Alice Jemima: Icarus Single Release

14 April 19

Posted at 2:48

©Dean Chalkley


After a two year studio break writing new material, Alice Jemima has just revealed a brand new single 'Icarus', co-written with Sophie Ellis Bextor and producer Simon Byrt. This is the first single since the release of her eponymously titled first album. The 'Alice Jemima' debut album was very well received and set her on this journey. Both Alice and Sophie Ellis Bextor will head out on a UK tour this summer.

More images from this campaign emerging soon... For now though click here to listen to 'Icarus'. 



The Sunday Times Magazine: Paul Weller

03 April 19

Posted at 1:22

©Dean Chalkley / Camera Press


Recently Dean photographed the living legend that is Paul Weller for The Sunday Times Magazine. The accompanying article, written by Krissi Murison is very illuminating showing sides of Paul that are very rarely seen. Paul talks about his music, family and views on the changing and redefining ways society and attitudes are evolving. Paul covers a lot of ground in this insightful interview. 

Dean visited Paul at his studio in Surrey and made many beautiful images, some were shot outside on a white seamless (It happened to be a beautiful sunny day) and others were made within the recording studio. 

Dean has photographed Paul Weller several times, these sessions have featured in Artwork and editorial features for a variety of publications.

Considering Paul Weller's over all career including The Jam, Style Council, Paul Weller Movement etc  there are few artists that have so consistently produced great work over such a long time period. 

To go to The Sunday Time page click here 


The Book of Man: Looking for Men

03 April 19

Posted at 10:57

©Dean Chalkley / The Book Of Man 


Wow!! What a day it was!! Dean shot over 100 Men in a day for this amazing project... Check out the images and read the words, be happy the lives and perceptions of men are changing.  It was a shoot about community, expression and being a man, whatever each individual’s idea of being a man meant.

This shoot was the finale of the The Book of Man  Festival of New Masculinity

Thank you to Marian Paterson for shoot production and the brilliant edit…

Each gallery below has photographs of 20 men:

1st  Here 

2nd Here

3rd Here

4th Here

Thanks go to all who came and were photographed and helped make the day happen, Lomography for the instant camera which allowed Dean to create an ‘Instant Exhibition’ on the day, to  Harry’s, for making it all possible , and suicide prevention charity CALM, who received ticket proceeds. Also to Freedom Brewery for the excellent beer.





Looking For Men: Book of Man x Calm

14 March 19

Posted at 9:32

©Dean Chalkley


‘LOOKING FOR MEN' is the closing event of The Festival of New Masculinity by The Book of Man taking place The Book Club on 19th March.


Between 8am-7pm Dean will be photographing 100 men. The plan is to take snapshot of men (and those who identify as men), he'll be using the Lomo camera to create a unique 'instant' exhibition that will grow through the day.

Email if you'd like to be photographed for the exhibition, as mentioned photographing from 8am to 7pm.


7pm -10pm There will be a happening in the basement of the book club. An exhibition, panel talk podcast and an after party with Justin Robertson..

All ticket sale profits are going to the charity Calm .

Dean will present a brand new large piece of work made especially for this evening created from images from his archive.

The panel discussion will revolve around the changing representations of men today and what can be done to improve the way men see themselves featuring Oscar from Acid Jazz Records , Matt Hiscock Harry's, Simon Gunning from Calm, Martin Robinson from The Book of Man and Dean……Oh and a free Harry's goodie bag, a free beer from Freedom Brewery and access to the after party to celebrate the end of The Festival of New Masculinity with legendary DJ Justin Robertson.

The Book of Man sets out to highlight and break the boundaries defying outmoded stereotypes and systems, helping men make a POSITIVE impact on the people and places we all deal with, every day. It's about defying outmoded stereotypes and systems and helping remake the world in a different way.

Click HERE for the link to buy tickets to the evening event.







Francesca Maffeo Gallery: Guest Speaker

24 February 19

Posted at 11:46

©Dean Chalkley / Young Souls


Dean will present and discuss is work, motivation and approach, showing many images he has produced over the decades.

The event will take place at the Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea Essex, on the 29th March 2019 19:00 to 21:00.

Following the talk there will be a Q&A session, Dean will be taking questions from gallery owner and curator Francesca Genovese and the audience.

That's the 'Photo' part of the 'Photo Social' complete, the rest of the night will be relaxed social time. Drinks and nibbles will be supplied, so some good mingling and chatting to finish off the evening. A great night ahead in one of the South East's premiere contemporary photography focused galleries.

Click here for tickets.

Growing up in Southend-on-Sea, in the 1980’s, Dean embraced the Mod youth sub-culture - the clothes, scooters, records, as well as the attitude, played a big part in defining his photographic outlook we are sure that this will form part of the talk...

For more details on the event please contact the gallery direct:

Francesca Maffeo Gallery / Studio 284

284 Leigh Road




+44 (0)1702 345005 

+44 (0) 7970846497










Rosamund Pike: The Observer Magazine

03 February 19

Posted at 4:30

©Dean Chalkley / Eyevine 



Dean photographed the renowned actor Rosamund Pike for todays Observer Magazine (3-1-19). The cover feature has several images by Dean and the interview illuminates many different topics that are important to Rosamund at tis moment. In the course of the interview there's also a moment where the interviewer / interviewee tables are flipped. The piece discusses Rosamund's new film 'A Private War', the story of the late Marie Colvin (War Journalist), it's a ' Breathtaking, stop-you-in-your-tracks movie..' according to feature writer Sophie Heawood. It's clear that Rosamund has deeply immersed herself in the role. 'A Private War' is in UK cinemas from 15th February here is the official trailer. Rosamund is a supporter of the Mines Advisory Group a charity that removes landmines




Jocks & Nerds : Radio Show Listen Again

30 December 18

Posted at 1:06

The first Jocks & Nerds Radio Show was broadcast Boxing Day on Soho Radio. For those who tuned in you'll know that the subjects talked over covered Fashion, Art, Culture and Music with a touching dedication to the legend Paul 'Trouble' Anderson who sadly passed away recently. The chat was accompanied by great music, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues a couple of tracks by Kojey Radical and even a great slice of Steve Marriott's Humble Pie. Click HERE or on the images below to go to the rewind of the show. Dean shot all these images whilst there that’s why he doesn't appear in them...


Jocks & Nerds Radio Show images


Jocks & Nerds Radio Show images



Jocks & Nerds Radio Show images

All images ©Dean Chalkley/Camera Press




Jocks & Nerds: Soho Radio Show

23 December 18

Posted at 4:47

Jocks & Nerds: Soho Radio Show: Boxing Day


Broadcast: Soho Radio, Boxing Day, 6pm-8pm.

This picture features the guys that will appear on the first Jocks & Nerds radio show. From left to right Mark Webster, Dean, Marcus Agerman Ross and Stuart Patterson.

Jocks & Nerds editor Marcus Agerman Ross asked Dean if he would be the first guest on their inaugural radio show, Dean will be joining Marcus and his new and what will be regular co-hosts Mark Webster (Writer-Broadcaster) Stuart Patterson (DJ-Promoter).

Producing a radio show is a new medium for Jocks & Nerds and heralds some exciting new developments, at the moment the specifics of those plans are under wraps but suffice to say 2019 will be very interesting year in this camp.

The two hour radio programme broadcast on Boxing Day will also be archived so those who are wrapped (or unwrapped) up in the Christmas moment can listen back.

Here is a Link to Soho Radio







Merry Christmas

23 December 18

Posted at 4:37

Merry Christmas

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Respect and salutations.


V&A: Friday Late X Kojey Radical Short Film

26 November 18

Posted at 2:13

Kojey Radical _ V&A_


V&A Friday Late x Kojey Radical short film


Kojey Radical, a short film directed by Dean Chalkley will be screened at the V&A this Friday (30 Nov), as part of  “Friday Late: Rising”.

The moving image piece will be presented between 20:30 and 21:30 as four screenings in the Hocchauser Auditorium, level one, Sackler Centre.

Friday Late: Rising is a free event and offers a chance to immerse in contemporary youth culture through workshops, performances, music, happenings... And of course Kojey Radical short film.

In this reflective, atmospheric and illuminating short film we journey into the mind of one of the UK’s most exciting, emerging, musical artists; Kojey Radical. A true creative in every sense of the word, Kojey is for many, becoming the voice of his generation.

His inner-city sound is pushing British music in bold new directions; uninhibited and with strong socio-political consciousness.

Friday Late: Rising full program runs from 18:30 to 22:00 throughout the whole building.


@deanchalkley_|@kojeyradical|#V&A | #FridayLate



RUDEBOY SHOCKOUT ! : The Design Museum

21 November 18

Posted at 12:27

Return of the Rudeboy : Shockout !

©Dean Chalkley / Harris Elliott 



RUDEBOY SHOCKOUT! is part of : Be Seen! Get Heard ! 

Q&A + Book signing at The Design Museum : Free Entry : 24-11-18 15:00>16:30 

Dean and Harris Elliott created and curated the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition at Somerset House in 2014. The exhibition examined the sartorial swagger of 60 individuals.

Dean and Harris will be in conversation with The Design Museum curator Ameena McConnell discussing the influence of the Rudeboy movement and why it remains a vital and dynamic element of contemporary British fashion, style, design history and culture.

Following the Q&A Dean and Harris will do a Return of the Rudeboy book signing.

Saturday's Be Seen! Get Heard!, event actually runs through the day from 11:00>18:00 including talks with Deyan Sudjic and Simon Frederick a presentation using the Pecha Keucha format by designers at different stages of their career to be seen and have their voice heard through showcasing their work and of course the Rudeboy Shockout!... A lot of good stuff happening there through the day and it's free to attend as well.



Kojey Radical Film Premiered at The Photographers Gallery

07 November 18

Posted at 12:49

Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll Kojey Radical film screening DocnRoll

©Bruna Amaral


Friday nights ‘Kojey Radical’ short film world premiere was fantastic…The Photographers Gallery off Oxford St in Soho was the perfect place to hold this happening, what unfolded was something really special.

As the doors opened to the gallery Alex Rita Dj’d setting the scene in the dark red lit screening room. At one end of the room a projection of  bold red, yellow and green colours cycled through at an almost imperceivably slow shift. Once everyone in the audience was settled Natasha Plowright from The Photographers Gallery and Colm Forde from Doc'n'Roll Festival introduced Dean's latest short ‘Kojey Radical’...

Then we were rollin’...

The large sound system installed specially for the event by Sonny Evans enabled the films sounds track to boom out whilst the images unfolded in front of peoples eyes. The reflected light from the projection flicker lit the faces of the audience, all were taking it in…Even though the film is relatively short it’s pace is hypnotic and the piece is very atmospheric triggering a range of responses, it is deep but also funny at times too.

Straight after the screening Kojey and Dean were joined by Q&A host Stephanie McLaren-Neckles from creative platform Lets Be Brief. Through the Q&A many points were discussed, making of the film of course but then the conversations expanded wayout.

The night comprised of two screenings and two Q&A’s.

DocnRoll will release footage of the Q&A soon watch this space… The whole event was a MOMENT…A positive vibe… To everyone who came, helped and got a kick out of it...Thanks. 


Kojey Radical: Film Premiere Screening

12 October 18

Posted at 1:08

Kojey Radical: Film Premiere

Kojey Radical short film + Q&A with Kojey Radical and Dean Chalkley

Tickets to this special event are available HERE

Screening for the first time as part of the Doc'n'Roll film festival 2018 on 2nd November at the Photographers Gallery in Central London.

Dean has directed and produced a new moving image piece. For this new work we journey into the mind of one of the UK’s most exciting, emerging musical artists; Kojey Radical.

A true creative in every sense of the word, Kojey is, for many, becoming the voice of his generation. Transcending the limitations of one genre, the poet-turned-rapper is confidently carving out his own unique sound. This inner-city sound is pushing British music in bold new directions, uninhibited with a strong socio-political consciousness.

From the beginning of the film the tone is set, this reflective and illuminating piece allows us to have a personal moment with Kojey, his considerations, process and humour. Far from being a clichéd pop promo, this atmospheric piece reveals Kojey’s mind state, inspiration, his need for freedom, creative refuge and how elements of his music are interpreted. The film is rooted in the neighbourhood of Hoxton, East London, where Kojey grew up and this particular housing estate is where he finds a kind of solace.

The film’s underlying soundtrack is Kwame Nkrumah punctuated through a glitchy audio and visual counterpoint reflecting Kojey’s rationale and stream of thought.

there are 2 facebook events set up too "

Earlier Screening 

Later Screening 

Go to the link and join us at the Photographers Gallery.


Cat Power for The Observer Magazine

07 October 18

Posted at 8:58

Cat Power

©Dean Chalkley / Eyevine


Cat Power's 10th album 'Wanderer' was released on the 5th October. Leading up to this moment The Observer Magazine commission Dean to photograph Cat (Chan Marshall) for a Fashion feature and subsequent album review. The shoot took place in a South London photographic studio and captured the beauty and edge of this fantastically talented unique artist. Throughout Cat Power's career she has always stood alone, away from the pack and forging her own path creating very moving music that MEANS something. 

In the shot above Cat Power wears a dress by The Vampires Wife and rings by The Great Frog.

The original feature on Cat Power appeared in The Observer on Sunday 23rd September  and the 'Wanderer' album review appeared on the 7th October.


Alex Turner Print in Pat Pope fundraiser

04 September 18

Posted at 7:01

Alex Turner

©Dean Chalkley


Update: The auction has now completed and the Alex Turner print has made it's way to Australia. Congratulations to the the winning bidder. The whole auction raised much needed funds towards Pat Pope's care. Thank you to all who took part and bid.

