Introducing Jordan Max

26 March 16

Posted at 10:39

Jordan Max : NME

©dean chalkley

Jordan Max is a guy that’s come out of nowhere, enigmatic and quite mysterious. The mist is starting to clear and at least now we can get a sense of who he is. This will take nothing away from the power and the grace that this new British artist has. He is a very exciting and amazing new talent, a guy that’s going to explode into the publics consciousness. The NME magazine included Jordan in their ‘This is the Future_’ one of the 10 young game changers. Dean is one of the few people to have worked with Jordan. When Dean first heard ‘Hell’ he immediately recognised an immense talent. The photograph of Jordan in the NME magazine was shot by Dean.

To give you a sense of what Jordan is about think of a dark and soulful set up, a voice that has in a way resonance to Nina Simone and is outstanding considering that Jordan actually comes from Oldham in the North West of England. His vocal chords are preacher like and the lyrics make you imagine vast scenes of destruction and mayhem. It’s no wonder even at this early stage his music has been spotted and is the backdrop to the most recent Game of Thrones DVD release see it here to get what we mean.

There will be much more from Jordan Max as time moves forward, for now though listen to his EP ‘Only One Is King’ out on Full and Bless  click here for itunes...