Tim Peaks ..Oh No I Love You..

04 August 13

Posted at 1:30




Tim Peaks Diner at Kendal Calling 2



Tim Peaks Diner was brilliant! This small log cabin was the perfect setting for intimate performances, discussions and interviews. Great live music and Deejays (inc Black Cat Djs and Dave Haslam as well as creative Master classes presented by Record Producers, eminent Journalists, Cartoonists etc, Dean delivered one too on photography ( review). The weekends schedule was packed with so much good stuff! Spontaneous acoustic performances by John Ainsworth and Twisted Wheel, M usical Bingo even so you can see the scope of what was happening in this Hansel and Gretel like cabin...Well, the cake and Tim Peaks Coffee flowed and there were smiles all round, Tim Burgess played in the Diner on Sunday afternoon and it was amazing (picture above) People squeezed in 'til the cabin was full, people even watched through the windows trying to soak up the very special atmosphere. Legendary! (check out the ' Louder than War' blog about it)

The Diner was of course part of the Kendal Calling festival set in the Lake District amongst beautiful countryside and very well organised there was always enough great music, food and.er...loos... Even a bit of a down pour on the Saturday night didn't interrupt the universal fun for everyone.... Like Kendal Mint Cake ..It Was Sweet!!...er her..did you like that??..