Original message: There’s a online photography auction happening to help raise money for photographer Pat Pope. Pat had a stroke about 3 months ago and will be in hospital and rehabilitation for a long time so his family and friends are rising money to help care for him.

Jamie Beeden (Catawiki photography auction expert and photographer) has put together an online auction. Photographers including, Rankin, Gered Mankowitz, Jill Furmanovsky, Tom Sheehan, Spiros Politis, Scarlet Page, Dean and many others, they have all donated collectable works for this auction…. The subjects of the prints include Bowie, Liam Gallagher, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Alex Turner and many more legends of the music world….Stunning and valuable works and being sold to help a good guy.

The print that Dean donated to the auction is of Alex Turner and number 2 of 20 in a limited edition, it is a Giclée Print, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Click HERE to go to the whole auction that features all the works.


Tess Parks

17 August 18

Posted at 7:06

Tess Parks

©Dean Chalkley


Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe (from The Brian Jonestown Massacre) have announced a new album, this is their second collaborative album will be out on the 13th October.

'Right On' is the advance release and sets the tone perfectly.

A fifteen date European tour has been announced by Tess Parks. Starting in Saint-Lô in France, heading to Italy, Germany, Ireland and the UK. For the British leg of the tour seven gigs are scheduled up and down the country. One of the highlights will be at The Dome in Tufnell Park on the 13th September. Click here to book for some of these dates.





Vanessa Kirby: The Observer Magazine

02 August 18

Posted at 5:35

Vanessa Kirby

©Dean Chalkley


Vanessa Kirby grabbed peoples attention with her portrayal of Princess Margret in Netflix's 'The Crown'. Making the role her own she immersed herself in the essence of the charismatic Royal and injected her own perspective into the part with great effect. Vanessa has been nominated for an Emmy award for these performances.

Word is that she is one of THE most exciting British actors emerging and she's on a roll, highly motivated to make change and create fresh new work.

Vanessa is appearing in 'Julie' at the National Theatre (Until 8 August) and features in the new 'Mission: Impossible' film with Tom Cruise, launched on the 25 July.

Dean photographed Vanessa Kirby for The Observer Magazine cover feature released on 22 July 18. The feature was written by Sophie Heawood, to read in full click here.

On set the team included fashion director: Jo Jones, make-up: Kay Montano, hair: Johnnie Biles, fashion assistant: Penny Chan, photographers assistant: James Parker.


Hardcore Listing: Chris and Stu chat Top 5's with Dean

16 July 18

Posted at 4:29

Acast: Hardcore listing : Chris and Stu interview Dean

Hot on the heels of Scroobius Pips Drunkast, Pips sidekicks Chris & Stu now have their own podcast on the Acast channel, YES! we hear you cry...It's called 'Hardcore Listing', they chat over Top 5 Lists chosen by their invited guests, it's always a good listen, they are funny guys... Some guests in the past have had very specific topics to talk about, TV shows, films, buffet food and lord knows what else, once the recording button is pressed who knows where the conversations go... Dean payed Chris and Stu a visit for episode 72 choosing simply 5 things that he likes it was a simple drop of deconstructive zen into the mix.

The show was recorded at the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh Essex a venue that has good memories for Dean and still plays a vital part in Chris and Stu's lives ... Let the fun begin ! ....

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here



Iraiana Mancini Soho Radio Show

12 June 18

Posted at 8:14

Iraina Mancini Soho Radio Show

©Dean Chalkley


On Saturday 9th June Iraina Mancini hosted her show live from Soho Radio in Windmill Street. This months episode featured New York band Daddy Long Legs and Dj Johnathan Toubin. These blues driven guys have for the past few weeks been on tour in Europe, Daddy Long Legs playing their adrenaline fuelled Rhythm and Blues and Johnathan Djing and doing his 'New York Night Train Soul Clap Dance Off' after the band played. On the 9th they played at London's notorious 100 Club. Dean swung by Soho Radio to say hi to Iraina and to do a reportage with the band, following them to the 100 club that night shooting as the mad night unfolded, he was also one of the Soul Clap judges. Iraina's a great host, her show is always full of great music and runs for 2 hours. Dean comes on the show around the 59 minute mark, Johnathan and the band shortly after.


Suede: The Blue Hour

06 June 18

Posted at 1:47

Suede: The Blue Hour

©Dean Chalkley


Suede are back strong! Their new album ‘The Blue Hour’ will be released on September 21st 2018. It's their 8th studio album and people are certainly getting excited at the prospect of it’s release. On the band say it’s an ‘..expansive and definitive body of work’  Suede teamed up with legendary producer Alan Moulder at Assault & Battery Studios to craft this new work….Dean photographed Suede exclusively for this campaign, above is the first image to be released from the series, others will follow nearer the time of release.

Click here to preorder the album


Forever 27: Bullivant Gallery, St. Louis

04 June 18

Posted at 5:49

27 Forever: St.Louis USA

Kurt Cobain ©Charles Peterson                                  


News from St.Louis Missouri USA.:


Forever 27  is a touching and beautiful exhibition of fine art prints celebrating legends of music and art lost at the age of 27.


Included are a selection of Dean’s photographs of Amy Winehouse, they will sit along side prints of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.


Curator Jeff Appel has brought together 4 photographers work for this show, Charles Peterson, Mark Sink Baron Wolman and Dean.

This free to enter exhibition will open on the night of Friday 8th June at St. Louis’s Bullivant Gallery and then run for a month.


Exhibition opening night: Friday, June 8 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm


Open Gallery: Saturday, June 9th from 11am - 1pm then 2pm - 3pm.

*Between 1-2 pm there will be a lecture by Rolling Stone's first photo editor and exhibiting photographer Baron Wolman, tickets are required for this and it's limited to 50 guests. Click here to check on ticket availablity.


Exhibition continues: The show is on for a month at the Bullivant Gallery see their site for opening times and details.


All work presented at the exhibition is for sale contact Jeff Appel for details.

We would like to extend our thanks to all at the Bullivant Gallery : Leesha West, Robert Bullivant, Claire Tisch, Colin Shaw and to Jeff Appel for making this exhibition possible.


Locked In Locked On: Carnaby Grime

30 May 18

Posted at 7:51

Locked In Locked On

©Dean Chalkley / Dizzee Rascal / XL Recordings


Locked In Locked On opens to the public on 1st June 2018. This unique free exhibition is part of Soho Music Month and explores the role pirate radio has played in pushing UK music culture forward and how it was instrumental in shaped the Grime scene. The show, curated by writer Hattie Collins and photographer Olivia Rose (Authors of This Is Grime) features works from many photographers, Dean, Ewen Spencer, Olivia Rose are amongst them.

Over a four week period, Platform LDN on Carnaby Street will immerse visitors in stories, sounds behind these stations and looking at what the future of radio culture holds. A great line up events will take place at Platform LDN with a broad spectrum of artistes djing, giving talks and generally taking the space over at given times. Click here for more details including opening times. 

The PV is on 31st May at Platform LDN, guest list only.


Wiley: Eskiboy

23 March 18

Posted at 2:56

Wiley: Book Cover

©dean chalkley

Wiley's book Eskiboy has picked up some great plaudits since it's release. Dean's images of Wiley are used on the cover front and back. 



Metro: Interview with Dean about the NME

09 March 18

Posted at 6:42

Amy Winehouse: Dean Chalkley

(From the Metro 9-3-18)


Today the printed version of the NME ceases. The 'Metro' have compiled their top 10 iconic covers. Writer Abigail Gillibrand talked to Dean about his time shooting with the publication and this important cover. Click here to read the full article.




NME: End of the Printed Edition

08 March 18

Posted at 4:40

NME: Print Edition Closes

©dean chalkley


For the past 17 years Dean has been contributing on photographic assignments for the NME Magazine. Shooting many covers and features over the period (Above are just a few of the cover stories he has shot). This week will be the last ever printed issue of the magazine.

NME, we salute you... For so many you have been an inspiration.



Lomography: Dean Shoots with the Lomo'Instant Automat

04 February 18

Posted at 6:02

LomoAmigo: DeanShoots with the Lomo'Instant Automat

©Dean Chalkley - "Metal Elvis' 


Dean took the Lomo'Instant Automat on his travels and shot a whole bunch of photographs of folks he either knew or met along the way as well as places and spaces that caught his eye... Read the whole feature here, also get more info about Lomography.


Acid Jazz: Jazz On The Corner

01 February 18

Posted at 12:04

Acid Jazz: Jazz On The Corner artwork

©Dean Chalkley


Dean got together with friends Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller to shoot the artwork and publicity images for the new Acid Jazz Records release Jazz On The Corner This exceptional album has been compiled by Martin and Eddie, on Vinyl spans 4 sides, CD 2 disc's and of course is going to be available as a digital download version too...The album will herald Acid Jazz's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Here is a bit more about how the album came to be made. ' Present since the label’s inception, co-founder Eddie Piller has spent much of that period championing new artists alongside discovering old classics, creating an enviable catalogue that has seen the label at the forefront of the UK soul, jazz scene. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock, The Office) makes no secret of his musical love born of his eighties teenage years that saw him bonding with, and over the nascent Brand New Heavies and James Taylor Quartet amongst others heralding the Acid Jazz ‘scene’. An array of like-minded artists emerged, forging their own musical destiny on a wave of funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz in the mid to late eighties that was to be the catalyst for pretty much everything in the UK soul, jazz scene over the ensuing two decades. Having crossed paths via mutual acquaintances, passing time in DJ booths, and co-hosting the occasional radio show the pair discovered their almost obsessive love of jazz. '...and that's how the record came about... Jazz On The Corner is available on pre-order now and officially released on March 23rd available through all reputable music suppliers .



NME: Happening Talent for 2018

20 January 18

Posted at 6:34

NME: Happening Bands for 2018

©Dean Chalkley 


This weeks NME is bristling with new exciting talent!

NME100 features a broad selection of artists, some solo and groups, Dean set up a studio at NME HQ and photographed many of the rising stars that will become familiar as '18 rolls on. 

Dean shot:   Avelino, Drean Wife, Ms Banks, Yonaka, Yungblud, Pale Waves, Nilüfer Yanya, Shame and Tom Grennan  Mahalia, Park Hotel, Easy Life, Mina Rose, Kwaye, Matt Maltese, Sorry



NME: Loyle Carner

04 December 17

Posted at 8:19

NME: Loyle Carner

©Dean Chalkley


December is here! That means it's time to reflect on the past year. Loyle Carner aka Ben Coyle-Larner has emerged as a massive talent in 2017. Nominated for a Mercury Prize for his album "Yesterday's Gone", Loyle has been on extensive tours, played at festivals and quickly ascended to the leading edge of British Hip-Hop. Writer Leonie Cooper interviewed Loyle finding out what makes him tick, how he stirred up emotions at Glastonbury, how he came to feature in Burberry and YLS campaigns and of course (He loves football) how his football shirt collection is expanding. You can read the full article here.


Ida Mae: Feb 2018

21 November 17

Posted at 12:00

Ida Mae _

©Dean Chalkley 

UPDATE!!! Ida Mae have rescheduled their February 2018 date. Originally the Omera in South London was to host the duo's next show but now they will now tour as special guests with Will Varley. Nine dates around England, Scotland and Wales culminating in a show at the Shepards Bush Empire on 9th February. 

For Tickets click HERE

You might recognise Chris and Stephanie Jean from Dean's Never Turn Back series. The couple used to be in a band called 'Kill It Kid' but for the past 2 years have been focusing on Ida Mae, their talent is unquestionable and has been acknowledged by many in the build up to them opening up to the world. Legendary producer Ethan Johns worked with Ida Mae on their first single FEEL THEM GETTING CLOSER which is now 'Out there' ... Ida Mae played their first London show a couple of weeks ago, it was a sell out show and a beautiful performance in the atmospheric St Pancras Old Church. 


Reverberation: Closing Party

01 November 17

Posted at 12:18

 Reverberation: Closing Party 2nd Novemebr


Reverberation Dean Chalkley x Discordo:  Closing Party : 2nd November

In the final days of the exhibition we have decided to throw a closing party!

It’s been a great 2 month residency at the Book Club, the show has been seen by many people...Now it's time to have a party!

… No Guest list  all are welcome… Thursday 2nd November :

6pm - 9pm: Main bar - amongst the exhibition we will have a ‘warm-up’ reception. A chance to mingle, chat and talk with a sound track provided by Miss Red (Dynamite at the Boogaloo!) and John the Revelator (Have Love Will Travel)…

9pm - 2am it’s all downstairs and into the club with guest Djs Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz, Soho Radio), The Noble Heath Sound Machine (Mi-Soul Radio, Soul Box), Dean Chalkley & Ciaran O’Shea.…and last minute addition Liam Large from Jukebox Jam Records!!...Get ready for Soulful Sounds and Kaleidoscopic Colours in the Reverberation Chamber...

Copies of the limited edition ‘Reverberation Publication’, posters and postcards will be available to buy, Dean and Ciaran will be available to sign copies.

Free entry!

(The Reverberation exhibition continues until Sunday 5th November)..Get along before it’s too late…



NME: Liam Gallagher

25 October 17

Posted at 8:18

Liam NME Cover

©dean chalkley


Trailblazing! Liam Gallagher has released his first solo album entitled 'As You Were' and jumped right into the centre of public attention. 

In the first week of release his album sold more copes than all the other top 20 albums combined. A staggering moment and testament to the music and the man.

Liam has smashed it!

The interview touched on his music, relationships with Noel, Religion, Drugs, Brexit, and other topics that are on his mind.

