MOD: A Very British Style

25 March 13

Posted at 11:31

MOD: A Very British Style

This Thursday (28th March at East Village Lounge,) Richard Weight unveils his new book ' MOD: A Very British Style'.

The publication charts the 'Modernist' Culture from its origins in 1950s Soho to the modern day. 


‘Mod! is a book about the distinctively British youth cult and the artistic and social influence it has had. What became known as Mod was an amalgam of American and European music, fashion and design that has left its mark not only on a variety of subsequent youth cults but also on British culture as a whole. At its peak, in the mid-1960s, Mod became shorthand for what it meant to be a modern Briton; it helped to shape popular ideas about social relationships, taste, lifestyle and national identity at a time when the British Empire was being dismantled and American consumerism was changing British society.’ - Richard Weight.


A selection of Dean's New Faces Photographs adorn the cover of the book.   


The opening night promises to be a big party! Tony Kofi will DJ as well as a number of special guests selectors!! It's going to be amazing!!

For those who don't know Richard Weight, "is a social historian and broadcaster and the author of several books, including  Patriots: National Identity in Britain 1940–2000 and  The A–Z Guide to Modern Britain. He writes and presents documentaries for the BBC, is a contributor to The Times, and is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Society of Arts. He lectures in Europe and Africa for the British Council and acts as a consultant to several organisations, including the Institute for Public Policy Research."


You can find the book at  amazon, book depository and at guardian bookshop.