Rhoda Dakar: Press Session

10 March 23

Posted at 3:45

Rhoda Dakar by Dean Chalkley

©Dean Chalkley



Here is one of the photographs from Dean's press session with Rhoda the legendary artist who continues to make great music to this day.
In 2023 Rhoda released her take on Louis Armstrong’s all time classic What A Wonderful World
Like all the recent singles What A Wonderful World was released through Sunday Best Records and now Rhoda's new album Version Girl, is set to be released through the same channel. Version Girl is a collection of cover versions of unexpected and cleverly worked tracks by Rhoda. It will be the first album Rhoda has released for 5 years, and will be well worth the wait. A 12-song collection featuring a diverse range of covers chosen by Rhoda, celebrating her love of Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady. Most of these songs have never before been given proper treatments in these incredibly versatile and timeless Jamaican genres. 

Rhoda says of the album: “I wanted to go a little left field for this. There seemed no point in covering songs which already had perfectly good Reggae versions. Both UB40 and Madness have already done a series of definitive covers albums. So, rather than hanging on their coat tails, I went for songs that had no previous definitive Reggae, Ska or Rocksteady versions, that we could find anyway. I think it also continues to demonstrate the amazing adaptability of these Jamaican genres!”

Version Girl can be pre ordered here.
The 'Lyric Video' for What a Wonderful World contains several more of Dean's  photographs of Rhoda and can be viewed here.