London Calling: Showing on Sky Arts

20 July 14

Posted at 12:05

radio times

London Calling is an excellent 4 part series directed by Simon Witter documenting how Art and Music entwine. You'll see Dean shooting ' New Street Adventure' and commenting on several aspects. This is a must see for any photographers, bands or people interested in Art in general...Click on the image to go to the Radio Times. Because it is on Sky the programme times are a little confusing but enough to say :

On for the next few Tuesdays at 8-9 pm on Sky Arts 1, with repeats at 8.30 am on Friday and 1pm on Monday.

Good that the programme is repeated and also available 'On Demand'  here. Do check it out.


Let's Be Brief : Talk with Dean and Harris announced : 03 AUGUST 2014

19 July 14

Posted at 6:43

LBB Talk

As they say: 

SUNDAY 03 AUGUST 2014 // 1:30-3:30 // £10 // OVAL SPACE 29-32 THE OVAL, HACKNEY, LONDON, E2 9DT 

If you were to prise apart the heart of many cultural zeitgeist, you’d most likely find design, music and fashion as integral components.

There’s not always a logical and linear reason for why trends appear, but it is why culture remains such an interesting phenomena.

In collaboration with Fashion Sunday, LBB will host a live interview with ‘fashion-industry favourite’, creative director /  H by Harris founder Harris Elliott and prolific photographer / filmmaker for ‘music’s most wanted photographer’  Dean Chalkley — both cultural instigators in their own right.

The topic of conversation will be the pair’s recent visual arts collaboration:  The Return of the Rudeboy, currently exhibiting at Somerset House. The multimedia exhibition featuring photography, installation and events, showcases the sartorial subculture of the 21st century Rudeboy as well as the contributing culture that underpins the movement. From its roots of 50’s Kingston, Jamaica, 80’s Two-tone Britain to the contemporary take on Rudie style.

LBB is a great site check out their stuff here


Return of the Rudeboy x Paul Smith

19 July 14

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paul smith tshirt


Paul Smith has colaborated with Dean and Harris and released 2 tshirts to coincide with the Retutn of the Rudeboy Exhibition. To check out and purchase this nice little number click here 


Relentless: Here To Be Heard: Competition for budding creatives

17 July 14

Posted at 4:44

here to be heard

This year Relentless are looking to springboard the career of aspiring gig photographers and music bloggers who are dedicated to the pursuit of elevating their life’s passion to new heights.Those winners lucky enough to take out their chosen category will be given a series of exclusive opportunities with Relentless this year:

1.The band will get an exclusive spot at Relentless Live later this year with some further surprises in store.

2. The blogger will become our official Relentless blogger for the remainder of 2014 – attending selected events and festivals with AAA access to the artists.

3. The DJ will get a prime slot on the Relentless Stage at Leeds Festival as 1st on the Saturday night, where Zane himself will be headlining.
4. The photographer will earn commissions for Relentless throughout the year to shoot various events and will get to showcase their work in our store in 5 Denmark Street, London and on a gallery. 

If you believe this is your year to be heard, click here to go to the Relentless site 


Return of the Rudeboy: Creative Review Print Competition

17 July 14

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Creative Review Print comp



Just announced!!! Your chance to win a signed edition print from the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition... As the Creative Review website says: 

To celebrate the exhibition's launch, Chalkley is giving away a photographic print (see top image) to one CR reader. One of only 50, it measures 50 x 70 cm and features Rudeboys Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert.

'To get your hands on the prize, all you need to do is tell us, in ten words or less, why you deserve to win, leaving your answer,'.... 'Points will be awarded to the most creative, Rudeboy-inspired answers and the competition closes at midnight tonight (Thursday, July 17).' Click here to visit the site and to enter.

What are you waiting for ? 


Channel 4 News Gets Rude!

05 July 14

Posted at 12:55

channel4 news

During last week Channel 4 News presented a special news feature on the exhibition, Boya Dee came to ' Return of the Rudeboy' and talked to Dean and Harris about the show and the way it has captured the essence of what is happening NOW!... This great feature has some classic old footage and sets the scene very well for those less familiar with the history of Rudeboy culture.

Thousands upon thousands have now visited the exhibition and  it continues to excite and draw people from right across the spectrum from young to old. People are seeing the show as an important cultural barometer as well as appreciating the sartorial elegance and manner of the subjects in the pictures. The three dimensional objects and the extra events are adding even more experiential depth and the functioning Barbershop on a Thursday and Saturday is certainly proving popular too..So get along to the show if you can, it is on for a few more weeks but don't miss it..

Return of the Rudeboy is open to the public until 25th August 2014.

Free entry open 10am-6pm everyday (Last entry 5:30pm)