Liam Gallagher was shot by Dean in North London,and appeared in the NME Magazine 6th October 2017


Vanity Fair: Benjamin Clementine

19 October 17

Posted at 2:43

Benjamin Clementine

©dean chalkley

Vanity Fair commisioned Dean to photograph Benjamin Clementine ahead of his epic Carnegie Hall concert earlier this month. The article written by Derek Blasberg explains the 2015 Mercury prize winners hard start and elivation to one of the most exciting artists out there, one who's performances are compared to Edith Piaf and Nina Simone...The feature is in the current October issue of Vanity Fair.

Benjamin captivated many at Carnegie Hall that night, here is just one review by Sharlene Chiu for The House List - Bowery Presents.  


Reverberation: Leslie Canendish 'The Beatles Hairdresser' In Book Club Conversation Event

11 October 17

Posted at 3:26

Leslie Cavenish : The Book Club : Reverberation

As part of the 'Reverberation : Dean Chalkley x Discordo' Exhibition programme we bring you this very special event. We're super excited to announce that Leslie Cavendish 'The Beatles Hairdresser' will be in conversation with writer Claudia Elliott (Classic Rock, The Blues, Royal Albert Hall) on the 26th October at The Book Club. Only very limited number of seats available for this...So get in there quick..Click here Facebook event and ticket details....



Reverberation: ELLE Magazine says go to the show!

22 September 17

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Elle Logo

ELLE Magazine says of Reverberation, '...a new exhibition of images inspired by the album (Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band), on display right now at the Book Club. Trippy, abstract, ground-breaking - They're everything the record was too...We Hope you enjoy the show', read the full story here.



Reverberation: Limited Edition Publication Now Available

14 September 17

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Reverberation: Publication available from Y-Junction Book

Reverberation: Prime Time

'Prime Time' from Reverberation Dean Chalkley x Discordo


A beautiful limited edition publication is now available, made in a very limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies. Available with a choice of four different coloured outer sleeves this A3, 40 page publlication is the perfect accompanyment to the exhibition. 

Available while stocks last from Y-Junction for all details.





Reverberation: BJP feature

08 September 17

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Reverberation: Present

Reverberation features in the BJP, read the feature written by Alex Jackson here.  

The exhibition launched last night at the Book Club in London, an incredible night that set the tone for this new and exciting body of work.




Reverberation: Exhibition Announced

16 August 17

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Reverberation: Exhibition Announced



Launching at The Book Club in Shoreditch on 7th September 2017, ‘Reverberation’ is a new and unique body of work created by Dean and creative director Ciaran O’Shea from studio Discordo. 

A series of large and unique images inspired by The Beatles seminal album ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ will be presented at the venue-come-arts-space. Many of the people contained within ‘Reverberation’ are friends and associates of Chalkley and O’Shea. This dynamic and exciting exhibition has developed 'with a little help from their friends'. 

Chalkley and O’Shea have created a collection of work that does not stop at a safe or retrospective interpretation. Instead the show is a progressive, and at times abstract, reflection of the album, exploring the thirteen celebrated album tracks from a renewed and personal perspective.

The work employs a range of different approaches; colour and monochrome, pure photography, amalgamations of print, text, painting or collage, these adroit and unexpected routes to image-making reveal the dexterity of the show.

Considered by critics and music lovers to be one of the greatest records ever made and a major cultural moment not only for this country but globally, at 50 years from inception the reverberation of this tremendous work continues to resonate and inspire.

Dean said: ‘Although I’d heard the album probably hundreds of times it was like I’d never really listened to it, this triggered something inside of my head that catapulted my imagination and the need to enjoy it in a whole different way.’

‘Reverberation’ is a free exhibition running at The Book Club in Shoreditch from 7th September until 5th November 2017

Go to @aReverberation on instagram


Note to press: For p inquires and interviews related to the show please contact



Liam Gallagher: Observer Live Review

04 July 17

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Liam Gallagher _Live Review

Liam Gallagher ©Dean Chalkley


Liam Gallagher is BACK! The interview by Miranda Sawyer appeared in the first Observer Live Review supplement. The one and only Liam, Rock'n'Roll Star is back from the cosmos to stur it up and test any pretenders to the crown. 


James Watkins

02 July 17

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james watkins

James Watkins ©Dean Chalkley


James Watkins and his CC41 chairs featured in The Observer Magazine recently. A man of fine taste and knack of finding interesting mid-centry modern furniture James's company Push Pull Vintage, is very active and does lots of business on Instagram and you can also see some of their tasty furniture on the site. The Observer article is here.


Behind The Beat: NME news feature on-line

10 May 17

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NME features news about the Behind The Beat exhibition on-line, read it here. Don't forget on Saturday 13th May there's a panel discussion featuring several of the creatives involved in the show and later that night a party. The exhibition continues every weekend in May and all details can be found on the Miniclicks website. Any further questions can be directed to Miniclicks here


Behind The Beat: Brighton May 2017

06 May 17

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Behind The Beat: Brighton

©Dean Chalkley 


Behind The Beat Photographic Exhibition: Every weekend in May, 10am to 6pm at Spectrum Photographic, Frederick Place, Brighton, BN1 4EA

Featuring an element from Return of the Rudeboy  (Dean and Harris Elliott) plus work by Elaine Constantine, Gavin Watson, Derek Ridgers, Stuart Griffiths, Paul Hallam, Ali Tollervey, Olivia Rose and Ken Russell.



Curated by The Miniclick Photography Talks, Ali Tollervey and Spectrum and part of Brighton Fringe, Behind the Beat is a group photography exhibition exploring the movements and scenes over the last 50 years that have been defined by the fashion, music, politics and stories associated with them. Tracing a lineage through Teds, Punks, Mods, Rockers, Skins, Rudeboys, B Boys and Girls, Rave, Hardcore and to Grime, with plenty in between, the exhibition incorporates photographs from some of the UK’s most celebrated documentarians, including Dean and Harris Elliott, Derek Ridgers, Elaine Constantine, Ken Russell, Stuart Griffiths, Ali Tollervey, Gavin Watson, Olivia Rose and Paul Hallam.

Looking at selected scenes from 1955 to 2017 and when they’re all mixed in together, it’s fascinating to see the common ground and lineage they share. In addition to the 10 artists, the exhibition also incorporates vernacular photographs and memorabilia submitted by the public and a unique new audio piece incorporating contemporary interviews with the faces from each scene, original news reports, documentary recordings and live music.

As part of the exhibition, on Saturday May 13th, there will be an afternoon of talks and discussion around the themes and scenes highlighted in the exhibition, featuring Return of the Rudeboy's Dean & Harris Elliott, Gavin Watson, Derek Ridgers, Stuart Griffiths, Paul Hallam, Ali Tollervey, Olivia Rose and Hayley Brown (Brick Magazine). See the links below for details.






Mary Epworth: Interview Magazine

03 May 17

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Mary Epworth: Interview Magazine



Today Interview Magazine have an exclusive feature on Mary Epworth, together with an exclusive new track "Me Swimming" from her eagerly anticipated forthcoming album Elytral . It's been five years since Mary's last album and a lot of changes have occurred. This new work is an exciting gear shift into the hyperspace of electronic beats and melodies.. More to come later but in the meantime visit Interview for more on Mary. 



Barber Shop Chronicles: National Theatre

18 April 17

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Barber Shop Chronicales

©Dean Chalkley / National Theatre


Barber Shop Chronicles:  a new play by Inua Ellams.

Revolving around five African cities, Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos, Accra, and London this is a funny, heart-warming and insightful Play.

There's a unique relationship between the Barber at the guy having a hair cut, for generations African men have gathered in barber shops to discuss the world, often like a confession box, they are places to go for unofficial advice, where to keep in touch with the world and to have banter, discuss the football and they can be political too.

Barber Shop Chronicles is Inua Ellams' third play at the National, following the exhilarating The 14th Tale and Black T-shirt Collection.

The show opens on 30th May - 8th July at the National Theatre London then West Yorkshire Playhouse 12 – 29 July.

There are also accompanying talks and events associated with the play. 

In Depth – Working as a Producer Fri 19 May, 10.30am – 4.30pm

In Context – Spoken Word and Monologues in Black Theatre Sat 10 June

Inua Ellams on Barber Shop Chronicles Mon 19 June, 6.30pm

Men and Mental Health Tue 20 June, 6pm

The play is directed by Bijan Sheibani, designed by Rae Smith with lighting design by Jack Knowles, movement direction by Aline David and sound design by Gareth Fry.


New Street Adventure: Stubborn Sons Album Release

24 March 17

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New Street Adventure Stubborn Sons Album Release

©Dean Chalkley / Acid Jazz / New Street Adventure


Today New Street Adventure release their exceptional album 'Stubborn Sons'. Lead singer/songwriter Nick Corbin's lyrics are both soulful and poignant, especially considering the uneasy climate in which we currently live. The album is their second release on Acid Jazz records and New Street Adventure are going from strength to strength. Check it out on Vinyl Cd or Spotify...You won't be disappointed! 

Last night the band played a very intimate gig at the legendary 'Ivy League' clothes emporium John Simons.




AWEurope 2017:' Life Through A Lens' Streamed

23 March 17

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Life Through A Lens


Here to view:

Felix White from The Maccabees and Jason Bick of Time Inc's Innovation Department are joined by Dean for this panel discussion at this years Adweek event (AWEurope2017). Covering all manner of subjects related to photography, music and even some mention of Jelly Fish.... This is an expansive and energetic talk concluding with the announcement of a new collaborative exhibition. Plug Me In brings together the NME magazine, creative direction of Adam Smith and Deans photography. There will be much more on the topic of Plug Me In in the coming months. For now though sit back and enjoy the talk..... 


Life Through A Lens: AW Special Event

16 March 17

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Life Through A Lens: A Creative Collaboration In The World Of Film And Music

As part of the AWEUROPE 2017 calender Dean will join film director Adam Smith, musicians Felix White (The Maccabees) and Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers) plus Jason Bick (Creative Director of Time Inc Innovation Group) for a panel discussion. The conversation will be chaired by NME's on-line editor Charlotte Gunn.

Dean will discuss the art of creating his photographs, (many taken from iconic shoots with NME), and the progressive direction of his upcoming exhibition. This new show will explode into the public consciousness as an immersive showcase that goes way beyond the normal realms of a static photographic exhibition. Read more Here are more details on the talk.

'Life Through a Lens' is one of the sessions scheduled by Time Inc UK for AW 2017, the series of discussions will cover a diverse range of topics and include the following speakers Richard E Grant, David Gandy, Katie Puckrik, Helen LedererMark Denton.




NME Awards 2017

26 February 17

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NME Awards 2017

©Dean Chalkley / NME / Time inc. (UK)


Fridays NME magazine has 22 of Dean's images from the backstage shenanigans that took place at the 2017 NME Awards. Skepta and his crew, Wiley, Goldie and Sadiq Khan as well as lots of other shots of the winners presenters and performers from the star studded night (Dua Lipa, M.I.A., Matty Healy, Biffy Clyro, Pet Shop Boys, and Johnny Marr are just a few included..). There was a very special charity collective performance by Bands 4 Refugees, their slogan Choose Love can be seen on many of the artistes T-shirts through the night and the cover of the Magazine shows 10 of the collective you can see a short film about them here

More on Bands 4 Refugees can be found here in a Guardian interview.

If you would like to help this cause you can donate £5 to help the Refugees by texting REFU to 70700 



Rag'n'Bone Man: The Brits

22 February 17

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©Dean Chalkley / Columbia Records


UPDATE: Rag'n'Bone Man wins a second Brit Award, Critics Choice as well as Best British Breakthrough !! 


ORIGINAL POST: During the BRITs 2017 launch Rag'n'Bone Man picked up his first BRIT award, the coverted Critics’ Choice. Rory Graham aka Rag'n'Bone Man is nominated for a second BRIT for Best British Breakthrough this year, the awards take place tonight. If he wins, Rory will become the only artist to ever win both Best British Breakthrough and BRITs Critics’ Choice. Good luck Rory, a genuine and brilliant Bluesman.

The 2017 BRITs Critics’ Choice Award winner has sold an incredible 117K albums in week 1 alone, outselling the rest of the top 20 combined! It's immediately been certified gold. He has smashed into peoples consciousness, this anthemic track Human paved the way for his album also entitled Human. Now it's official Rag'N'Bone Man has delivered the biggest selling #1 male debut album of this decade. This soulful masterpiece has had more than 145k of sales and it's only just come out!!

Rag'n'Bone Man's phenomenal success follows years of relentless touring, writing and honing his talents. Honest and evocative lyricism from a bluesy perspective has captured peoples imagination and love, the single has reached platinum status in 5 countries and gold in 7 and now gone platinum in the UK.  

Having sold out his biggest headline tour to date in record time, Rory's also playing Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, Wildlife, Parklife, Live At Leeds, Isle Of Wight, TRNSMT, Bestival, and others.

Dean photographed Rag'n'Bone Man in Brighton.




Deutschland Radio Kultur: Return of the Rudeboy

03 February 17

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Germany turns on to Rudeboy Kultur!...

You can hear this fresh radio programme made by writer Ruth Rach this coming Saturday. Return of the Rudeboy discussed with Harris Elliott and Dean and some clips of crucial music too...Listen here on livestream (top right symbol) at 16:05 German time or 15:05 British time. If you miss it don't worry, you can also listen to the podcast later on the same website. To access this just press the Hören symbol but best to leave it a while after the shows broadcast though....Oh, we should mention it will be in German so Dean and Harris will have voice overs...Which we are all looking forward to hearing ..hehe..




