25 July 20

Posted at 11:08

Eddie Piller: Mod Revival

©Dean Chalkley



Scheduled for release on: 18th September: Eddie Piller presents The Mod Revival 

Mod culture has many different facets, growing and evolving being shaped by a variety of influences since it originally emerged in the UK in the late 1950's.

With this album Eddie Piller has collaborated with Demon Music to present an extensive compilation focusing on the Mod Revival period of the late 1970's into the 1980's.

This was a time when so many young people were captivated by the Mod style from decades past, some sought to look back and reflect what had gone from those early days in a purest sense whereas others took those past influences and twisted things through their contemporary time...This is where The Mod Revival album comes in. The music is full of angst, spiky guitars and youthful exuberance clearly expressing the youth cultural explosion that was happening against the backdrop of those times. This part of the Mod scene relates to what had came out the other side of Punk with added influences of bands including The Who, The Small Faces, Creation The Action as well as sixties Soul and R&B,

Eddie Piller has been immersed in the Mod scene since the 1970's through it's various evolution twists and turns, he's an author, social commentator, DJ, radio station owner. In the 1990's Eddie cofounded Acid Jazz Records with Gilles Peterson,in time Gilles decided to leave and form other imprints and projects, Eddie continues to sign bands and musical artistes totting up thousands of releases on Acid Jazz Records.

As mentioned this Mod Revival album is a personal reflection of the music from the Mod Revival scene compiled by Eddie and released on Demon / Edsel Records, the CD Release has a staggering 92 tracks included,  the LP has 28 tracks on red and blue vinyl. Both formats will have extensive extras in the form of sleeve notes and illustrations from Eddie's scrap book...Available on preorder through Rough Trade and other suppliers.