Do The Green Thing: Jumper Love

21 March 13

Posted at 11:26

jumper love


Green Thing is a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. With the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do - and enjoy doing. Join people from 209 countries doing their green things and making a difference. 

Today Do The Green Thing has released this little nugget, a shoot that should really warm you up.

Click here on the image to go to the Do The Green Thing site.

In addition to the poster, there's a great behing the scenes film. Produced by Dean and Directed and Edited by Diana's pretty funny so please click on the link here and have a look.


UPDATE: Dean recieved a message from the Do The Green Thing  charity explaining that , '..Pessimistic measures put our campaign reach at 11 million people, ...'  23 posters created by different creatives for the project they all look great and are fun oh and of course deal with important issues ... go check them out here.