Emma Noble: Single Release

10 March 23

Posted at 4:52

©Dean Chalkley / Art Direction Emma Noble



Emma Noble's latest release is an upbeat slice of two-step, it's a foot tapper with an infectious bass line that supports Emma's unique delivery. This track is produced by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee, Shaun's drumming can be heard pushing the track along with a deep, grooving, soulful strut.

Break Down The Walls is another co-write from Noble & Corbin, with all their soulful signatures, the pair often incorporate danceable, uplifting and catchy vibrations with a big dollop of 60/70s inspired soul on the top.

Dean has photographed Emma many times in the past whether it's singing live on stage, whilst Emma deejays, for advertising campaigns or for projects. In fact first time Dean met Emma was on the 'Young Souls' Photographic and Film project he directed and photographed (this will be the subject of the next post) Emma was introduced to Dean by one of his friends Elaine Constantine.

This single's visual concept was art directed by Emma herself reflecting the lyrics of the track. Emma explains  ‘Break Down The Wallsis about trying to push aside those negative thoughts that can sometimes creep in and letting the positive ones lead instead.

Beak Down The Walls will soon be available on vinyl for this and other music by Emma click here