Saturday 4th Feb: Dean on Smoking Guns Soho Radio Show

03 February 17

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The Smoking Guns Dj's

Image c/o The Smoking Guns



Saturday will be fun!!!.. Dean will appear on the The Smoking Guns Soho Radio Show. The soulful Dj duo have a weekly radio show and this Saturday have invited Dean and some of his friends (all of whom Dj at SoulBox) over for a chat on air... They have a special section in the show featuring 2 tracks that the guest brings along one which makes you Cry and the other that makes you High... I wonder what Dean will bring??... Tune in and find out... Turn on to the show on Saturday 4th Feb between 4pm-6pm Dean will probably be on around 5pm.  After the Show the girls, Dean and the other guests from the show will travel over to Old Street Records where they will all host SOULBOX their collective monthly club night.  This month SOULBOX features Jean Moderne aka RCF1 a great painter and of course a wonderful DJ.

Why not Turn on, Tune in and then get your dancing shoes on and get down to SoulBox.... Northern Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Rare Groove to uplift and excite!!





Rag'N'Bone Man

03 January 17

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Rag N Bone Man

©dean chalkley


Rag'N'Bone Man is one to watch for 2017! Announced as the 'Winner of the Brits Critics' Choice Awards 2017', he has emerged through the UK Hip Hop scene, refined his sound and firmly stamped his authority revealing his major talent. Shifting through the musical gears he is now working with producer Mark Crew and has collaborated with the likes of Kate Tempest over the past couple of years. Rag'N'Bone Man is not however merely a pop climber! Even though his music is accessible, his sound has feeling, integrity and passion. Dean, a big Soul music fan first becoming aware of Rag'N'Bone Man in the summer of 2016 at Village Green Festival in Southend-on-Sea.

It's almost inconceivable that you haven't heard the epic single ‘Human’, across the globe, this anthemic and moving Soul record has touched so many.

Rag'N'Bone Man's debut album also entitled  'Human' is scheduled for release on the 10th February 2017.

Rag'n'Bone Man

©dean chalkley





Jocks and Nerds: Winter 16: The Second Sons

01 December 16

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Jocks and Nerds: Winter 2016

©dean chalkley


The Second Sons are a band to watch!...Great sounds, great dynamic presence on stage and great plans ahead of them for next year so three very good reasons to get on the The Second Sons tip...

The creative muscule of this outfit are brothers Nick and Chris (pic. above), they will certainly ruffle some feathers and polarise opinion. Musically they draw influence from some of the greatest sounds of rock‘n’roll, blues'n'soul and even country, The Rolling Stones, Faces, Otis Redding and B.B King are all influences in their sound.

Jocks and Nerds Winter Issue has just been released and The Second Sons are a big part of it. The cover proclaims 'The Second Sons: First interview with the band who might just save rock'n'roll' ...Quite a statement! Inside there is a giant 12 pg Fashion feature containing 10 phototgraphs by Dean of brothers Nick and Chris and the band. Notable Music Journalist Hamish MacBain wrote the accompaning piece describing the boys background and how Nick and Chris brought this band together, how saxophonist Bobby Keys appears on their track and how producer Chris Kimsey of Stones / Inxs fame is now also working with the band. Styling for the shoot was by fashion director Mark Anthony BradleyGrooming by Dani Richardson.

To hear some of the bands music click hereJocks and Nerds is available from WHSmiths and other good news agents across the UK plus selected outlets worldwide check here for details.





Jocks and Nerds: Final chance for Autumn edition

20 November 16

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Jocks and Nerds: Down By the Jetty

©dean chalkley


Featuring contemporary dancer/choreographer Joss Carter, 'Down By The Jetty' is a textural and elegant fashion story set on Canvey Island in Essex. The styling on the shoot was by Karen Mason creating a common connection through all 6 pages of story with Pleated Trousers.

The location and the atmosphere of this unusual Island was well know to Dean. Situated in the Thames Estuary, Canvey was the home of Dr.Feelgood, a rockin' blues band who's album 'Down By The Jetty' was highly influential.

Joss Carter is an incredible talent and his creation 'Salvation' has to be seen!

Jocks and Nerds magazine launches it's winter issue very soon so get a copy of the Autumn issue whilst you can.


ONE: Get your copy

20 November 16

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ONE: Get your copy

©dean chalkley

ONE is available from Antenne Books. Beautifully printed with a unque selection of Deans images and a written piece by Aimée Keeble. Only 500 of these large format publications have been made. A vital addition to any collectors library. 



Jocks and Nerds: Safety Pin: Design Classic

31 October 16

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Jocks and Nerds: Safety Pin

©dean chalkley


Jocks and Nerds Autumn Issue features as always vital stories. Here is one particular feature on the humble Safety Pin, well we say Humble it's not really ...The Safety Pin is a design classic, functional and aesthetically beautiful. Of course Punk made it into a statement all of it's own, and with the anniversary of the Punk 70's explosion and all that went with it, it's only right that it's celebrated. Punk is not where it stopped though and who better to wear one now than the front man of The Parkinsons, Afonso Pinto. The Safety Pin shoot was photographed by Dean and styled by Jocks and Nerds fashion director Mark Anthony Bradley.

A Long Way To Nowhere documentary has been made about The Parkinsons and will have its premier at the DocnRoll Festival on the 13 November 6:30pm followed by a Q&A this will no doubt be a riotous affair...visit the DocnRoll site here for more information.

Jocks and Nerds also includes features on Wagner Moura, Sly Johnson and Danny Fields. More from Dean's other shoots in the current issue soon. 


Shortlist Cover Wrap featuring The Carnabys

31 October 16

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Shortlist_The Carnabys_ Ben Sherman_debenhams

©dean chalkley


The current Shortlist Magazine arrived on the 27th October featuring an exciting collaboration between The Carnabys, Ben Sherman and Debenhams.

Dean shot the band in East London dressed in full Ben Sherman regalia. The Ben Sherman range is an exclusive collection and is only available from Debenhams  .... Oh, The Carnabys have got a new album out called 'Too Much, Not Enough' check it out.... 



Dasmarca: Postcode Collection Launch

16 September 16

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Dasmarca_launch party



Dasmarca launched their new 'Postcode Collection' on the night of 15th September at Craft Central in Clerkenwell London. Each of the 5 hat designs are produced as very limited editions, only 100 of each. The 'Postcode' Campign was shot by Dean with styling from Mark Anthony Bradley and casting from Amanda Ashed at The Ranch. A selection of the images are on view at Craft Central until 3pm on Sunday 18th Septemberand the hats are also available to buy.

For more information on Dasmarca click on their Facebook page or their website here




Dizzee Rascal: Boy In Da Corner: London Live

31 August 16

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Dizzee Rascal : Special London Show

Image of Dizzee ©Dean Chalkley


Dizzee Rascal is set to revisit and perform his highly influential 2003 album 'Boy In Da Corner' in it's entirety live in London on Friday 21st October 2016. This special show is part of a series of Red Bull Music Academy shows and talks.


Dean originally photographed Dizzee for the 'Boy In Da Corner' album, singles and other imagery around that period, since then Dean has photographed Dizzee a number of times for magazine features and subsequent releases.


Dasmarca: Postcode Hat Collection Launch Party

26 August 16

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Dasmarca: Postcode Hat Collection Launch Party

Image ©Dean Chalkley


The beautiful Dasmarca Postcode Hat Collection will  launch at Craft Central Clerkenwell London on 15th September 2016.

All are welcome to the party. 6:30 >9pm (maybe later....) *Dean will be Djing on the night.


Dasmarca is the Brainchild of Indian-born, London-bred designer Bidyut Das, his newest limited edition premium Postcode Collection toasts traditional styles of yore through a revitalisation of the urban chic. London, his muse, breathes life into each design. “Every area in London has its own character”. 


Dean discussed the concept with Bidyut at the early stages and a collaboration was initiated. The Postcode Collection has been brought alive visually with the collective energies of several top level creative’s including renowned fashion stylist Mark Anthony Bradley and model casting guru Amanda Ashed. Dean photographed the campaign (images above and other large prints more to be unveiled at the party).

Dasmarca launches its inaugural The London Postcode Collection, drawing from the intellectual, industrial and creative energies of five of London’s historical areas with offbeat elegance.


Each style consistis of only 100 embossed and numbered editions, each handmade in England by artisans in Oxfordshire.

Designer Bidyut Das hosts a soirée it’ an open invite so all are welcome to come down and enjoy the evening, the exhibition continues on until 3pm on the 18th September. 


Join the London Postcode community on Instagram:

#wc1_bloomsbury #e2_shoreditch #w1_soho #sw3_chelsea





Merc AW16: Luke Campbell

06 August 16

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Luke Campbell : Merc

©Dean Chalkley

Merc and Luke Campbell are a perfect fit, he is the 'Modern Man'. 

Champion Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell MBE is the new face of the Merc Autumn Winter 2016 campaign.

'Cool Hand' Luke won gold at the London 2012 Olympic games and has subsequently turned professional. He is the current WBC Silver and Commonwealth lightweight champion, both titles won in 2016 .

Follow Luke on twitter here, he'll have some great insider opinions and information about the Rio games over the next few weeks competition.

Luke was cast by Amanda at The Ranch and shot at Premier Park Studios in London.

The Merc website has a behind the scenes film made by Itchikoo Films with a soundtrack composed by Milo McKinnon.

More photographs from shoot will emerge soon. 




Jocks and Nerds: Junk Club

06 August 16

Posted at 7:39

Jocks and Nerds: Jock's goes Junk Club

©Dean Chalkley

It has been 10 years since the notorious 'Junk Club' closed. Marking the significance of the underground scene that grew up around it Jocks and Nerds Magazine have dedicated a feature to it's importance, attitude and energy.

This obscure monthly happening became an inspiration to many and acted as a creative and hedonistic incubator for fashion designers and bands like The Horrors and These New Puritans. Junk Club was a place where those who swam against the tidies of mediocrity could be together and let rip!...The feature in issue 19 is written by Andy Thomas, all the photographs are by Dean and includes comment by the original club hosts Rhys Webb, Ciaran O'Shea, Oliver Abbott .

Estuary 2016 will include a live discussion about the the club and it's impact on the 1st October 2016. In the discussion will be : 

Oliver Abbott & Ciaran O’Shea (Junk Club founders); Dean Chalkley (photographer); Luke Branch (The Asylums); Danny White (Youth Club), Rhys Webb (The Horrors) and Rosalie Cunningham (These New Puritans, Ipso Facto, Pursun) with panel host, journalist Tim Burrows


Taking place in the Southend-on-Sea 'Cultural Centre' at the end of the longest pier in the world (BTW there are trains that take you up the end of the pier if you don't want to walk). 


Jocks and Nerds: Boot Boy

31 July 16

Posted at 7:19

Jocks and Nerds: Boot Boy

©Dean Chalkley

Chris 'Jimmy' and Francesca Bell are the subjects of this amazing Style feature in 'Jocks and Nerds - 19'. Dean, stylist Mark Anthony Bradley and photo assistant Chris Chudleigh travelled up to the North of England to photograph this incredible couple. Authentic and uncompromising check out 'Boot Boy' in the magazine.


Jocks and Nerds: Billy Childish

26 July 16

Posted at 9:03

Richards Ashcroft inside spread

©Dean Chalkley

Billy Childish is unique!

Here is a man who has inspired many and continues to illuminate. A painter, writer and of course a musician. Billy effortlessly brings Art together in his very particular way. Get a glimpse into his world in Jocks and Nerds 19. Dean shot some very unusual images of Billy at home, in his Studio and even some photographs doing his 'Indian Clubs' morning fitness regime. The feature is written by Chris May and delves into the many aspects of Billy past it is a fascinating read.


Jocks and Nerds: Issue 19: Richard Ashcroft

20 July 16

Posted at 4:14

Jocks and Nerds: Issue 19: Richard Ashcroft


19: The current Jocks and Nerds Magazine is a very strong publication. As always the editorial is informative and vital but there has been an important gear shift in the development of this beautiful publication. A full redesign by the new Art Director Shazia Chaudhry presents a bold and clean design ethos, presenting the photography in a very respectful way. 

'Jocks' always includes riviting subject matter, features and fashion spreads cluing it's audience into what's going on.

Dean made several shoots for issue 19, we will showcase them on the blog over the next few days, but immediatly here is the cover with Richard Ashcroft. This feature became a very personal collaboration and a wonderful shoot, Mark Anthony Bradley styled Richard for this west London shoot and it goes without saying that Richard looks amazing in the clothes. 

You can get Jocks and Nerds from here  and if you click here you will go to the Jocks website.

Follow 'Jocks' on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Here is what the Daily Street says.



'One' now available from Antenne Books

12 July 16

Posted at 2:25

Antenne books News

'One' is Deans new A3 format 40 page limited edition publication. A carefully curated collection of images complimented by an exclusive written piece by Aimée Keeble, 'One' focuses on myth of the outsider that is still very much alive today.

To order your copy of this beautifully printed publication click here available while stocks last. Antenne Books are a cutting edge store / book distributor specialising in the finest contemporary publications containing photography and illustration.




One: Launch

14 June 16

Posted at 12:58

One Launch party

A small number of copies will be available to buy there on the night from Antenne Books but only while stocks last, there are only 500 of these publications made in the entire edition...Rare!

Click here to go to the Facebook event.


