Sunday Times Magazine: Liam Gallagher & Kids

17 June 19

Posted at 10:24

©Dean Chalkley


For the Fathers Day edition of The Sunday Times Magazine Dean photographed Liam Gallagher and his three grown-up children Gene Gallagher, Lennon Gallagher and Molly Moorish-Gallagher.

This exclusive shoot is accompanied by an in-depth interview by writer Krissi Murison covering Liam's relationships with his children, brother Noel and partner / manager Debbie Gwyther as well as many other topics. The kids have clearly adopted much of Liam's swagger, banter and whit, the article has some great quotes by all and signifies a new and exciting phase in LG's life and musical career.

In the last few weeks the documentary feature film 'As It Was' has been on at the cinema. The film shows the early days and background of Liam's life, his time in Oasis to the end to what was one of the most significant and influential bands from the UK. It then reflects the low points after that turbulent moment, to his rise from the flames of this moment. Now Liam is very much back, BIG TIME!...His swagger is unstoppable, Shockwave is LG's most recent single release and his forthcoming album Why Me? Why Not? will be out on 20th September. 

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