Hardcore Listing: Chris and Stu chat Top 5's with Dean

16 July 18

Posted at 4:29

Acast: Hardcore listing : Chris and Stu interview Dean

Hot on the heels of Scroobius Pips Drunkast, Pips sidekicks Chris & Stu now have their own podcast on the Acast channel, YES! we hear you cry...It's called 'Hardcore Listing', they chat over Top 5 Lists chosen by their invited guests, it's always a good listen, they are funny guys... Some guests in the past have had very specific topics to talk about, TV shows, films, buffet food and lord knows what else, once the recording button is pressed who knows where the conversations go... Dean payed Chris and Stu a visit for episode 72 choosing simply 5 things that he likes it was a simple drop of deconstructive zen into the mix.

The show was recorded at the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh Essex a venue that has good memories for Dean and still plays a vital part in Chris and Stu's lives ... Let the fun begin ! ....

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here