Dean's ONE Publication Is Now Ready

30 May 16

Posted at 8:30

ONE-publication release

ONE is a new large format publication by Dean Chalkley. Bold and progressive ONE contains a carefully curated collection of images complimented by an exclusive written piece by Aimée Keeble. Produced in collaboration with Studio Makgill using state of the art printing by L & S Printing on beautiful paper by G.F.Smith. Made as a small limited edition of only 500 and self-published, this publication is something very special indeed. We are very pleased to announce that ONE is now available for pre-order from Antenne Books (   





Young Soul Rebels: by Stuart Cosgrove : Released

30 May 16

Posted at 7:31

Young Soul Rebels

Stuart Cosgrove has released his most recent work, Young Soul Rebels on Polygon Books. This is a great book from someone who knows the Northern Soul scene but tells his personal history against the backdrop of the social and political climate of the time. The opening lines of Stuart Cosgrove's Young Soul Rebels are controversial and compelling unexpected but this is an intimate story. Northern Soul is arguably Britain's most fascinating musical underground scene. This book takes the reader on a journey through the iconic clubs that made it famous , Manchester's Twisted Wheel, Stoke's-The Golden Torch and of course the Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca and Cleethorpes. The book covers the social context, rise of amphetamine culture, the policing, north-south divide and even stepping out to the rave scene and music in the era of the world wide web...of course lots more. A great read. An image from the Young Souls series, Amy Ireland appears in the book acknowledging the fact that this body of work is significant it the scene and points to the future of this wonderful sub culture.



28 May 16

Posted at 8:37

PhotoMagazine London Calling

©dean chalkley

French publication Photo Magazine centres on the importance of PhotoLondon this month. Issued to coincide with the fair that took over Somerset House the week before last. Including features on Martin Parr, David Bailey, Rankin, Don McCullin, Nadav Kander, Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge, Nick Brandt and a 10 pg editorial on Dean's music work... Georgia May Jagger graces the cover shot by Mario Sorrenti.

The photograph above was shot by Dean at the notorious East London pub Ye Olde Axe Pub in Hackney Road when Neils Children played a happening there.



Estuary 2016: Arts Festival Announced

27 May 16

Posted at 8:06

Estuary 2016

Arts Organisation 'Metal' have announced the Estuary 2016 Festival.  This new, biennial arts festival is curated in response to the spectacular Thames Estuary and will be presented in culturally significant and historic venues along the Essex and Kent shorelines.  An exciting mix of new and existing works will pull together powerful themes resonant to the place, its history, landscape and communities in an ambitious programme of contemporary art, literature, film and music. Dean will be taking part in a panel discussion and presenting a raw and redux edit of images he shot in the notorious Junk Club. This will be a timely anniversary celebration from a from an important cultural spike that spawned such bands as The Horrors and These new Puritans a decade ago. The panel discussion will take place in the  purpose built Arts space at the end of Southend Pier (The longest Pier in the world..)

  - See more click here The Festival runs between 17 Sept - 2nd Oct 2016 refer to the Estuary 2016 website for updated information and booking information 


Dizzee Rascal: Boy In Da Corner

06 May 16

Posted at 11:32


dizzee rascal _ Boy In Da Corner

13 years ago Dean shot this cover of 'Boy In Da Corner' it was immediately obvious that Dizzee Rascal & this album were both extra special. Dizzee exploded onto the scene inspiring to so many. Dizzee will perform the album in full on 6th May for The Red Bull Music Academy in New York City..

Dizzee was then and continues to be a pioneer.

The Album cover is now in the Museum of Modern Art this is a great honour & privilege.

Respect also to #BenDrury, art director, designerand  XL Recordings too ...



Idris Elba: NME Cover Feature

21 April 16

Posted at 6:42

Idris Elba

Image: Dean Chalkley


Released on the 15th April the NME magazine featured renowned Actor, Dj, Designer and general man about town Idris Elba. Brimming with confidence, attitude and talent the article is a good read.  Click here to read the feature and to see more of Dean's shots of Idris.



Idris Elba

Image: Dean Chalkley



Balthazare Magazine : NTB Interview

16 April 16

Posted at 12:08

Balthazare Magazine interview

Balthazare Magazine interview

Photograph of Barbara Krief and Dean outside Superette, Paris by Agency PAM


Never Turn Back is alive and kickin' and on at the Superette gallery in Paris France. The afternoon before the show opened Barabara Krief popped along to Superette and interviewed Dean for the French Style and Culture magazine Balthazare. To read the whole feature click here (Just click translate to convert into English). 


Years & Years : NME Magazine Cover Feature

16 April 16

Posted at 11:38

Years & Years

Years & Years graced the cover of the NME's 8th April issue. The shoot took place in the Warldorf Hilton Hotel on the Strand London. Years & Years have broken through in a BIG way, their debut album ‘Communion’ went straight in the charts at number one their single 'King' also worked it's way to the top of the charts, they are using their recognition to champion LGBT rights, they are really nice guys and the shoot produced some very cool pictures.  The band sound great and they look great too Stylist Coline Bach is responsible for their wardrobe, she's a really exciting person to keep an eye on in the future. To read the whole article in the click here . Oh it was quite fitting that the cover includes some very tasty cakes (The Warldorf is renowned for it's tea dances which of course have super nice cakes). 





Never Turn Back Exhibition: Superette Paris

26 March 16

Posted at 11:41

PV Paris invite _current

Never Turn Back: April > September at Supertte, Paris

Privatre View at Superette 7th April 2016 7pm-11pm CET (Details for the PV will be released in a later post)

Aftershow Party at Pigalle Country Club (DJ set by Dean, RCF1, Rupert Orton) 11pm- 4am CET


Never Turn Back will be open with a Private View on the 7th April in Paris, the show continues and is open to the public the next day and will run through until 30th September 2016, entry is free.


The photographs are an ode to friendship, space, and free spirit and  follow a group of young wind whipped friends as they make their way across the windy wilds of Norfolk.

Dean’s photographic opus is accompanied by the poetry of Aimée Keeble, two pieces that conjure up the open spaces, the elemental atmosphere of Norfolk and the essence of the images. This writing provides a unique facet to the show.

Between Norwich and London the exhibition evolved, Paris will be an amalgamation of this work creating it’s own individual combination for the French space.

Never Turn Back was first unveiled at Flint in Norwich Oct 2015, next stop was theprintspace in London Dec 2015. Now Never Turn Back goes to Paris France for it’s first international reveal. Here is what the Huffington Post's Jason Holmes reported on the London version of the show. Superette Gallery in Rue Du Faubourg will be the first international presentation of the exhibition. 

Follow Never Turn Back on Instagram and Twitter with #NTB_Show


Jocks & Nerds: Lono Wears White Sox

26 March 16

Posted at 11:26

Lono Wears White Sox

©dean chalkley

In the new freshly released edition of Jocks & Nerds Magazine Dean joins up with Return of the Rudeboy creative director Harris Elliott to make a powerful fashion feature.

White Socks are things that have had a bad reputation in the past. On the magazines cover they proclaim ‘Only for the Brave’ yes White Socks have had a hard time in the past …But not now!

Wearing the ‘Sox’ is a strong statement!

In the feature Lono Brazil is the guy that wears them so well…It’s clear that the Sox are back.

A bit of Background on Lono. He’s a New York based Dj, remixer and music producer who has had a career spanning over 4 decades. He’s taken in hip-hop to house with Disco thrown in for good measure, a friend of the legendary late great Frankie Knuckles and a man who has actually been in the eye of these musical storms.…Oh and Lono cuts a great Swag too…He’s an imposing and fascinating guy he’s got his own album bubbling up too set to be released later this year under the Moniker of ‘Loft Punks’ it will be a deep minimal techno slice, in the meantime check out mixcloud/mrbrazil

One final note on this feature we love the fact that there is a very nice subtle little nod towards Adam Ant in the title nice one Jocks

Jocks & Nerds is available at all good Magazine shops for one near you click here.


NME: Jake Bugg

26 March 16

Posted at 10:58

Jake Bugg NME Magazine

©dean chalkley / NME / Time inc.


The NME cover proclaimed this is the ‘Reinvention of Jake Bugg” coming ‘Straight Outta Nottingham’ (Straight Outta Clifton to be more precise).

Jake Bugg has jumped right back into the frame releasing his most recent single “On My One”. The Album of the same name will be release on the 17th June.

The album begins in a familiar Bugg style but then expands into new fresh ground, Jakes 22 years old and already firmly into his groove.


Introducing Jordan Max

26 March 16

Posted at 10:39

Jordan Max : NME

©dean chalkley

Jordan Max is a guy that’s come out of nowhere, enigmatic and quite mysterious. The mist is starting to clear and at least now we can get a sense of who he is. This will take nothing away from the power and the grace that this new British artist has. He is a very exciting and amazing new talent, a guy that’s going to explode into the publics consciousness. The NME magazine included Jordan in their ‘This is the Future_’ one of the 10 young game changers. Dean is one of the few people to have worked with Jordan. When Dean first heard ‘Hell’ he immediately recognised an immense talent. The photograph of Jordan in the NME magazine was shot by Dean.

To give you a sense of what Jordan is about think of a dark and soulful set up, a voice that has in a way resonance to Nina Simone and is outstanding considering that Jordan actually comes from Oldham in the North West of England. His vocal chords are preacher like and the lyrics make you imagine vast scenes of destruction and mayhem. It’s no wonder even at this early stage his music has been spotted and is the backdrop to the most recent Game of Thrones DVD release see it here to get what we mean.

There will be much more from Jordan Max as time moves forward, for now though listen to his EP ‘Only One Is King’ out on Full and Bless  click here for itunes...


Matthew Herbert: Jocks & Nerds

26 March 16

Posted at 10:08

Matthew Herbert

©dean chalkley/camerapress

Welcome to the world of Matthew Herbert. Here is a man who is 44 and thinks that he’s running out of time….Okay stop, listen and look, he is a genius, and he is incredably prolific. He has made many records under various names Matthew Herbert (of course) Herbert, Dr Rockit, Matthew Herbert Big Band etc he has his own label called Accidental Records and manages to traverse so many genres from Dance music to experimental radiophonic styles. ‘The Music’, is Matthew’s latest project it's an album created as a book of instructions.

The Jocks & Nerds feature is a very in-depth conversation with Matthew  and Journolist Andy Thomas where he talks about the notion of sound and music, imagination and his new book.

It is like this new work is an imaginarium, a kind of portal. Matthew looks at sound in a very different and compelling way. He probes into what sound actually sounds like, even what silence sounds like. The book is an instruction manual for the reader to construct for themselves music they hear or imagine hearing…In the feature he elaborates that music becomes the writing, the rhythm of the writing is the music, going deep into this notion. He acknowledges John Cage’s 'philosophical framework’. It is fascinating and it’s not heavy on the contrary well how could it be with quotes like, ‘you can make a piece of cheese sound like Jimi Hendrix and visa versa…”


Matthew recently worked with Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) on the Germans ‘I’m the Message’ He had a hit Dance  track under the name of Herbert 'The Shakes'  but he has had many many important tracks and albums good examples being Bodily Functions, One Pig.

Dean photographed Matthew for the new issue of Jocks & Nerds Magazine in Whitstable Kent.

‘The Music’ is available here.





Highlights Exhibition Argentina: Exclusive Unseen Junk Club Images

26 March 16

Posted at 9:18

argentina "Highlights"

image on poster: from highlights organisers


Unseen 'Southend’s Underground' Junk Club images will be presented in Buenos Aires.

Between 8th-27th April 2016 at Centro Cultural Borges, Sala Berni, Viamonte Esquina San Martin, Capital Federal, in Argentina.


HIGHLIGHTS is about to shake up Buenos Aires, the organisers of  the photographic exhibition are a team of four internationally renowned photographers: Matthias Hombauer (Austria), Matias Altbach (Argentina), Dana Distortion (USA), and Javier Bragado (Spain). Their plan is to hold a dynamic and exciting exhibition that focuses on music photography as well as looking for ways of spreading the passion for music photography to people everywhere. Matias’s Home town is the first stop for what they hope will be a project that rolls on into the future and takes in several global cities.

Matias and Matthias approached Dean and asked if he would be a guest exhibitor and present a number of his images at the Highlights show as well. Dean has sent a unique collection of unseen images that will be on show in separate room at the Centro Cultural Borges.

This exclusive edit will be an unseen set of images celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Southend’s Underground. Originally shot in 2006 they feature the notorious Saturday night Southend hang out  ‘Junk Club’, a small highly charged club night that took place in the basement of the Royal Hotel in Southend-on-Sea Essex. The scene that incubated here was dramatic both in styles and sounds, a hedonistic haunt for wild youth. At it’s core bands like The Horrors and These New Puritans and their friends let rip. These images will be a surprise, so for that reason they will not be included in the social media campaign for Highlights just yet.

More about this exhibition in the coming weeks but if you are anywhere near Argentina in April you must check it out once it's on.


The Exhibitions Site here





The Venues details here



NME: Richard Ashcroft Returns

26 February 16

Posted at 9:03

Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft Returns! Exploding back into the public's consciousness Ashcroft re-enters the fray. His new album 'These People' is set for release and us people are getting very excited.

Richard (former lead singer of seminal band The Verve) has released a number of solo records since moving on from the first Verve period and then in 2006-7 he got back with former Verve band members in to tour and ultimately record the album 'Forth' (Dean went on tour with the band at this time). The unity of the band was short lived and the members chose to go their separate ways exploring their own directions. 

'These People' is going to be a very significant album and it is great to have one of musics most outspoken, intelligent and compelling artists back stirring it up and shaking it down. The first single from the album is 'This Is How It Feels' is now out now.

This cover feature is published in the NME magazine on the 26-2-16 you can see it here.

Great interview with Ashcroft here .



What Next?: Today at theprintspace

20 February 16

Posted at 11:26

What Next: The Printspace talk

Poster Image © Spencer Murphy


What Next ? Is an event created by theprintspace and the BJP Magazine.

