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11 June 13

Posted at 9:31


Liam NME cover


Dean has shot Liam Gallagher many times now, In fact Deans first ever encounter with Liam, Noel and the rest of Oasis was at the  Army and Navy pub in Chelmsford way back in the 1990's. Dean was in a very embryonic stage of his photography, always connected to the music scene and went to the 'Army and Navy' to check out this band that had a great buzz about them. The gig was by all accounts incredible, Dean positioned himself to the right of the small stage and awaited the band, when Liam walked onto the stage he spotted the Camera and thrust 2 fingers virtually into the lens...Whooohhh ...what an Attitude...Apparently the gig was amazing and the crowd went crazy, people dancing on the pubs counter as the band thrilled the eager the very excitable hipsters squeezed into this small venue.. Oasis finished their set with a cover of the Beatles classic  'I Am The Walrus'.

That was a long time ago though, and much has changed... Oasis went through several different line-ups and became massive of course. The legendary relationship between the Gallagher brothers has exploded across the media on more than one occasion. 

Both Noel and Liam now have very successful solo careers, Liam's splinter outfit is called  'Beady Eye' and they have just released their 3rd album since splitting up Oasis. The new collection of tracks it called "BE' and can be heard on Spotify, check out Beady Eye's website  here for more information about the band gigs and all that jazz....