Serge now on Vimeo

24 January 11

Posted at 12:35

We've just uploaded the film Serge onto our new Vimeo account. Click here to see the new hi quality version.



Soul Film and Photography Project (club scene filming)

20 January 11

Posted at 12:31

The filming side of the project will take place on 30th January in North London. This time we are planning to shoot some club scenes so we're looking for some more people to come along.

All ages are welcome, so as long as you can dance to Northern and are interested in taking part please drop us an email to:

We have to receive an email from you - so please don't just join the Group - its important!

If possible include a picture of yourself with what you might wear...even if it’s from your camera phone.

There might be a limitation on numbers so please pass your details over as soon as you can!

The result will be a short film, not be a feature film and it doesn’t set out to be the definitive story of Northern Soul you’ll be relieved to know, but it does aim to celebrate it.

Also I thought that it would be necessary to mention that this project has no outside funding, which means that Dean will be paying for the whole thing himself. Therefore what is being asked is for people to donate their time!

Amanda Ashed

Looks Agency
020 8341 4477


Clémence Poésy - The Observer

11 January 11

Posted at 12:18


Here's one of Deans Clémence Poésy shots which was published in The Observer Magazine on 19/12/10 The picture accompanies an interview of the lovely Clémence by Elizabeth Day.

Clémence emanates a 'quentisentually Galic' beauty. Strong yet effortlessly sexual, which made her perfect for the role of Joan of Ark, one of her resent films.

Out Today is Clémence' latest film '127 Hours', directed by Danny Boyle. The trailer can be seen here!



Tony Christie - Now's the Time

07 January 11

Posted at 12:41

Tony Christie's new album is released today.

'Now's the Time'; released on Acid Jazz Record label. All of the photos taken for the album where taken by Dean in various Soho haunts.

Tony has spent time rediscovering the soul side of his early career, and has encompassed this into the recording of an incredible album, which was produced by friend, fan and one time collaborator, Richard Barrett from The All Seeing Eye.

The album brings together the sound of Northern Soul, British Beat and filmic soundtracks. Tracks like ‘Get Christie’ (a re-work of the iconic theme from Get Carter) features a collaboration with fellow ‘Dee-Dar’, Jarvis Cocker, other collaborations on the album come from Roisin Murphy amongst others.

Available now in all good record shops, online, on iTunes
<> and in our
eBay Shop <>.


It's a great album! Don't take our word for it though... here's what The Guardian had to say about it:

"Tony Christie considers this album to be "the real me"... ...Now's the Time! returns the 67-year-old crooner to his comfort zone of brassy lounge-pop and film soundtracks, and he sounds pleased to be there. And why not? His tenor, which forever hovers at the edge of quivering melodrama, was made for high-quality MOR like this. The best of a uniformly good bunch is 7 Hills, a deliciously sleazy country duet with Róisín Murphy, but also worth hearing are the jazzy Too Much of the Sun, which casts him as an old roué melancholically looking back at his life, and Get Christie, a spoof of the Get Carter theme with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker ("If a job needs doing and needs doing right, who ya gonna trust? Get Christie!")."- Caroline Sullivan

**** Tony Christie's 'Now's the Time' was given a 4/5 review ****


Exciting New Soul Photography and Film Project

07 January 11

Posted at 12:27

Dean is scouting for good, youthful Northern Soul dancers to feature in a short film and photographic project.

It will be presented through the biannual culture and fashion magazine '125'.

125 Magazine is a unique visual compendium of new ideas in photography, fashion, art and culture. Each issue is a tribute to creative freedom, showcasing breakthrough work by emerging and established creative's in a luxury 300 page edition.