Today Dean is taking part in the first of this four part series designed to help Students understand and get an insight into the world of Photography. Throughout the day invited guest speakers will give their personal accounts of what inspires, excited and drives them on as creatives. Dean will talk at 3:30pm and then join a panel including the other photographers from the days lectures for a Q&A session. Other photographers taking part in the event are Graeme Robertson, Spencer Murphy and Travis Hodges

Todays event is heavily subscribed but there maybe spaces still available register for this and future events click here.

As the organisers say: 'What Next? will bring together professionals working at the cutting edge of today’s photographic industry, to discuss the things affecting any visual artist wishing to embark on a career in this field today. We’ll examine the realities of getting commissions, getting signed to agencies, what editors look for, and hear the insights of award winning photographers about their own careers and the traits needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive visual landscape.'...Sounds good doesn't it..

Future dates for the other 3 events in this programme are as follows 5th and 19th March plus 2nd April they will have other guest speakers.


NME Awards: 2016

20 February 16

Posted at 10:47

NME Awards: Photoroom Special

The NME awards this year were especially fun, a massive party with new and exciting bands breaking through (and breaking tables..) as well as big bands like Coldplay bringing the whole night to a climax. Lots of different Awards are given out whether it's Best Band, Solo Artist, Video, Overseas Artist and there's even one for the 'Godlike Genius' (pictured here).

For over a decade on this special awards night Dean has created an improvised studio and the winners, presenters and all manner of different 'Faces' from the night come up and are photographed. The NME Awards Photo Room is a mad place to be, off set the room is packed with people, interviews going on, Dean controlling proceedings along with the NME Art Director Simon Freebrough and his team. It's Maximum fun ...To read more about the awards and see a few of the images from the night go to Next Week in the magazine and over the period more images will emerge.... It was great fun!!


Brad Tribute Night: The Specials Drummer Celebrated

16 February 16

Posted at 10:35

Brad Tribute Night: The Specials Drummer Celebrated

It would have been John 'Brad' Bradbury's Birthday today, but tragically he passed away in January. Tonight there is a very special event happening in honour of this brilliant drummer and great man. Dean and fellow Return of the Rudeboy creator Harris Elliott will join many other notable Dj's and guest's including Gary Powell, Ashley Beedle and Terry Hall to pay tribute to Brad in a celebration of music. If you are a fan of The Specials  and would like to also be part of this evenings happening then click here for details of the tickets. All Proceeds go to Brads chosen charity the Nordoff Robbins Charity an organisation that aims to transform peoples lives through music.


Lost In Music: 4th Feb at theprintspace

29 January 16

Posted at 4:26

Ibiza girl wings

image: ©deanchalkley


It’s been said that Lost in Music is the definitive photographic show on the history of dance music and club culture. From Northern Soul to the present day club scenes in 500 images. 

On  4th December last year, theprintspace put on a massive one-night-only launch party at the Village Underground. It was the biggest exhibition ever presented in the Club , the launch night evolved into a full on club session that lasted until the early hours of the following morning. It’s great to announce that Lost in Music 2 is now coming to theprintspace Gallery and will be up for two weeks!

The opening night for the shows second outing (04.01.16) will once again be soundtracked by Gavin Mills and Dean  rather than photographing they will be on DJ duties, creating the perfect ambience to explore dance music history through stunning collection of images!

Time Out have got right on it and chosen the exhibition as their Critics' choice. This article features a fantastic new video on the project by FullBleed - the London-based photo documentary channel, who spoke to several of the key photographers in the project. Take a look !

Get down for the opening night on Thursday 4th Feb - 7.30pm - 10.30pm refreshments will be provided and the event is open invite - admission is, as always, free!

Click here for directions.



Miniclick: Thanks

20 January 16

Posted at 12:25


Dean popped down to Brighton yesterday to give a  Miniclick talk. It focused on his perspective on photography, direction and creativity. This very relaxed and intimate event flowed into tangents that helped give a deeper understanding of the landscape of his world and approach to image making. Illustrated by several of his most well known images, lesser known photographs as well as 3 films that illuminated the journey through his career.

Thanks to all at Miniclick and thanks to the audience for making it such a memorable occasion and to  The Old Market.

Follow Miniclick on instagram by clicking here






Miniclick Photo Talk with Dean Chalkley

08 January 16

Posted at 2:25

Miniclick Photo Talk edited  


Miniclick is a photographic organisation based in Brighton that curates talks, discussions as well as hosting participatory events, workshops and exhibitions.

Dean has been invited to be the subject of the first  Miniclick Photography Talk of 2016. The evening will explore his work in fashion, music and culture. The evening will be presented by Jim Stephenson with whom Dean will be in a conversation with.

The event is going to take place at  The Old Market on the 19th of January at 7pm. The Entry is Free! 

For more info click  here


You can follow miniclick using:  @ miniclicktalks #miniclicktalks






RCF1 Paris 'MOD' Exhibition: Live Podcast

18 December 15

Posted at 8:35

Jean Moderne: Live Paris Podcast

Artwork ©Jean Moderne/RCF1


**Please note: Due to technical sound recording issues at the time of broadcast this podcast will be uploaded at a later date on mixcloud as an audio session.

Original post:

A very special and unique DJ podcast on Saturday 19 th December 15:00-19:00 GMT (16:00-20:00 CET) 

SUPERETTE 104 rue du Faubourg Poissonière 75009 Paris

In the 'MOD' exhibition RCF1 has used 45 vinyl records in his artworks allowing the music to inspire and become central to his work. RCF1 is a compulsive collector of 45 original Soul records. We at Supertte want to share this musical culture with you. On the afternoon of Saturday 19 Decemeber we have the great pleasure of broadcasting a vinyl selection emblematic of the Mod movement, from its origins to the present day.

Rhythm'n'Blues, Blues, Soul, Mod/Acid Jazz, Rock Steady, Ska will all be played but there will be a whole lot more.

This will not be a case of just playing the well known instead this session will be about the exploration of RCF1 and guests record based around a kind of loose MOD narative.

It will be an exciting and crowd friendly affair and people are most welcome to come to the space and get dancing between the artworks.

Jean Moderne /RCF1

Artist Jean Modern has been active in the world of graffiti since the 1980's. Influenced by various English alternative cultures and codes he has been a part of and is continually inspired by Mods , Teddy Boys, Skinheads, and Punks.

Jean Modern’s MOD exhibition is a snapshot and personal vision into the MOD movement. A unique and stylised interpretation of this facinating and perenial youth movement. He feels that the MOD is progressive and not a thing that just looks back to bygone days, instead he illustrates that this vibrant faction is alive, living with paralell appreciation of the past and progressive vision to the future. With his own ideosyncratic take on the subject he expresses the very 21 st century nature of it.

RCF1 / Jean Modern DJ’s a lot! Either in Paris or London he can be regularly be found behind the decks spinning dance floor filling selections to excited dancing clubbers.  

Saturday’s session is an appointment not to be missed,  Dean will Join RCF1, Victor Ashe and Jean De Lardemelle. 



Never Turn Back: London Show Is A Hit !

12 December 15

Posted at 12:31

Never Turn Back: Montage of party pictures

opening night party shots by James Lange


#ntb_show : 3rd December 2015: Dean’s latest exhibition Never Turn Back was unveiled at theprintspace in London to great acclaim. Jason Holmes from The Huffington Post proclaimed it’s, “A Great Escape In The Frame”. His article clearly expressing the significance of this body of work.

This ‘First Thursday’ in Shoreditch was certainly a night to remember, theprintspace gallery was packed and buzzing with a great atmosphere. Redchurch Brewery provided great tasty beers and Dean DJed for most of the night bringing the sonics in line with the images and setting the tone for the London edition of the exhibition.

The Never Turn Back After Show party kicked into gear just down the road at Arts Club East in association with Jug Jaws &  NTSOBC / Punk Rock Blues. The After Show became much more than just a follow on... It came alive with a reading of the Never Turn Back Poems by Aimée Keeble and the first public performance by IDA (Chris and Steph who appear in the Never Turn Back collection have put to one side their band Kill It Kid and are now a duo called IDA .. You heard it here first…they are AMAZING!!!!) The night continued into the wee small hours with Dean and fellow ‘Black Cat DJ’ Sonny ‘Scully’ Evans spinning Rhythm & Blues and Northern Soul, what a night!

A little more information about the design of the show: Dean continued the design collaboration with Mason Wells from Bibliothéque, the aesthetic environment of the printspace was modified and a unique broadsheet free publication was the result.

Many thanks to all the people who came to the show over the exhibition period and thanks also to the partners who’s kind support made it possible:

Merc Clothing, Bibliothéque, Rechurch Brewery, Skinny Dip, Massive Face, NTSOBC/Punk Rock Blues, Arts Club East, theprintspace, Fabulous Frames, Flint.

The show came down on 9 th December 2015 watch this space for news of it’s next residency... It will be exciting!



Lost In Music: Exhibition Party

04 December 15

Posted at 2:46

Lost in Music

Lost in Music is a tribute to the obsessives, the hedonists, the musical eccentrics and the dancers who were the founding members of the dance music institution and those who continue to fuel its evolution. To the artists developing wild new techniques to re-imagine recorded music, in the process revolutionising the way we create and enjoy it. To all those Lost in Music- past, present and future. Dean has contributed to this fantastic show and will also DJ this evening. This click here to read what the Guardian said about the show



Huffington Post: A Great Escape In The Frame

04 December 15

Posted at 2:26

This beautifully written piece went live on the Huffington Post website last night. Jason Holmes talked to Dean and conveys the essence of the show click  here to read the feature.




Never Turn Back: First Tuesdays Talk with Dean in conversation with LBB at theprintspace 1st Dec

25 November 15

Posted at 9:45

The Printspace talk

Dean will be in conversation with Stephanie McLaren-Neckles, co-founder of Let's Be Brief (LBB) on Tuesday 1st December from 7.30pm at theprintspace .

They will talk in depth about Dean's varied creative career and his numerous explorations into culture and subcultures. A wide range of subjects from Banger Racing to Northern Soul, his hugely successful project ' Return of the Rudeboy'  as well as his upcoming show 'Never Turn Back' ( #NTB_Show) will all be touched on. 

Towards the end of the evening, a question and answer session will be held with both Dean and Stephanie.

The ' Return of the Rudeboy' book will also be available to buy on the night.

Click on the image above to book a place and avoid disappointment, as spaces are limited so be sure to turn up early as seating is limited.

Refreshments will be available and admission is, as always, free. 

Click on the image above for details.






Justin Bieber: NME Cover

12 November 15

Posted at 10:15

Justin Bieber


Ok,...Hold tight!!... Justin Bieber is on the front cover of the NME Magazine!!! Dean shot the 19 year old Canadian mega pop star for the freshly reinvented NME magazine. This is going to be a controversial and very popular issue, there's going to be a lot of debate surrounding this feature, as we said...Hold tight...Justin Bieber is in the Area!!! Click here to see more about the NME Magazine and where you can get your copy.




Nicholas Hoult: NME Cover Feature

31 October 15

Posted at 11:02

Nicholas Hoult Cover nme

Nicholas Hoult Cover nme

Nicholas Hoult appeared in, and on Fridays NME. He's an exceptional actor and has had a lengthy career already even though he is still a young guy. From the young lad in About a Boy to calculated killer in the forthcoming film adaptation of the book Kill Your Friends. Nicholas has become one of the great young British actors to emerge from the UK over the last few years. Kill Your Friends has been described as a dark comedy crime thriller...The screenplay has been written by John Niven he wrote the book.

If you click here you'll be taken to the NME site that enables you to have the Magazine sent to you just for the price of the postage, good idea ...



NUA Seminar

30 October 15

Posted at 1:06


Today Dean gives a Seminar at NUA, coinciding with the Flint Exhibition in Norwich. #ntb_show


NEVER TURN BACK: Opens this week at Flint in Norwich

04 October 15

Posted at 12:26

Never Turn Back_art work

Thursday 8th October 7-9pm : 

Never Turn Back is unveiled at  Flint on Thursday evening.

Please RSVP to the address on the poster .

This as yet unseen new photo-essay is an ode to friendship space and free-spirit, a fresh and exciting new collection from Dean.

There will be an after show party on the same night to celebrate the exhibition. (click here for details) This Happening will be a collaboration between Dean Chalkley x Jug Jaws Beat Club x Punk Rock Blues, it promises to be a very special night taking place in the wonderful Crypt only a few minutes walk away from Flint where the Exhibition is showing.

The show then will run between 9th Oct-19th Nov.

NEVER TURN BACK will then travel to theprintspace Gallery in London during December more info on that after the opening of the Norwich show ...






The Sunday Times Magazine: Tom Jones

04 October 15

Posted at 11:45

The Sunday Times Magazine: Tom Jones



Today in The Sunday Times MagazineTom Jones explodes across the publication  Bryan Appleyard's exclusive interview with Portraits by Dean


Tom reveals many of the things that make him tick, there are unexpected stories about drink, his dislike of drug culture and even one very odd story about Tom's Las Vegas period buddy Elvis Presley.

With a good number of startling quotes in the feature, including Tom calling the BBC a 'Cold Machine' and 'If they [BBC] don’t want me any more, they can go f**** themselves'. However here is a much softer side to the interview, that touches on Toms love for his wife of 58 years Linda...

The Soul of this legendary singer is still a very potent proposition the photographs are dynamic !! . 

The feature is a very good read.

An Autobiography entitled 'Over the Top and Back' is to be releases on the 8th October and we thought we should mention that The Sunday Times is doing a special offer on the book,so if you want to buy it for £18 inc..... p&p go to 

Tom also releases 'Long Lost Suitcases' on Virgin EMI on the 9th October.


