Never Turn Back: Superette Print Sales

03 December 20

Posted at 4:27

On Reflection

'On Reflection' from the exhibition 'Never Turn Back' © Dean Chalkley



Superette is a film production house and gallery based in Paris, France.

Back in 2016 Dean exhibited his show 'Never Turn Back' in the Parisian gallery, this residency followed closely Norwich and London shows.

Superette's co-founder Armelle Fradet recently contacted Dean and explained her idea of creating a series of Superette Edition Prints. Selected images from the photographic artist's Superette Galllery have hosted over the past years, six selected works from each the fifteen different photographers.

All the artists agreed to the concept and this week the Superette Store officially opened selling the Superette Editions.

Artists include Dean, Cathine Louis, Julien Mignot and Sophie Ebrard ...  

Click HERE to go to the Store opening page.

The image above is 'On Reflection' one of Dean's images selected and on offer as a Superette Edition Print.