If you are a good northern soul dancer or know anyone who is; please send a video clip to show us your moves. We are looking for a mixture of young male and female soul enthusiasts who can dance well to Northern Soul.
Although we are interested in a variety of styles we are very keen to get people who can do the more acrobatic style of dancing. 
You must be available for the potential shooting days which are 16th Jan and the 30th Jan and will take place in a central London location.
On the 16th of Jan a small group of dancers will be selected for the photographic element of the shoot and on the 30th of Jan a larger crowd will be needed for filming. 
If this sound like you then please send us a video to show us your moves. It will be an essental part of the selection process. If you could also send a photo or two this would be good too.
Contact us with:

your name
video clip/s
telephone number
and e-mail address

e-mailing this to the casting Director Amanda Ashed at

Once selected, successful applicants will be contacted by Amanda, who will explain all of the neccessary details about the photographic shoot and film.

Also, I felt it necessary to mention that this project has no outside funding, which means that Dean will be paying for the whole thing himself. Therefore what is being asked is for people to donate their time.


The New Faces - Reading Steady Go! Exhibition

07 January 11

Posted at 12:22

Dean's Exhibition the New Faces is being shown at Reading Museum and Town Hall as apart of a larger exhibition which explores Mod culture.

Reading Steady Go! Is an exploration into the explosion of youth culture in the 1960's and it's legacy in today's music and fashion. The museum aims to use the town's own experience of the impact of this particular youth subculture by displaying beloved artefacts from donators. The Museum is appealing for those who would like to lead their own material for the exhibition. So if you would like to get involved in enriching this display of this insightful exhibition please click here. or alternativly call the museaum on 0118 937 3400

The exhibition will be running from the 9th April 2011 until 9th Oct 2011 as is sponsored by

To read more visit the Reading Museum and Town Hall website.

To join the facebook page click here.


Serge in Housegrey Magazine

05 January 11

Posted at 1:12

Dean was asked to be a contributor to the online Magazine Housegrey.
The film was shot on super 8, written and directed by Dean,  a homage to the " Physical Culturist". 
The haunting soundtrack by icelandic contempory classical composer Johann Johannsson, is entitled "Odi et

It recites Catullus' Ancient poem in Latin through the means of modern technology:

I hate and I love. Wherefore would I do this, perhaps you ask?
I do not know. But I feel that it happens and I am tortured.

Serge was edited by Spencer Doane.
See it here on Housegrey
or here on Dean's own website.


SHAKE! at the boogaloo Podcast

05 January 11

Posted at 1:08


On the 4th of December 2010 SHAKE! at the boogaloo bar in Highgate was broadcast live on air on

This Audio Spectacular is now available to download in the shape of a podcast which is free to download! To download click  HERE!

On this very special session at the Boogaloo, regular SHAKE! Deejays: Si Cheeba and Dean Chalkley were joined by the  formidable ‘Chap from Essex’ David JazzDJ Dawson. David has been an influential mover and shaker for many years with ‘too many to mention’ deejay appearances at Clubs Glastonbury festivals etc. A great Deejay who, not only knows his music inside out but knows how to get the crowd up on their feet and dancing nonstop...not only that....David JazzDJ Dawson brought with him his broadcasting abilities. As the  man behind cult internet radio station David streamed the atmosphere soaked tunes spun by Dean, Si and himself out to the world on the internet airwaves.

This treat followed the Super Successful Soup Session transmission on which Dean  fellow Black Cat Dj Si Cheeba guested in a mammoth 7 hour sonic bonanza a few months ago in what became the station's most sucessful show, with record numbers of listeners tuning in....enjoy


Dale Ted Watkins

05 January 11

Posted at 9:30

Here is an interview with Dale Ted Watkins. Dale is an exceptional hairdresser who has worked on many shoots with Dean, the latest of which being Tony Christie's Press and Album shoots. He has spent nearly 30 years as a pioneer of men’s hairdressing in the UK. Having trained and worked at Vidal Sassoon, Dale felt the men’s market was where his passion lay and he has continued to take this passion through stints in London salons such as Refinery and Adams of London and his clients include Sasha Baron Cohen, Guy Ritchie and Jonny Owens.

Dale’s technical ability and knowledge of traditional barbering techniques puts him in constant demand as a session stylist.

Click here to see the interview.