RCF1 Paris 'MOD' Exhibition: Live Podcast

18 December 15

Posted at 8:35

Jean Moderne: Live Paris Podcast

Artwork ©Jean Moderne/RCF1


**Please note: Due to technical sound recording issues at the time of broadcast this podcast will be uploaded at a later date on mixcloud as an audio session.

Original post:

A very special and unique DJ podcast on Saturday 19 th December 15:00-19:00 GMT (16:00-20:00 CET) 

SUPERETTE 104 rue du Faubourg Poissonière 75009 Paris

In the 'MOD' exhibition RCF1 has used 45 vinyl records in his artworks allowing the music to inspire and become central to his work. RCF1 is a compulsive collector of 45 original Soul records. We at Supertte want to share this musical culture with you. On the afternoon of Saturday 19 Decemeber we have the great pleasure of broadcasting a vinyl selection emblematic of the Mod movement, from its origins to the present day.

Rhythm'n'Blues, Blues, Soul, Mod/Acid Jazz, Rock Steady, Ska will all be played but there will be a whole lot more.

This will not be a case of just playing the well known instead this session will be about the exploration of RCF1 and guests record based around a kind of loose MOD narative.

It will be an exciting and crowd friendly affair and people are most welcome to come to the space and get dancing between the artworks.

Jean Moderne /RCF1

Artist Jean Modern has been active in the world of graffiti since the 1980's. Influenced by various English alternative cultures and codes he has been a part of and is continually inspired by Mods , Teddy Boys, Skinheads, and Punks.

Jean Modern’s MOD exhibition is a snapshot and personal vision into the MOD movement. A unique and stylised interpretation of this facinating and perenial youth movement. He feels that the MOD is progressive and not a thing that just looks back to bygone days, instead he illustrates that this vibrant faction is alive, living with paralell appreciation of the past and progressive vision to the future. With his own ideosyncratic take on the subject he expresses the very 21 st century nature of it.

RCF1 / Jean Modern DJ’s a lot! Either in Paris or London he can be regularly be found behind the decks spinning dance floor filling selections to excited dancing clubbers.  

Saturday’s session is an appointment not to be missed,  Dean will Join RCF1, Victor Ashe and Jean De Lardemelle.