Life Force Magazine features Dean's Work

02 October 15

Posted at 6:57

Life Force Magazine

Life Force Magazine website has over 103000 followers on facebook, and it is easy to see why. This month Dean's work is featured along side Henri Cartier-Bresson, Anderson & Low and other photographs.

Click here to go to Life Force Magazine.


NEVER TURN BACK: Exhibition Aftershow Party

29 September 15

Posted at 11:29


STOP PRESS: NEVER TURN BACK Exhibition Aftershow Party.  

An extra special: Dean Chalkley x  Jug Jaws Beat Club x  Punk Rock Blues Records (NTSOBC) collaboration.

Click here for more facebook event information 

Jug Jaw's is the UK's only authentic live music beat club, using vintage sound equipment, analogue tape echoes, column speakers, real spring reverbs and a full back line of the rarest vintage valve amplifiers to deliver a soundscape exactly as it would have been in 1967. Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean from Kill It Kid ( curate these happenings and to celebrate the opening of the Never Turn Back exhibition will present and brilliant line up .

The 'Happening' will take place in a wonderful venue  The Crypt in central Norwich, only a short walk from Flint where the exhibition is being staged...It will be a night to remember !!!! .. An explosion of culture on the evening of the 8th October in Norwich.

Twitter and Iinta: #ntb_show

(The exhibition reception opens at  Flint between 7pm-9pm the doors of the Aftershow Party  at the Crypt open at 8:30pm and will open 'til late. )



NEVER TURN BACK : New Photographic Essay and Exhibition Announced

26 September 15

Posted at 3:11

Never Turn Back_art work

This exclusive new photographic essay is an ode to friendship, space, and free spirit. 

'Never Turn Back' is a new project that Dean has been working on recently. A unique collection of images presented for the first time at Flint in Norwich between the 8th October - 19th November 2015.

After the Norwich period concludes the exhibition travels to theprintspace Gallery in December details of this aspect of the show will be released nearer the time.


Watch this space for more information on this beautiful and exciting new collection.




Chrissie Hynde: Sunday Times Magazine

31 August 15

Posted at 2:26


chrissie hynde



' Reckless-My Life as a Pretender' is Chrissie Hynde's soon to be released Biography...

The book isn't out yet but some critics are saying that it is the Rock Memoire of the year. Chrissie has never been one to pull her punches and article written by Krissi Murison has caused a bit of a storm...It causing controversy !? ! 

You can read the Sunday Times Magazine article here.

Originally from the 'Rubber City' Akron Ohio she came to Britain in 1973, after a few years  the whole Punk scene was exploded. Chrissie worked for a short while at the NME magazine as a journalist and hung out with many of people who would become punk legends including Sid Vicious, Mick Jones and Vivienne Westwood etc ( She even worked in the shop SEX in the Kings Road). Chrissie's really found her personal stride once she had got her own band together The Pretenders with a long list of hits she became an incredible musical force, around her there was all the chaos some of it becoming tragedy but through it all she remained a strong and unflinching character. The book will be a must read! click here for a link to it.


National Theatre: Ann-Marie Duff: Husbands & Sons

31 August 15

Posted at 1:05

Husbands and Sons - National Threatre

Husbands & Sons is a fresh, new and challenging interpretation of three D H Lawrence drama's brought together and adapted for the stage by  Ben Power.

War Horse director Marianne Elliott has brought this amalgamated powerful tale set in a Barnsley mining village to life. The production is an uncompromising and raw slice of life told from the perspective of the women of the village who battle against all the odds.

The principle cast member is Ann-Marie Duff, a celebrated and revered actress who's experience and emotive characterization will make these performances full of feeling and gritty passion.


The National Theatre is an incredibly forward thinking institution and this production will further illustrate that it is on the cutting edge of performance.

Click here to see the moving image teaser directed by Dean with Marrianne Elliott.

The production opens to the public on the 19th October 2015 and runs until 19th January 2016 click here for booking details


Album Artwork for C A Smith : Life Of A Building Downtown

31 August 15

Posted at 1:05

C A Smith _ Life of a Building Downtown

' Life of a Building Downtown' is C.A. Smith's 9th album. The charismatic Canadian troubadour has just released his new album and it doesn't disappoint. If you are looking for a light hearted pop romp then look elsewhere, but if you want to go on a meaningful journey with C A Smith's beautifully crafted lyics as your guide then this album is for you. C A asked Dean if he had any approriate images that might reflect the essence of the album and the title track in particular, the cover is the result of what Dean sent C A. Giant new buildings have an ominous presence looming large as the little old building in the foreground endeavours to hold it's own...A powerful metaphor that illustrates a wonderful and deep new album.

The Album can be bough from C A direct  here


NME: The End of the First Chapter

04 August 15

Posted at 1:13

nme new chapter

NME, the New Musical Express a magazine that Dean has had a long relationship with is changing. It is a significant moment in the Magazines history as the current issue will be the final copy that will be actually sold. From now on arguably the worlds best music magazine will be distributed for free. To mark the turning of this new page 'The Best of NME' is now out on the news stand, a solid and fascinating read, covering lots of different topics including many facsimiles of previous seminal covers.


Whilst shooting for the NME Dean has had many exciting and abstract experiences, whether it be shooting features with the likes of Amy Winehouse,Ian Brown,Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Paul Weller,Oasis and Blur or pieces that span the whole magazine like the annual NME awards where the images act like the glue to the issue.


Bands and Artistes have come and gone in  the 15-year period that Dean has been a regular contributor to the magazine, some have remained and some have emerged and grown to become giants. 

Of course the NME has been around for many more years than that, first published in 1952 it has plotted and helped shape the musical landscape that we know and love. The journalism is fresh and often pulls on the talents of people who live it rather than just view it from the sidelines. From the Editors through the Photo desk to the Journalists, from top to bottom the NME draws interesting and exciting people into its rip roaring world.. As the last 'For Sale' issue says it is a celebration of  'The First Chapter 1952-2015'...The future is bright  power to the people! ...The NME people!!





George MacKay

21 July 15

Posted at 5:28

George MacKay

George MacKay by ©Dean Chalkley / Camerapress


This Ladies and Gents is George MacKay. George is one of the great new talented actors that are set for major things. On Sunday 19th July he stared in 'The Outsider' it was a remarkable performance of a troubled young man in the 1950's set free from prison and trust into an even more dangerous situation..Read the review  here. On the horizon is a new film role Mackay will play Ray Davis in a Biopic about seminal rock band The Kinks being made by Julian Temple. George has many more things in the pipeline too so look out for him, he is a great actor! 



NME 11th July : Amy Winehouse cover feature

21 July 15

Posted at 5:15

Amy Winehouse cine camera

The film Amy has cause much debate and controversy, there have been allegations flying about all over the place. But just for a moment look at this picture, look at Amy she was, fun and full of life,..This is the Amy Dean remembers from the times he photographed her. 


Society: Sunday Times Culture say one of the hottest tracks

21 July 15

Posted at 4:55



Society by ©Dean Chalkley / Camerpress

In the Sunday Times Culture Magazine of 5th July 2015 there was mention that 'Society : We All Have A Price' was one of the hottest tracks to listen to. They said it was, "A richly menacing pop-noir teaser from James Girdler's debut album". Click here to hear "We All Have A Price'.


Wilko Johnson: Sunday Times

21 July 15

Posted at 4:09

wilko Johnson

Previously unseen image of Wilko Johnson by ©Dean Chalkley / Camerapress


Wilko Johnson is a truly remarkable man, he first sprang to fame in the band Dr.Feelgood. This Canvey Island based band helped lay the foundations for what became the Punk Rock Movement, with their signature blend of fast Rhythm & Blues made even more potent by Wilko's chopping and stabbing unique guitar playing style. The Pub Rock scene on which they played energised and paved the way for the Punk Rockers. Wilko left the Band in March 1977 and went on to join up with Ian Dury to become one of 'The Blockheads", Dury's legendary backing band. Johnson also gathered together his own unit 'The Wilko Johnson Band'..In early 2013 he announced that he had terminal cancer, and aptly announced a farewell tour and chose not to undergo treatment,  13 July 2013, he performed an unannounced hour-long live set with Norman Watt-Roy and Dylan Howe at the Village Green Festival in his home town of Westcliff on Sea. (this is where the image above was made) On 30 April 2014, it was revealed that Johnson had undergone radical surgery to treat his illness…A tumour weighing 3kg was removed, Johnson said, "They cured me. It's so weird and so strange that it's kind of hard to come to terms with it in my mind. Now, I'm spending my time gradually coming to terms with the idea that my death is not imminent, that I am going to live on".  British film maker Julian Temple has just released " The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson" a very moving and unusual documentary film walking through the moments where Wilko was resolved that he would die, it explores the emotional state that knowledge brings, and then there is the news that things were not going to conclude how once perceived..Wilko is as mentioned is a remarkable man and the film goes some way to letting us into his world in those times.

wilko Johnson sunday times

The Sunday Times Magazine 5th July 2015


Village Green Festival: Book Signing, Exhibition and DJing

08 July 15

Posted at 11:58

Village Green Festival

On Saturday 11th July Village Green Festival happens, This annual event in Southend-on-Sea Essex has grown and grown over the years, it looks like it will be bigger and better than ever on Saturday.

Curated by Arts body Metal,  Village Green is a rather special thing. Of course it is a great day out but it presents excellent art weihter it be sculpture, performance Music or indeed  this year film and photography.

Dean will be exhibiting a number of large photographic print in Chalkwell Hall it's an edit collection entitled   SONICS, coupled to this is the Young Souls film and two wall take over from Return of the Rudeboy. 

As you'll be aware of Dean and Harris are the authors of the Return of the Rudeboy book, it will be available to buy and there'll be a personal book signing too, likely to be 2pm (This may change though,  exact time TBC on the 11-7-15)

Dean will also join Scully Evans to Dj as the duo become the  Black Cat Dj's playing at certain times through out the day on the Riverside stage. They will  be inposition and playing some Ska and Rudeboy sounds before The Selecter   later in the afternoon

So come to the festival it is great value and a great day out.




Prinzhorn Dance School : REIGN Film

09 June 15

Posted at 12:08

prinzhorn dance school film for Reign

Today Prinzhorn Dance School release their new album Home Economics ( itunes  rough trade), an amazing piece of work. This collection of 6 haunting tracks are like Bauhaus Brainworms entering your head and never leaving. Home Economics  is certainly not throw away music, unusual structures make you want to listen more and more. Click on the image above to see the film that Dean has made for the lead track 'REIGN' this song has already broken out of any confinement, it is all over 6music and now radio1. (' Shit Robot' fellow DFA label mate has done a remix of the track that is now reaching out into more club scenes..) 

Dean also photographed Prinzhorn Dance School for the album cover and press imagery. Final cover artwork was a collaboration between the band and Dean, beautifully screen printed and worked on by Tobin Prinz.



Rudeboy Salon : 5th & 6th June plus private view on the 4th

07 June 15

Posted at 9:23

rudeboy salon

Rudeboy Salon was a great success. The environment of the Hospital Club was a perfect place to unveil the latest chapter in the journey of this ever evolving landmark show.

From the moment the doors opened to the private view on the evening of Thursday 4th June it was clear this happening was going to be a memorable occasion.

Initially this event was to herald the release of the first UK version of the self-titled Return of the Rudeboy Book.

(There will be a post tomorrow on the blog dedicated to the book and how you can order your copy)

But the whole event once again became an inspirational moment

On the evening of the 5th June there was a 'Conversation - Q&A ' between Norman Jay MBE and Stephanie from LBB. This was a fascinating and enlightening moment that touched on Normans history musical inspiration , going to New York and discovering new music and returning to the UK and steadfastly presenting it to crowds  and even in light of some elements of the audience pelting him with objects he stood to his belief. He explained about getting the Good Times carnival plot and how once again, against the odds he overcame many obstacles...His political background and his view of the future were also discussion topics, lots of interesting things came up and some funny ones too including the reason for Normans Hat love stemming from the hot summer of 1976 and its swarms of ladybirds that had the habit of getting presence in his afro..   'Life and (Good) Times' indeed it was...

At 3pm in the afternoon of Saturday 6th June, Drummer Producer and member of The Specials John 'Brad' Bradbury talked with Stephanie LBB for over an hour infront of the audience. This was a very rare moment as Brad does not give interviews, he explained that he never really likes doing them so he chooses not to agree to partake but for Return of the Rudeboy and in the dynamic it creates he did agreed. Well, what a brilliant conversation it was... Brad talked about growing up in Coventry, his views on life and mission through music to bring an ethos to the audience.  Brad illuminated what it was like to be in The Specials and talked over how the band functioned and still to this day moves on, it didn't stop there was so many aspects talked about..but if you were there you will know... 

Brad and Norman were very charismatic and a both gave incredible insights into their lives that are never released under different circumstances so it was a real privilege to be in the company of these guys and hear what they had to say.

Stephanie navigated the conversations effortlessly and please look out for LBB as they are a vital and important organisation that positively brings knowledge to people.

The above picture is a detail of the new 'Rudeboy Sound System' it has never been seen before the Rudeboy Salon.

A collaboration between - Return of the Rudeboy x Andrew Ibi x Goomans 

The installation curated by Dean and Harris comprises of 90 Goodmans individual Heritage Radios stacked together in a Sound System Box Rig and then customised and appropriated by artist Andrew Ibe. Many of the illustrations refer to musical influences of Rudeboys in times past as well as Dean and Harris's 10 Favourite Rudeboy tracks.

