Let's Be Brief : Talk with Dean and Harris announced : 03 AUGUST 2014

19 July 14

Posted at 6:43

LBB Talk

As they say: 

SUNDAY 03 AUGUST 2014 // 1:30-3:30 // £10 // OVAL SPACE 29-32 THE OVAL, HACKNEY, LONDON, E2 9DT 

If you were to prise apart the heart of many cultural zeitgeist, you’d most likely find design, music and fashion as integral components.

There’s not always a logical and linear reason for why trends appear, but it is why culture remains such an interesting phenomena.

In collaboration with Fashion Sunday, LBB will host a live interview with ‘fashion-industry favourite’, creative director /  H by Harris founder Harris Elliott and prolific photographer / filmmaker for ‘music’s most wanted photographer’  Dean Chalkley — both cultural instigators in their own right.

The topic of conversation will be the pair’s recent visual arts collaboration:  The Return of the Rudeboy, currently exhibiting at Somerset House. The multimedia exhibition featuring photography, installation and events, showcases the sartorial subculture of the 21st century Rudeboy as well as the contributing culture that underpins the movement. From its roots of 50’s Kingston, Jamaica, 80’s Two-tone Britain to the contemporary take on Rudie style.

LBB is a great site check out their stuff here