Matt Skelhon on the Official Paralympics Magazine cover

31 August 12

Posted at 9:12

Matt Skelhon

Matt Skelhon will take aim and start shooting for Gold at 9am today. He's a great marksman, in Beijing Matt won Gold and we are of course hoping that this games are equally as fruitful. Dean photographed Matt in his back garden as well as in his 'Model Making Den' a short while before the games. You can't miss Matt with his shock of blue hair and piecing eyes, he is a great character and an inspiration. Click here for  the for the shooting schedule and other aspects of the games.

Update: Matt performed brilliantly winning a Silver and a Bronze medal so congratulations Mr. Skelhon on a great victory click here to read all about it. There is one thing Matt has lost however and that's his blue hair, it's gone, shaved off, vanished. 


Kieran Leonard releases his debut album

29 August 12

Posted at 6:54

kieran Leonard

Kieran Leonard is a name you will become very familiar with in the future.

He has just released his first and very accomplished album entitled 'Out Of Work Astronaut'. 

Kieran is particularly known for his poetical song writing and compelling live performances. There is a clear social and political awareness in his writing with an abundance of literary and cultural references. He has had critical comparisons to  Bob DylanKurt Cobain and  Leonard Cohen. In early 2011 his first single 'Jerusalem' was used in the soundtrack for  Ridley Scott's latest documentary film ' Life in a Day'.

In Spring 2012 Kieran established his 'The Chance To Fail Foundation' as a response to the London riots and the closure of community youth centres. The foundation for 12-16 year olds aims to teach the craft of songwriting and recording music as a constructive creative outlet, and a way of empowering disadvantaged young people in the capital. 

Here are a few videos:  1  2  3  4  5




350-354 Old St, EC1V 9NQ



Mariella's Fear of the Dark: Observer Magazine today.

26 August 12

Posted at 1:10

Mariella Frostrup's Fear of the Dark

When Mariella Frostrup mentioned she was frightened of the dark in one of her agony aunt colomns, her comments really caught the public's attention. She had so many letters from people who shared this phobia she decided to look more deeply into her 'Night Terrors'.



mariella frostrup



Bloc Party: Musikexpress August

24 August 12

Posted at 8:02

musikexpress bloc party feature

Dean shot Bloc Party at their rehearsal den in North London for the German magazine Musikexpress. 

In the past Dean has shot the band on several occasions throughout their career, one time in San Francisco with them hanging off a tram.The Band are Back with a great new album called 'Four', you guessed it, their fifth album...Not really it is their fourth album and will take up where they left off  click here to hear a preview of their new work.


Behind The Lines: NME 25 August

24 August 12

Posted at 7:55

nme behind the lines

The NME is celebrating its 60th anniversary. There are a whole series of features emerging that highlight the importance of the magazine and it's enduring influence.

BEHIND THE LINES is a series of rare interviews with the photographers who have created some of the most iconic photographs that have appeared in the magazine over the years. This week the magazine talks to Dean about his quite surreal shot of the White Stripes. 'Big Bang..' gives you a clue to one of the things discussed, you'll have to pop out and get the magazine to read all about it all though (or stand in the news agents and pretend you're going to buy one...). There's lots more in the Magazine beside this feature of course. It's a kind of Vaccines meets Reading/Leeds Festival special so tons of news about fresh up and coming music as well as  what to expect this weekend at the festival. Go on! Rush out and scoop up a copy...You know you want to...


The New British Magazine is coming!!

23 August 12

Posted at 4:59

The time is almost here! From the  heart of the underground with an uncompromising vision Kez Glozier and Neville Brody's magazine is on the horizon. Like Attila the Hun it will take no prisoners! It is a piece of class design with powerful and refreshing content. Here are some of the Teasers  The New British have just released.... Not for the faint hearted... Click here and here Watch this space for more news on the Magazine or go to The New Britsh's Website here


Zayn Clyre : Vandalised!!

17 August 12

Posted at 6:16

Zayn Clyre is a long time friend of Dean’s, a free spirit, shape shifter and overall ball of energy. Artist Gael Froget has worked with one of Dean’s images of Zayn creating this unique piece. Check out more of Gaels work  here. Gael is an outstanding contemporary artist look him up !!! and to see more of Zayn including a few images that Dean took pop along to her Blogspot ... Zayn's World


Natalie makes a break for it...

15 August 12

Posted at 8:21

This is the moment when Natalie my trusty assistant left Chalkley Towers.

Natalie has been here for 2 years, she was always getting stuck in to the work and using her numerous skills to help things running smoothly. We have had some great fun and explored parts of the visual world I could never have predicted. In fact some of the work Natalie contributed to has not even been seen yet, so keep an eye out for 'Shake this Mortal Coil' , a shoot with Kieran Leonard and another very interesting session with 'Tess' plus many more exciting things that are waiting for release. Natalie will reconnect with her own work more deeply following the path she set out on whilst studying her degree.

So Natalie thank you for everything it has been my pleasure working with you.. Dean 


Lanie Lane is on tour in Australia

14 August 12

Posted at 10:40

Lanie Lane is travelling across Australia over the next few weeks on tour. She will be playing in such places as Wollongong, Katooma,Toowoomba, and Warrenambooi...What names!!! Dean shot this picture of Lanie amongst her beloved guitars she had stopped off in the UK for a few days on the way back from a recording session at 3rd Man Records where Jack White produced Ain't Hungry. I'm sure you will agree it is great! Lanie Played at Black Cat in London's Finsbury Park last Autumn, this was a momentous event at the club night Dean and his fellow Black Cat Dj's run in fact it was also one of the few nights that Black Cat included a Band on stage, it is normally a DJ residency. Well if you are in OZ and near any of these dates do try to see Lanie she is great, if you are not however then all is not lost you can buy her album, 'To The Horses' that includes the brilliant 'What Do I Do" order it here now.


Kentish Town Relaxed and Dapper

10 August 12

Posted at 10:42

dapper Italian chap in Kentish Town

How amazing does this guy look?... This dapper gent was photographed in Kentish Town by Dean this week. Dean said  'I thought he looked so great and totally authentic. This chap was not into 'The Look'. He was The Look, The Look was his!! I approached this just over 5 foot fellow and asked him if I could take his picture. He seemed surprised that anyone would want to, but in a strong Italian accent agreed. He also explained that his Daughter was a Photographer, if you are out there let me know who you are and please compliment your father on his appearance... Anyway after a few moments he was gone, into the station and on his way... Maybe he was over in London for the Olympics ?... Maybe I'll never know'.