Emma Noble: No Turning Back

26 June 20

Posted at 7:27

Emma Noble: No Turning Back

©Dean Chalkley



Emma Noble’s debut single is out today. No Turning Back is released on the Swedish label, Cosmos Music.

Emma's sound is influenced by her love for rare soul, funk and disco this passion and knowledge for the music steadily grew since she moved to London 10 years ago, exploring and being part of the city’s underground soul scene. 

A regular DJ with Sophie 'Heath' Corbin, the pair present a regular radio show on Totally Wired Radio.

Back to the single Emma say's: “It’s a kind of metaphor about getting yourself out of a situation where you are a bit stuck, and that moment you realise you need to act. 

I guess it’s about empowerment and inspiring people who might be in a place where they feel like they aren’t getting the best from life and encouraging them to say “F*** it, I’m getting out of here now" 

Dean has photographed Emma on a number of occasions over the years, the cover of the single was one of the most recent times. Emma Noble also appears in Dean's film 'Young Souls' as well as the accompanying photographic collection that appeared alongside the film. These images can be seen in 'The Assembly' section of this site.