You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

13 June 13

Posted at 2:52

You aint seen nothing yet

Music and photography are inseparably linked. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet shows the work of photographers who stand out for their unique style and original approach. The exhibition in Antwerp Belgium includes intimate backstage portraits, eccentric group portraits and iconic album covers. FoMu is showing work by, among others, Dean Chalkley, Joris Bulckens, Daniel Cohen, Charlie De Keersmaeker, Koen Keppens, Ryan McGinley, James Mollison, Alex Salians, Michael Schmelling, Oliver Sieber, Alex Vanhee, Eva Vermandel and Rob Walbers. The exhibition includes album cover art, music videos, photography books and an installation by Radio Soulwax.

 You Aint Seen Nothing Yet Exhibtion at FoMu runs from 28.06.13 - 06.10.13