Chrissie Hynde: Sunday Times Magazine

31 August 15

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chrissie hynde



' Reckless-My Life as a Pretender' is Chrissie Hynde's soon to be released Biography...

The book isn't out yet but some critics are saying that it is the Rock Memoire of the year. Chrissie has never been one to pull her punches and article written by Krissi Murison has caused a bit of a storm...It causing controversy !? ! 

You can read the Sunday Times Magazine article here.

Originally from the 'Rubber City' Akron Ohio she came to Britain in 1973, after a few years  the whole Punk scene was exploded. Chrissie worked for a short while at the NME magazine as a journalist and hung out with many of people who would become punk legends including Sid Vicious, Mick Jones and Vivienne Westwood etc ( She even worked in the shop SEX in the Kings Road). Chrissie's really found her personal stride once she had got her own band together The Pretenders with a long list of hits she became an incredible musical force, around her there was all the chaos some of it becoming tragedy but through it all she remained a strong and unflinching character. The book will be a must read! click here for a link to it.


National Theatre: Ann-Marie Duff: Husbands & Sons

31 August 15

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Husbands and Sons - National Threatre

Husbands & Sons is a fresh, new and challenging interpretation of three D H Lawrence drama's brought together and adapted for the stage by  Ben Power.

War Horse director Marianne Elliott has brought this amalgamated powerful tale set in a Barnsley mining village to life. The production is an uncompromising and raw slice of life told from the perspective of the women of the village who battle against all the odds.

The principle cast member is Ann-Marie Duff, a celebrated and revered actress who's experience and emotive characterization will make these performances full of feeling and gritty passion.


The National Theatre is an incredibly forward thinking institution and this production will further illustrate that it is on the cutting edge of performance.

Click here to see the moving image teaser directed by Dean with Marrianne Elliott.

The production opens to the public on the 19th October 2015 and runs until 19th January 2016 click here for booking details


Album Artwork for C A Smith : Life Of A Building Downtown

31 August 15

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C A Smith _ Life of a Building Downtown

' Life of a Building Downtown' is C.A. Smith's 9th album. The charismatic Canadian troubadour has just released his new album and it doesn't disappoint. If you are looking for a light hearted pop romp then look elsewhere, but if you want to go on a meaningful journey with C A Smith's beautifully crafted lyics as your guide then this album is for you. C A asked Dean if he had any approriate images that might reflect the essence of the album and the title track in particular, the cover is the result of what Dean sent C A. Giant new buildings have an ominous presence looming large as the little old building in the foreground endeavours to hold it's own...A powerful metaphor that illustrates a wonderful and deep new album.

The Album can be bough from C A direct  here


NME: The End of the First Chapter

04 August 15

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nme new chapter

NME, the New Musical Express a magazine that Dean has had a long relationship with is changing. It is a significant moment in the Magazines history as the current issue will be the final copy that will be actually sold. From now on arguably the worlds best music magazine will be distributed for free. To mark the turning of this new page 'The Best of NME' is now out on the news stand, a solid and fascinating read, covering lots of different topics including many facsimiles of previous seminal covers.


Whilst shooting for the NME Dean has had many exciting and abstract experiences, whether it be shooting features with the likes of Amy Winehouse,Ian Brown,Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Paul Weller,Oasis and Blur or pieces that span the whole magazine like the annual NME awards where the images act like the glue to the issue.


Bands and Artistes have come and gone in  the 15-year period that Dean has been a regular contributor to the magazine, some have remained and some have emerged and grown to become giants. 

Of course the NME has been around for many more years than that, first published in 1952 it has plotted and helped shape the musical landscape that we know and love. The journalism is fresh and often pulls on the talents of people who live it rather than just view it from the sidelines. From the Editors through the Photo desk to the Journalists, from top to bottom the NME draws interesting and exciting people into its rip roaring world.. As the last 'For Sale' issue says it is a celebration of  'The First Chapter 1952-2015'...The future is bright  power to the people! ...The NME people!!