NEVER TURN BACK: Exhibition Aftershow Party

29 September 15

Posted at 11:29


STOP PRESS: NEVER TURN BACK Exhibition Aftershow Party.  

An extra special: Dean Chalkley x  Jug Jaws Beat Club x  Punk Rock Blues Records (NTSOBC) collaboration.

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Jug Jaw's is the UK's only authentic live music beat club, using vintage sound equipment, analogue tape echoes, column speakers, real spring reverbs and a full back line of the rarest vintage valve amplifiers to deliver a soundscape exactly as it would have been in 1967. Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean from Kill It Kid ( curate these happenings and to celebrate the opening of the Never Turn Back exhibition will present and brilliant line up .

The 'Happening' will take place in a wonderful venue  The Crypt in central Norwich, only a short walk from Flint where the exhibition is being staged...It will be a night to remember !!!! .. An explosion of culture on the evening of the 8th October in Norwich.

Twitter and Iinta: #ntb_show

(The exhibition reception opens at  Flint between 7pm-9pm the doors of the Aftershow Party  at the Crypt open at 8:30pm and will open 'til late. )