Kojey Radical: Film Premiere Screening

12 October 18

Posted at 1:08

Kojey Radical: Film Premiere

Kojey Radical short film + Q&A with Kojey Radical and Dean Chalkley

Tickets to this special event are available HERE

Screening for the first time as part of the Doc'n'Roll film festival 2018 on 2nd November at the Photographers Gallery in Central London.

Dean has directed and produced a new moving image piece. For this new work we journey into the mind of one of the UK’s most exciting, emerging musical artists; Kojey Radical.

A true creative in every sense of the word, Kojey is, for many, becoming the voice of his generation. Transcending the limitations of one genre, the poet-turned-rapper is confidently carving out his own unique sound. This inner-city sound is pushing British music in bold new directions, uninhibited with a strong socio-political consciousness.

From the beginning of the film the tone is set, this reflective and illuminating piece allows us to have a personal moment with Kojey, his considerations, process and humour. Far from being a clichéd pop promo, this atmospheric piece reveals Kojey’s mind state, inspiration, his need for freedom, creative refuge and how elements of his music are interpreted. The film is rooted in the neighbourhood of Hoxton, East London, where Kojey grew up and this particular housing estate is where he finds a kind of solace.

The film’s underlying soundtrack is Kwame Nkrumah punctuated through a glitchy audio and visual counterpoint reflecting Kojey’s rationale and stream of thought.

there are 2 facebook events set up too "

Earlier Screening 

Later Screening 

Go to the link and join us at the Photographers Gallery.