Album Artwork for C A Smith : Life Of A Building Downtown

31 August 15

Posted at 1:05

C A Smith _ Life of a Building Downtown

' Life of a Building Downtown' is C.A. Smith's 9th album. The charismatic Canadian troubadour has just released his new album and it doesn't disappoint. If you are looking for a light hearted pop romp then look elsewhere, but if you want to go on a meaningful journey with C A Smith's beautifully crafted lyics as your guide then this album is for you. C A asked Dean if he had any approriate images that might reflect the essence of the album and the title track in particular, the cover is the result of what Dean sent C A. Giant new buildings have an ominous presence looming large as the little old building in the foreground endeavours to hold it's own...A powerful metaphor that illustrates a wonderful and deep new album.

The Album can be bough from C A direct  here