Muse - NME

19 October 12

Posted at 9:50

This week, Dean's cover shot of Muse for NME graces News-stands across the country. Dean shot Muse last Thursday during their rehearsals (yes Rehersals! they actually took over Wembley  Arena to reherse in!!) for their 2nd Law tour promoting their latest album of the same name.

Muse NME cover 2012

The interview with Tom Howard gives NME’s readers a behind-the-scenes look into the band’s “maddest tour ever”, with in depth descriptions of the astonishly impressive set designed by Matt Bellamy himself. 

Muse’s 6 th studio album '2 nd Law' was given a very credible 8/10 in NME and, as the band informed Dean on the day of the shoot, that the album artwork is an illustration of the human brain’s intricate circuitry system, where the connections of how we process information has been represented in a colour coded graphic...Which is pretty cool.