Paul McCartney : Cover Feature of the Shortlist Magazine Olympic Special

26 July 12

Posted at 7:28




The Olympics have well and truly arrived in London!! Everywhere you look there’s evidence of this massive sporting occasion.

The next few weeks will be fun in old London Town, even more people people hustling and bustling on the tubes, lots of people smiling and talking with passes round their necks excitedly dashing towards Stratford, etc etc.. It’s a gigantic event and London seems to be ready!!.

Shortlist Magazine asked Dean to do a session with Sir Paul McCartney for the cover of the Olympic Special... Dean jumped at offer.

The Olympic Special Shortlist Feature includes the cover and 4 pages inside the Magazine. There are several photographs and the Q&A asks Sir Paul a raft of questions both musical and sporting. 'Do you have any concept of your status and influence?..' and 'What's your sporting pedigree like?' are just two examples …it's a good read. There is no doubt Sir Paul is still having a great time enjoying life and excited about stuff!!


Oh and one final thing he is a total Legend isn't he!..