Behind The Beat: Brighton May 2017

06 May 17

Posted at 2:01

Behind The Beat: Brighton

©Dean Chalkley 


Behind The Beat Photographic Exhibition: Every weekend in May, 10am to 6pm at Spectrum Photographic, Frederick Place, Brighton, BN1 4EA

Featuring an element from Return of the Rudeboy  (Dean and Harris Elliott) plus work by Elaine Constantine, Gavin Watson, Derek Ridgers, Stuart Griffiths, Paul Hallam, Ali Tollervey, Olivia Rose and Ken Russell.



Curated by The Miniclick Photography Talks, Ali Tollervey and Spectrum and part of Brighton Fringe, Behind the Beat is a group photography exhibition exploring the movements and scenes over the last 50 years that have been defined by the fashion, music, politics and stories associated with them. Tracing a lineage through Teds, Punks, Mods, Rockers, Skins, Rudeboys, B Boys and Girls, Rave, Hardcore and to Grime, with plenty in between, the exhibition incorporates photographs from some of the UK’s most celebrated documentarians, including Dean and Harris Elliott, Derek Ridgers, Elaine Constantine, Ken Russell, Stuart Griffiths, Ali Tollervey, Gavin Watson, Olivia Rose and Paul Hallam.

Looking at selected scenes from 1955 to 2017 and when they’re all mixed in together, it’s fascinating to see the common ground and lineage they share. In addition to the 10 artists, the exhibition also incorporates vernacular photographs and memorabilia submitted by the public and a unique new audio piece incorporating contemporary interviews with the faces from each scene, original news reports, documentary recordings and live music.

As part of the exhibition, on Saturday May 13th, there will be an afternoon of talks and discussion around the themes and scenes highlighted in the exhibition, featuring Return of the Rudeboy's Dean & Harris Elliott, Gavin Watson, Derek Ridgers, Stuart Griffiths, Paul Hallam, Ali Tollervey, Olivia Rose and Hayley Brown (Brick Magazine). See the links below for details.