Looking For Men: Book of Man x Calm

14 March 19

Posted at 9:32

©Dean Chalkley


‘LOOKING FOR MEN' is the closing event of The Festival of New Masculinity by The Book of Man taking place The Book Club on 19th March.


Between 8am-7pm Dean will be photographing 100 men. The plan is to take snapshot of men (and those who identify as men), he'll be using the Lomo camera to create a unique 'instant' exhibition that will grow through the day.

Email marian@thebookofman.com if you'd like to be photographed for the exhibition, as mentioned photographing from 8am to 7pm.


7pm -10pm There will be a happening in the basement of the book club. An exhibition, panel talk podcast and an after party with Justin Robertson..

All ticket sale profits are going to the charity Calm .

Dean will present a brand new large piece of work made especially for this evening created from images from his archive.

The panel discussion will revolve around the changing representations of men today and what can be done to improve the way men see themselves featuring Oscar from Acid Jazz Records , Matt Hiscock Harry's, Simon Gunning from Calm, Martin Robinson from The Book of Man and Dean……Oh and a free Harry's goodie bag, a free beer from Freedom Brewery and access to the after party to celebrate the end of The Festival of New Masculinity with legendary DJ Justin Robertson.

The Book of Man sets out to highlight and break the boundaries defying outmoded stereotypes and systems, helping men make a POSITIVE impact on the people and places we all deal with, every day. It's about defying outmoded stereotypes and systems and helping remake the world in a different way.

Click HERE for the link to buy tickets to the evening event.