Never Turn Back Exhibition: Superette Paris

26 March 16

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PV Paris invite _current

Never Turn Back: April > September at Supertte, Paris

Privatre View at Superette 7th April 2016 7pm-11pm CET (Details for the PV will be released in a later post)

Aftershow Party at Pigalle Country Club (DJ set by Dean, RCF1, Rupert Orton) 11pm- 4am CET


Never Turn Back will be open with a Private View on the 7th April in Paris, the show continues and is open to the public the next day and will run through until 30th September 2016, entry is free.


The photographs are an ode to friendship, space, and free spirit and  follow a group of young wind whipped friends as they make their way across the windy wilds of Norfolk.

Dean’s photographic opus is accompanied by the poetry of Aimée Keeble, two pieces that conjure up the open spaces, the elemental atmosphere of Norfolk and the essence of the images. This writing provides a unique facet to the show.

Between Norwich and London the exhibition evolved, Paris will be an amalgamation of this work creating it’s own individual combination for the French space.

Never Turn Back was first unveiled at Flint in Norwich Oct 2015, next stop was theprintspace in London Dec 2015. Now Never Turn Back goes to Paris France for it’s first international reveal. Here is what the Huffington Post's Jason Holmes reported on the London version of the show. Superette Gallery in Rue Du Faubourg will be the first international presentation of the exhibition. 

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Jocks & Nerds: Lono Wears White Sox

26 March 16

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Lono Wears White Sox

©dean chalkley

In the new freshly released edition of Jocks & Nerds Magazine Dean joins up with Return of the Rudeboy creative director Harris Elliott to make a powerful fashion feature.

White Socks are things that have had a bad reputation in the past. On the magazines cover they proclaim ‘Only for the Brave’ yes White Socks have had a hard time in the past …But not now!

Wearing the ‘Sox’ is a strong statement!

In the feature Lono Brazil is the guy that wears them so well…It’s clear that the Sox are back.

A bit of Background on Lono. He’s a New York based Dj, remixer and music producer who has had a career spanning over 4 decades. He’s taken in hip-hop to house with Disco thrown in for good measure, a friend of the legendary late great Frankie Knuckles and a man who has actually been in the eye of these musical storms.…Oh and Lono cuts a great Swag too…He’s an imposing and fascinating guy he’s got his own album bubbling up too set to be released later this year under the Moniker of ‘Loft Punks’ it will be a deep minimal techno slice, in the meantime check out mixcloud/mrbrazil

One final note on this feature we love the fact that there is a very nice subtle little nod towards Adam Ant in the title nice one Jocks

Jocks & Nerds is available at all good Magazine shops for one near you click here.


NME: Jake Bugg

26 March 16

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Jake Bugg NME Magazine

©dean chalkley / NME / Time inc.


The NME cover proclaimed this is the ‘Reinvention of Jake Bugg” coming ‘Straight Outta Nottingham’ (Straight Outta Clifton to be more precise).

Jake Bugg has jumped right back into the frame releasing his most recent single “On My One”. The Album of the same name will be release on the 17th June.

The album begins in a familiar Bugg style but then expands into new fresh ground, Jakes 22 years old and already firmly into his groove.


Introducing Jordan Max

26 March 16

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Jordan Max : NME

©dean chalkley

Jordan Max is a guy that’s come out of nowhere, enigmatic and quite mysterious. The mist is starting to clear and at least now we can get a sense of who he is. This will take nothing away from the power and the grace that this new British artist has. He is a very exciting and amazing new talent, a guy that’s going to explode into the publics consciousness. The NME magazine included Jordan in their ‘This is the Future_’ one of the 10 young game changers. Dean is one of the few people to have worked with Jordan. When Dean first heard ‘Hell’ he immediately recognised an immense talent. The photograph of Jordan in the NME magazine was shot by Dean.

