Merc AW16: Luke Campbell

06 August 16

Posted at 8:35

Luke Campbell : Merc

©Dean Chalkley

Merc and Luke Campbell are a perfect fit, he is the 'Modern Man'. 

Champion Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell MBE is the new face of the Merc Autumn Winter 2016 campaign.

'Cool Hand' Luke won gold at the London 2012 Olympic games and has subsequently turned professional. He is the current WBC Silver and Commonwealth lightweight champion, both titles won in 2016 .

Follow Luke on twitter here, he'll have some great insider opinions and information about the Rio games over the next few weeks competition.

Luke was cast by Amanda at The Ranch and shot at Premier Park Studios in London.

The Merc website has a behind the scenes film made by Itchikoo Films with a soundtrack composed by Milo McKinnon.

More photographs from shoot will emerge soon.