Matthew Herbert: Jocks & Nerds

26 March 16

Posted at 10:08

Matthew Herbert

©dean chalkley/camerapress

Welcome to the world of Matthew Herbert. Here is a man who is 44 and thinks that he’s running out of time….Okay stop, listen and look, he is a genius, and he is incredably prolific. He has made many records under various names Matthew Herbert (of course) Herbert, Dr Rockit, Matthew Herbert Big Band etc he has his own label called Accidental Records and manages to traverse so many genres from Dance music to experimental radiophonic styles. ‘The Music’, is Matthew’s latest project it's an album created as a book of instructions.

The Jocks & Nerds feature is a very in-depth conversation with Matthew  and Journolist Andy Thomas where he talks about the notion of sound and music, imagination and his new book.

It is like this new work is an imaginarium, a kind of portal. Matthew looks at sound in a very different and compelling way. He probes into what sound actually sounds like, even what silence sounds like. The book is an instruction manual for the reader to construct for themselves music they hear or imagine hearing…In the feature he elaborates that music becomes the writing, the rhythm of the writing is the music, going deep into this notion. He acknowledges John Cage’s 'philosophical framework’. It is fascinating and it’s not heavy on the contrary well how could it be with quotes like, ‘you can make a piece of cheese sound like Jimi Hendrix and visa versa…”


Matthew recently worked with Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) on the Germans ‘I’m the Message’ He had a hit Dance  track under the name of Herbert 'The Shakes'  but he has had many many important tracks and albums good examples being Bodily Functions, One Pig.

Dean photographed Matthew for the new issue of Jocks & Nerds Magazine in Whitstable Kent.

‘The Music’ is available here.