘Religion’. Dean immediately connected the notion of religion to faith and then to ‘Keeping the Faith’ an expression that captures the devotion and love that people who are into Northern Soul scene have for it. He set out to not only make a series of contemporary photographs showing a group of young people who were into it but also to make a short film, an excerpt from which you can see above.

The full length short film was screened for the first time at the 6T’s anniversary night at the 100 Club in April 2011 and the official premiere took place at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club on the 14th July 2011, a night that featured the film and photographs from the project, as well as a great party across all the floors of the venue.

Subsequently the film has been screened at many film festivals nationally and internationally collecting awards along the way.

At the time of release Dean Chalkley commented: “I didn’t set out to create the definitive story of Northern Soul, but I did aim to celebrate it. The Photographic aspect is a study focusing on the current burgeoning generation of young people getting into the scene, whereas the film brings the atmosphere and wonder of Northern Soul to life. I didn’t want to recreate the past, but to produce timeless works that illustrate the culture as never before. It is great to show how people dance to Northern Soul, but more importantly how it is a passionate experience and how its fans - young and old -are immersed in it. I have been very careful to exercise the utmost integrity on this project as it is close to my heart.’

The two tracks featured in this excerpt are as follow:

Featured songs:

Is She In Your Town - Curtis Lee 

Anything You Want AKA Any Way You Want It - Jackie Lee 

Please note - in this "Excerpt From Young Souls" the track and artist information is placed over the picture. The full Young Souls short film has this information in the end credits only and not presented over the picture.