Prinzhorn Dance School : REIGN Film

09 June 15

Posted at 12:08

prinzhorn dance school film for Reign

Today Prinzhorn Dance School release their new album Home Economics ( itunes  rough trade), an amazing piece of work. This collection of 6 haunting tracks are like Bauhaus Brainworms entering your head and never leaving. Home Economics  is certainly not throw away music, unusual structures make you want to listen more and more. Click on the image above to see the film that Dean has made for the lead track 'REIGN' this song has already broken out of any confinement, it is all over 6music and now radio1. (' Shit Robot' fellow DFA label mate has done a remix of the track that is now reaching out into more club scenes..) 

Dean also photographed Prinzhorn Dance School for the album cover and press imagery. Final cover artwork was a collaboration between the band and Dean, beautifully screen printed and worked on by Tobin Prinz.