In 1847 Levis Strauss left his hometown of Buttenheim in Bavaria and travelled by boat to New York to join his brother Jonas who had established a small but thriving business. Like most young men of the time, his port of arrival into the US. Was most probably Ellis Island.


At the end of January 1853 Levi became an American citizen and in February he headed for the West Coast, travelling once more by boat via the Jsthmus of Panama. He arrived in bustling San Francisco in early March and soon established a wholesale business on 90 Sacramento Street, very close to the waterfront – handy for reciving and selling the goods that arrived by ship.


Levi’s new company imported ‘dry goods’ – clothing, underwear, umbrellas, handkerchiefs and bolts of fabric – and sold them to the small stores that were springing up all over California and the West. A few years later he met another European immigrant. Riga&ndah;born tailor Jacob Davis. Together they created and patented the first blue jeans on May 20th 1873.



Levi’s Vintage Clothing ‘The People Who Helped Shape America' Collection pays homage to the young people that – just like Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis – left their homes to follow their dreams. The people to helped shape America.



A project to celebrate contemporary craftsmen and women.


18 young Londoners, each skilled in their own discipline, epitomise what it means to be modern and avant-garde. Their artisan talents range from Textile Design to Baking, Nail Art to Luthiering.


Exhibited as large photographic prints in the Levi’s gallery, located at the front of the store in Regent Street, London. The prints were accompanied by examples of the artisan’s craft.



British Journal of Photography



(promo films by Levis)


Kez Glozier

Kez Glozier, Illustrator




Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid, Nail Design




Nathaniel Lyes

Nathaniel Lyes, Knitwear Design




Alex Tervey

Alex Turvey, Director


The original Levi’s Engineered jeans turned the blueprint for denim design on its head. The result was a groundbreaking fit, new levels of comfort and an entirely new aesthetic. Inspired by a quirk in the original Levi’s 501 Jeans, the ‘Twisted Leg' had emerged.


In a quest to bring visual form and function ever closer, we’ve revisited the idea of craft. Traditional disciplines of making things to last. Utilizing every available material to create that one–off, hand–me–down piece.


Exaggerated elements, oversized pockets and selvage details reference the heritage of the Levi’s brand. Stitching over the same line backwards and forwards, gives strength. Leather – reinforced rivets add durability. Each pair is destined to be worn day on day out.


Pulled apart, rediscovered and reinvented for right the Engineers Jean is created for anyone who appreciates a fresh new interpretation of conventional design.



Cowboys were amongst the first modern heroes to adopt Levi’s Jeans as work wear – Tough, durable clothes to be worn while feeding or branding cattle and horses, or when herding livestock into corrals and into trucks.


Low wages and low social status characterized the life of the cowboy, yet, in the 1930’s, Western moves turned him into the quintessential American hero. America fell for the cowboy’s enigmatic charms – and women flocked to ranches to watch the action.


The appeal of Levis Jeans started transcending national and social boundaries – and took on a legend of there own.


It is the legend that inspired this Levis Vintage Clothing Diamonds "A" Ranch Collection.



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