A perennial feature in Magazines that can be the most boring of propositions, but when I got together with Jo Jones and Helen Seamons (The Fashion Ladies) at the Observer Magazine we introduced structure and fun with a bit of Rock and Roll thrown in for good measure. It was totally appropriate considering our model was Will Cameron. The fashion angle was interesting too 5 shirts designed by 5 different designers all for Topshop.



2011, BW & Colour, 10mins


Young Souls is an exciting, up-tempo spin into the world of the cult 'scene' of Northern Soul. Opening to the iconic 'Cigarette Ashes' track, Young Souls

explodes onto the screen taking us under the skin of the Northern Soul scene. It is morning and a vintage car blasts down motorways, charges across rural landscapes and snakes through British suburban streets. Scully, the film's main protagonist drops his friends home after a night of profound meaning.

Young Souls retraces Scully's 'night before' with epic dance scenes and stylish cast, of real Northern Soul devotees.





EDITOR James W. Griffiths

FEATURED CAST Sonny “Scully” Evans, Tommo, Claire Digby, Matt Watson, Oliver Abbott and Elenor Emes



14 July 2011

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London, UK


28 October 2011

Nothing in the World but Youth, Turner Contempory, Margate, UK


12 January 2012

London Short Film Festival 2012, London, UK


1, 6 & 8 March 2012

Cinequest Film Festival 2012, San Jose, California, USA


12 May 2012

Southend Film Festival 2012, Essex, UK


27 May 2012

Seattle International Film Festival 2012, Washington, USA



Creative Review’s Photography Annual: Moving Image Category


Southend Film Festival’s Short Film: Music Category



“The film is very, very, very authentic... ...It ‘s absolutely

beautifully filmed, It’s the kind of thing that I’ll come back to and watch again… …so that I can get all of the nuances of it.”

- Ian Dewhurst DJ (Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Pier)


 “It is really a homage.” - Eddie Piller Acid Jazz Records Co-Founder & DJ (The Modcast, BBC Radio 6 Muisic)


“It was beautifully shot. Dean is a genius

photographer.” - Jonny Owens Actor (Shameless, Wedding Belles, Svengali,


"[The] film... ...is seriously good in terms of the cinematography, sound, aesthetics etc., and (perfectly captured in the still photos) the dancing is so damn cool it hurts."- Bryony Quin It's Nice That


“Great Film” - Don Letts Director (The Punk Rock Movie , Dancehall Queen) & DJ (The Roxy, BBC Radio 6 Music)



22 July 2011 - 04 August 2011

Youth Club Gallery, London, UK


19 January 2012 – 29 March 2012

Hotel Pelirocco, Brightion, UK



Issue #17 Religion 125 MAGAZINE


Young Souls


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