Iraiana Mancini Soho Radio Show

12 June 18

Posted at 8:14

Iraina Mancini Soho Radio Show

©Dean Chalkley


On Saturday 9th June Iraina Mancini hosted her show live from Soho Radio in Windmill Street. This months episode featured New York band Daddy Long Legs and Dj Johnathan Toubin. These blues driven guys have for the past few weeks been on tour in Europe, Daddy Long Legs playing their adrenaline fuelled Rhythm and Blues and Johnathan Djing and doing his 'New York Night Train Soul Clap Dance Off' after the band played. On the 9th they played at London's notorious 100 Club. Dean swung by Soho Radio to say hi to Iraina and to do a reportage with the band, following them to the 100 club that night shooting as the mad night unfolded, he was also one of the Soul Clap judges. Iraina's a great host, her show is always full of great music and runs for 2 hours. Dean comes on the show around the 59 minute mark, Johnathan and the band shortly after.