Matt Skelhon on the Official Paralympics Magazine cover

31 August 12

Posted at 9:12

Matt Skelhon

Matt Skelhon will take aim and start shooting for Gold at 9am today. He's a great marksman, in Beijing Matt won Gold and we are of course hoping that this games are equally as fruitful. Dean photographed Matt in his back garden as well as in his 'Model Making Den' a short while before the games. You can't miss Matt with his shock of blue hair and piecing eyes, he is a great character and an inspiration. Click here for  the for the shooting schedule and other aspects of the games.

Update: Matt performed brilliantly winning a Silver and a Bronze medal so congratulations Mr. Skelhon on a great victory click here to read all about it. There is one thing Matt has lost however and that's his blue hair, it's gone, shaved off, vanished.