The Sunday Times Magazine: Paul Weller

03 April 19

Posted at 1:22

©Dean Chalkley / Camera Press


Recently Dean photographed the living legend that is Paul Weller for The Sunday Times Magazine. The accompanying article, written by Krissi Murison is very illuminating showing sides of Paul that are very rarely seen. Paul talks about his music, family and views on the changing and redefining ways society and attitudes are evolving. Paul covers a lot of ground in this insightful interview. 

Dean visited Paul at his studio in Surrey and made many beautiful images, some were shot outside on a white seamless (It happened to be a beautiful sunny day) and others were made within the recording studio. 

Dean has photographed Paul Weller several times, these sessions have featured in Artwork and editorial features for a variety of publications.

Considering Paul Weller's over all career including The Jam, Style Council, Paul Weller Movement etc  there are few artists that have so consistently produced great work over such a long time period. 

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