Blink Magazine : 21 today!!

02 February 13

Posted at 1:02

blink pix

 Previous Blink Covers shot by various photographers not Dean


Blink Magazine samples


The Cover image of  BLINK magazine issue 21 was shot by © William Coupon


Kim Aram's magazine  BLINK goes on sale today. Limited to 500 copies this precious publication is unveiled, included in its ad free pages are the works of 

Danwen XingDavid TitlowElias WesselFrieke JanssensJulie BlackmonPaulina Otylie SurysWilliam CouponBettina GentenCharlotte Rutherford

and Dean of course...

The magazine is highly respected and will only be available for a short period due to its limited numbers. So BLINK and you just might miss that ?... 

Here some sample spreads from Dean and other photographers in the book:

blink pix