New Street Adventure: Stubborn Sons Album Release

24 March 17

Posted at 10:27

New Street Adventure Stubborn Sons Album Release

©Dean Chalkley / Acid Jazz / New Street Adventure


Today New Street Adventure release their exceptional album 'Stubborn Sons'. Lead singer/songwriter Nick Corbin's lyrics are both soulful and poignant, especially considering the uneasy climate in which we currently live. The album is their second release on Acid Jazz records and New Street Adventure are going from strength to strength. Check it out on Vinyl Cd or Spotify...You won't be disappointed! 

Last night the band played a very intimate gig at the legendary 'Ivy League' clothes emporium John Simons.




AWEurope 2017:' Life Through A Lens' Streamed

23 March 17

Posted at 9:25

Life Through A Lens


Here to view:

Felix White from The Maccabees and Jason Bick of Time Inc's Innovation Department are joined by Dean for this panel discussion at this years Adweek event (AWEurope2017). Covering all manner of subjects related to photography, music and even some mention of Jelly Fish.... This is an expansive and energetic talk concluding with the announcement of a new collaborative exhibition. Plug Me In brings together the NME magazine, creative direction of Adam Smith and Deans photography. There will be much more on the topic of Plug Me In in the coming months. For now though sit back and enjoy the talk..... 


Life Through A Lens: AW Special Event

16 March 17

Posted at 3:08

Life Through A Lens: A Creative Collaboration In The World Of Film And Music

As part of the AWEUROPE 2017 calender Dean will join film director Adam Smith, musicians Felix White (The Maccabees) and Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers) plus Jason Bick (Creative Director of Time Inc Innovation Group) for a panel discussion. The conversation will be chaired by NME's on-line editor Charlotte Gunn.

Dean will discuss the art of creating his photographs, (many taken from iconic shoots with NME), and the progressive direction of his upcoming exhibition. This new show will explode into the public consciousness as an immersive showcase that goes way beyond the normal realms of a static photographic exhibition. Read more Here are more details on the talk.

'Life Through a Lens' is one of the sessions scheduled by Time Inc UK for AW 2017, the series of discussions will cover a diverse range of topics and include the following speakers Richard E Grant, David Gandy, Katie Puckrik, Helen LedererMark Denton.