Jocks & Nerds: Philip Diggle Painter

02 March 21

Posted at 12:35

Jocks & Nerds: Philip Diggle

©Dean Chalkley



Philip Diggle is an outsider in the Art World, he doesn't conform or play the Art game instead his work and singular attitude ploughs it's own path transmitting the a kind of evolved pure punk ethic. His unique vision and intense work confronts the viewers senses and sensibilities head on. 

To read the full article and see all 17 images that accompany the piece get a copy of the magazine, request details HERE .

Philip Diggle is due to present a new exhibition at the Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution 16-29 April 2021.

The gallery is situated at 11 South Grove, Highgate Village, London, N6 6BST 020 8340 3343.

HERE is a link to part 1 of a short film called 'Luxury' by Viktorcz about Philip.