To give you a sense of what Jordan is about think of a dark and soulful set up, a voice that has in a way resonance to Nina Simone and is outstanding considering that Jordan actually comes from Oldham in the North West of England. His vocal chords are preacher like and the lyrics make you imagine vast scenes of destruction and mayhem. It’s no wonder even at this early stage his music has been spotted and is the backdrop to the most recent Game of Thrones DVD release see it here to get what we mean.

There will be much more from Jordan Max as time moves forward, for now though listen to his EP ‘Only One Is King’ out on Full and Bless  click here for itunes...


Matthew Herbert: Jocks & Nerds

26 March 16

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Matthew Herbert

©dean chalkley/camerapress

Welcome to the world of Matthew Herbert. Here is a man who is 44 and thinks that he’s running out of time….Okay stop, listen and look, he is a genius, and he is incredably prolific. He has made many records under various names Matthew Herbert (of course) Herbert, Dr Rockit, Matthew Herbert Big Band etc he has his own label called Accidental Records and manages to traverse so many genres from Dance music to experimental radiophonic styles. ‘The Music’, is Matthew’s latest project it's an album created as a book of instructions.

The Jocks & Nerds feature is a very in-depth conversation with Matthew  and Journolist Andy Thomas where he talks about the notion of sound and music, imagination and his new book.

It is like this new work is an imaginarium, a kind of portal. Matthew looks at sound in a very different and compelling way. He probes into what sound actually sounds like, even what silence sounds like. The book is an instruction manual for the reader to construct for themselves music they hear or imagine hearing…In the feature he elaborates that music becomes the writing, the rhythm of the writing is the music, going deep into this notion. He acknowledges John Cage’s 'philosophical framework’. It is fascinating and it’s not heavy on the contrary well how could it be with quotes like, ‘you can make a piece of cheese sound like Jimi Hendrix and visa versa…”


Matthew recently worked with Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) on the Germans ‘I’m the Message’ He had a hit Dance  track under the name of Herbert 'The Shakes'  but he has had many many important tracks and albums good examples being Bodily Functions, One Pig.

Dean photographed Matthew for the new issue of Jocks & Nerds Magazine in Whitstable Kent.

‘The Music’ is available here.





Highlights Exhibition Argentina: Exclusive Unseen Junk Club Images

26 March 16

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argentina "Highlights"

image on poster: from highlights organisers


Unseen 'Southend’s Underground' Junk Club images will be presented in Buenos Aires.

Between 8th-27th April 2016 at Centro Cultural Borges, Sala Berni, Viamonte Esquina San Martin, Capital Federal, in Argentina.


HIGHLIGHTS is about to shake up Buenos Aires, the organisers of  the photographic exhibition are a team of four internationally renowned photographers: Matthias Hombauer (Austria), Matias Altbach (Argentina), Dana Distortion (USA), and Javier Bragado (Spain). Their plan is to hold a dynamic and exciting exhibition that focuses on music photography as well as looking for ways of spreading the passion for music photography to people everywhere. Matias’s Home town is the first stop for what they hope will be a project that rolls on into the future and takes in several global cities.

Matias and Matthias approached Dean and asked if he would be a guest exhibitor and present a number of his images at the Highlights show as well. Dean has sent a unique collection of unseen images that will be on show in separate room at the Centro Cultural Borges.

This exclusive edit will be an unseen set of images celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Southend’s Underground. Originally shot in 2006 they feature the notorious Saturday night Southend hang out  ‘Junk Club’, a small highly charged club night that took place in the basement of the Royal Hotel in Southend-on-Sea Essex. The scene that incubated here was dramatic both in styles and sounds, a hedonistic haunt for wild youth. At it’s core bands like The Horrors and These New Puritans and their friends let rip. These images will be a surprise, so for that reason they will not be included in the social media campaign for Highlights just yet.

More about this exhibition in the coming weeks but if you are anywhere near Argentina in April you must check it out once it's on.


The Exhibitions Site here





The Venues details here