Rudeboy Salon : 5th & 6th June plus private view on the 4th

07 June 15

Posted at 9:23

rudeboy salon

Rudeboy Salon was a great success. The environment of the Hospital Club was a perfect place to unveil the latest chapter in the journey of this ever evolving landmark show.

From the moment the doors opened to the private view on the evening of Thursday 4th June it was clear this happening was going to be a memorable occasion.

Initially this event was to herald the release of the first UK version of the self-titled Return of the Rudeboy Book.

(There will be a post tomorrow on the blog dedicated to the book and how you can order your copy)

But the whole event once again became an inspirational moment

On the evening of the 5th June there was a 'Conversation - Q&A ' between Norman Jay MBE and Stephanie from LBB. This was a fascinating and enlightening moment that touched on Normans history musical inspiration , going to New York and discovering new music and returning to the UK and steadfastly presenting it to crowds  and even in light of some elements of the audience pelting him with objects he stood to his belief. He explained about getting the Good Times carnival plot and how once again, against the odds he overcame many obstacles...His political background and his view of the future were also discussion topics, lots of interesting things came up and some funny ones too including the reason for Normans Hat love stemming from the hot summer of 1976 and its swarms of ladybirds that had the habit of getting presence in his afro..   'Life and (Good) Times' indeed it was...

At 3pm in the afternoon of Saturday 6th June, Drummer Producer and member of The Specials John 'Brad' Bradbury talked with Stephanie LBB for over an hour infront of the audience. This was a very rare moment as Brad does not give interviews, he explained that he never really likes doing them so he chooses not to agree to partake but for Return of the Rudeboy and in the dynamic it creates he did agreed. Well, what a brilliant conversation it was... Brad talked about growing up in Coventry, his views on life and mission through music to bring an ethos to the audience.  Brad illuminated what it was like to be in The Specials and talked over how the band functioned and still to this day moves on, it didn't stop there was so many aspects talked about..but if you were there you will know... 

Brad and Norman were very charismatic and a both gave incredible insights into their lives that are never released under different circumstances so it was a real privilege to be in the company of these guys and hear what they had to say.

Stephanie navigated the conversations effortlessly and please look out for LBB as they are a vital and important organisation that positively brings knowledge to people.

The above picture is a detail of the new 'Rudeboy Sound System' it has never been seen before the Rudeboy Salon.

A collaboration between - Return of the Rudeboy x Andrew Ibi x Goomans 

The installation curated by Dean and Harris comprises of 90 Goodmans individual Heritage Radios stacked together in a Sound System Box Rig and then customised and appropriated by artist Andrew Ibe. Many of the illustrations refer to musical influences of Rudeboys in times past as well as Dean and Harris's 10 Favourite Rudeboy tracks.

Throughout the period of the Rudeboy Salon many Djs played in the Gallery including : Justin Roberson, Dego (4 Hero),Ramrock Hi-Fi ( Ashley Beedle and Jo Wallace), Mark Professor (Wreck it up) ,John Kelly, Neil Barker (Black Cat) , Andrew Ibi (artist and ' Reference Library' dj of course), Debbie Smith (Nitty Gritty)

Many visitors came to the gallery and enjoyed the edit version of the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition. The book was exclusively on sale at the event and is now in their hands .. it has been received well.

You can order your copy on line by clicking here and following the link.

The Rudeboy Salon was supported by Goodmans the sound company and what great support it was to enable this event to happen the way that Dean and Harris wanted it to.