Throughout the period of the Rudeboy Salon many Djs played in the Gallery including : Justin Roberson, Dego (4 Hero),Ramrock Hi-Fi ( Ashley Beedle and Jo Wallace), Mark Professor (Wreck it up) ,John Kelly, Neil Barker (Black Cat) , Andrew Ibi (artist and ' Reference Library' dj of course), Debbie Smith (Nitty Gritty)

Many visitors came to the gallery and enjoyed the edit version of the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition. The book was exclusively on sale at the event and is now in their hands .. it has been received well.

You can order your copy on line by clicking here and following the link.

The Rudeboy Salon was supported by Goodmans the sound company and what great support it was to enable this event to happen the way that Dean and Harris wanted it to. 




Return of the Rudeboy Book Launch event : Rudeboy Salon 5th and 6th June 2015

27 May 15

Posted at 8:03

Reudeboy Salon


Hold Tight!!

Return of the Rudeboy is releasing a book a hard cover 128pg beautifully printed companion to the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition.

The launch event for the book is called the 'Rudeboy Salon'.  This two day event taking place on the 5th and 6th June 2015.

The Rudeboy Salon reclaims the notion of  the old school art and cultural happening it will be a happening in keeping with the Return of the Rudeboy style and takes place at the Hospital Club Gallery, Ground Floor, Endell Street Covent Garden.

The book will be exclusively available to purchase in the 'Rudeboy Salon' over those two days, there after it will be available  at selective outlets and on-line (details of this will be in a later post) 

Free entry and open to the public from 10am - 10pm .

As illustrated in the events schedule Dean and Harris will be attending and taking part in a number of book signings, there will be djs throughout the days/evenings and also Rudeboy Salon Talks with special guest Q&A's   (To be watch this space seats will be limited so be poised) 

here is a link to the Return of the Rudeboy instagram too...nice!



Paul Weller for The Observer Magazine

12 May 15

Posted at 1:42

Paul Weller

Sunday's feature about Paul Weller has attracted a lot of interest. Often known as the Mod Father, Paul Weller discussed his current attitudes, politics, family life and mindset together with his deep passion for music and the direction it is taking him. You can read the article written by Miranda Sawyer  here. Dean explained that this was a significant shoot for many reasons not least that Paul is a person that has influenced his perspective on life and taste both musically and in a fashion context. Paul's steadfast attitude sets him out from others. This is the 5th time Dean has photographed Paul Weller  each time has been a total pleasure according to Mr.Chalkley.


Young Souls at the Vortigern Gallery Margate 22-5-15 until 26-6-15

12 May 15

Posted at 12:56

Vortigern exhibition poster

The Young Souls project arose when Dean was invited to submit photographic essay and a short film to 125 Magazine, the publication always revolves around a word and in this instance it was the interpretation of ‘Religion’. Dean explains ‘Immediately the phase “Keep the faith” came into my head, music never being far from my mind, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to explore and present a subject that is close to my heart. With the stills I didn’t want to recreate the past, but I did aim to produce timeless works that illustrate the culture as never before."

For those of you who know about the culture of Northern Soul you will not need any explaination however for those new to this fabulous scene you can start off by having a look at the wiki link here.

Vortigern Margate is a new photographic gallery and rare bookshop based in the Old Town of Margate in Kent, England. It represents a wide range of photographic artists and also stocks a carefully curated selection of mostly first edition rare and out of print photo-books and vintage magazines from the 1950's to the present day.

Vortigern Margate takes it's name from Margate's famous Vortigern caves and is the premiere destination in the south east of England for photographers and those who love the medium.

In the past Dean was invited to screen his award winning short film Young Souls at the Turner Contemporary Gallery so it is fitting that now Dean will present a selected edit of the original Young Souls exhibition in the Vortigern Gallery a fine new gallery also in Margate.

Vortigern opens Thursdays – Sundays 11am- 5pm click on the poster to link to the galleries website.



Russell Brand : The Emperor's New Clothes : Poster

21 April 15

Posted at 8:27

russell brand film

Tonight Russell Brands film 'The Emperor's New Clothes', is releaved... Directed by Michael Winterbottom it's an incisive look at the system and structure of our society. Using a mixture of documentary, interviews, archive footage and comedy, Russell  will take us from his hometown Grays in Essex, to the heart of London ‘City’ and on to the Big Apple. This daring film aims to shake up the world. The film will have an impact and it will be very interesting to see the ripple and effect...Click here for the a sneak at the trailer. 

Dean photographed Russell for the poster and related press.

For news of screenings click  here



*Read The Independent News Papers view on the film 


Timothy Spall : The Observer Magazine : 19.04.15

20 April 15

Posted at 4:33

Timothy Spall


This feature is fascinating, written by Elizabeth Day it transports you into the world of Timothy, reading it you get to understand how he is, his mannerisms and sense of humour too. Timothy is a genius there is no doubt , but he is also a person who tells it like it is who brain is razor sharp and expansive. He has had many ups and downs and serious illness as well but through it all shines a brilliant man who's craft as an actor penetrates deeply into our psyche. You can read more by visiting the Observers web page simply click here.


Heroes : Vortigern Gallery Margate

29 March 15

Posted at 1:02

Dean, Rankin, Jamie Beeden, Pat Pope , Scarlet Page, Mark Blower, Joe Dilworth and Tim Kent are collectively exhibiting photographic works at Margate's Contemporary Photography Gallery  Vortigern. The group show entitled ' Heroes' celebrates the concept of the photographer  photographing their Hero. This novel concept has brought together some of the most prolific photographers who often work within the realm of 'music'.  The exhibition actually opens on the 3rd but as there is a Bank Holiday it is a perfect opportunity to make a launch event on the Saturday (4th) to enable those travelling to the coast to enjoy the moment.. all are welcome. Following this launch event there will be a special club night "STUDIO 45 vs BLACK CAT' at the Westcoast in King Street where Dean will join Dean Thatcher Stephen Saunders and Neil Barker to play Northern Soul, Ska and other uptight Dance floor tunes. It will be in a way an aftershow party for the Gallery event as well as a Bank Holiday outing for Studio 45 vs Black Cat. See the facebook event ...and see you there



Return of the Rudeboy :Advanced Japanese Book Version Launch

22 March 15

Posted at 11:14

Return of the Rudeboy : Japanese Advance Version


Big news!!! Thursday the 26th March 2015 is the release date of the advanced Japanese version of the much anticipated Return of the Rudeboy book. The event will take place in BOOKMARC  #MarcJacobs, Harris and Dean will be signing copies as well as DJing at the Marc Jacobs book shop on the night between 6:30-8:00pm. There are only a limited number of these advanced copies and so either go to the event or contact the store to get your copy. 4 Chome-26-14 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo +81 (0)3-5412-0351 .... 



Return of the Rudeboy : Tokyo : Japan : 20th-26th March : Laforet

09 March 15

Posted at 12:30

Return of the Rudeboy : Japan: Tokyo

Following the success of Return of the Rudeboy at Somerset House the Rudeboys are on the move and will now land in Tokyo Japan. Dean and Harris always said that the work was going to be dynamic and this latest chapter underlines that fact. 

Taking place on the gigantic top gallery level of LaForet in the Harajuku District Return of the Rudeboy is certainly creating a great anticipation and is set to explode into peoples consciousness as soon as it begins.

The show runs from 20th March until 24th March click on the image to go to The Japanese Return of the Rudeboy website.

Dean and Harris will be making a number of appearances in the gallery and at special related events in Tokyo through the run of the show, speaking and also Djing. 

More on this later, it will be a rolling news story...keep it locked and if you are in Tokyo or know anyone who is tell them to get along to this important ground breaking exhibition.


NME Awards News Flash

23 February 15

Posted at 11:05

Chalie XcX

Charlie XCX Shot by Dean on the night of The NME Awards 2015

What a night!!!! You can check out more from Dean's NME Awards Backstage Studio by clicking on the image above. 

This is the second year the awards were sponsored by the City of Austin ... Tit bit of information: Dean photographed Jake Bugg in Austin a while back and reported that it was a great city not only welcoming thousands of bands and fans every year for the SXSW festival but also for Austin City Limits another great festival of music the City lays on. Oh and there are lots of good clothes shops and ....second hand vinyl record shops...


Field Project: Brighton: Calling all Makers

11 February 15

Posted at 2:40


Field Project Brighton

Just unveiled; a series of gigantic close up photographic portraits shot by Dean for the Field Project in Brighton.

To introduce the project here is what the organisers say: 

' We want to work with you; Brighton’s makers, creatives and innovators, to transform a corner of Brighton into something more than just a field. The possibilities are endless. A field of inquiry, of knowledge, of expertise, of endeavour. A playing field. A field of innovation.

Over the coming months we will be inviting you to hold events, exhibitions and providing opportunities for you to shape what FIELD should be.

You all have something in common: you make. We are inviting you to make FIELD your home for now and the future. Your activities will define what will in time become an exciting new community. The ideas generated by FIELD will inform, shape and deliver the future of the maker community at the gateway of the city of Brighton.

For now, sign up to FIELD and we’ll be in touch very soon.'

So just visit  to go to the Field Projects website and get involved.


If you are in or near Brighton it is worth keep an eye on the location as it will be changing as the months roll by.

 This and other large images from the series are situated opposite the University, the official address is : 


Preston Barracks, University of Brighton, Lewes Rd, Brighton BN2 4GL 


The Arena: Now Viewable on Vimeo

30 December 14

Posted at 7:56

The Arena Film Blog Poster

View Deans short film 'The Arena' on Vimeo now. Find a calm place, if you are watching on a computer put your headphones on, Turn up the volume and prepare for an emotional journey. The film has been screened at the V&A Museum as part of the special 'Friday Lates' New British take over and at the Southend Film Festival where it was the opening feature of the closing Gala. 

Filmed at the Spedeworth Motorsports Aldershot Raceway Arena.  

This film features on The New British LEGACY iPad App, along with 12 other short films. There is also an exclusive photographic reportage shot by Dean at  'Arena Essex' and a written essay too . The Combination of these studies make getting the App a must!..


Get your copy of the App by following the link below: (Available for Ipads only)



The New British : Legacy Edition Now Live for Ipads

17 December 14

Posted at 12:46

the new british launch party: 4th Dec


A couple of weeks ago Dean joined Kez Glozier Editor and several New British contributors on a panel discussion at the Apple Store in London’s Regent Street. The discussion hosted by LBB 's Stephanie McLaren-Neckles's delved into the world of the New British and explored what makes it one of the most if not the most vital and exciting publication to emerge in recent years.


Well Legacy is now out, only available for Ipads this new issue is sensational!

Watch a special trailer to the App:

Watch a showreel featuring the 12 short films that are on the App.

Here’s the link for iTunes for the App, a must see must get involved with:




The New British : Legacy Edition Launch :4th December

21 November 14

Posted at 6:34

the new british launch party: 4th Dec

The New British is something special, brainchild of Kez Glozier in association with Neville Brody it celebrates all of contemporary British culture in a way no other publication does. Dean is a big supporter of TNB and had work in 'Issue Zero' alongside contributors  including Nick Knight and Magnum Photographers.

The Publication has now become an App and with a revolutionary design, Issue Zero can be downloaded  here

Such is the impact of TNB Apple are hosting the launch of the forthcoming issue "Legacy" at the Apple Store in Regent Street London. on the 4th December 2014.

Dean has contributed a large project to this new issue and is really excited to see it go live. Comprising of a photgraphic essay and a film ...very exciting indeed!!!!

TNB is a vital and extraordinary thing, and this is further inforces  (not that it really needs to be) the fact that TNB is where it's at .

You can come to the Launch by following the link to The New British's Facebook page have a look and then email with your full names, be part of this do not miss out. 

LEGACY is launching at the  Apple Store (Regent's Street).

VIP after party at  The Scotch Of St James (with special live performances)

More details coming soon. On   The New British site

Here is the Facebook link in full to share:


Russell Brand : Revolution

06 November 14

Posted at 6:55

russell brand

Russell Brand is certainly stirring up an exciting political discussion. REVOLUTION (sorry couldn't turn the E round) is Russell's latest book and deals with the notion of the structure of our society, freedom and alternative thinking but delivered with his usual sharp and unique manner . The book has been met with an explosion of activity, with the backdrop of the overall political climate it is perfectly timed.   

This inescapable image was shot by Dean in London. REVOLUTION is a National best seller you will be able to buy it at your local book shop... Please support you local book shops as they are important things to keep alive and must not be lost. 





Screen Social: Northern Soul Stew Event

05 October 14

Posted at 2:14

Screen Social Poster 8th October

Cannes in a Van + Swhype present SCREEN SOCIAL: NORTHERN SOUL STEW

On Wednesday 8th October  Screen Socia l are hosting another charity event in London – Northern Soul Stew


With a nod to the release of British feature film -  Northern Soul, the music vs film night is back at The Book Clubin London’s Shoreditch for a night of floor fillers, films and foolery.

Mixing up the soul soup with their 45s will be guest DJs Sonny ‘Scully’ Evans (main guy in Young Souls) and Dean , there will be a live performance by  vocal trio J.E.T   playing their own brand of soul, and a host of films, from independent directors to YouTube sensations and everything in between. Sounds like a great night ahead.

Please register online if you can to let the organisers know you’re coming click here for the  Screen Social Facebook page

All proceeds from this Screen Social go to the housing & homelessness charity  Shelter.

If you register online the organisers  Swhype  will donate an extra £1 to the charity.

This will be a night full of music, film, chat and drinks so make it down on Wednesday 8th October to The Book Club, 100 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RH, 7pm – 12pm  |  £4 / £3 online

All proceeds will go to the housing & homelessness charity Shelter

The Book Club also serves food so turn up early and grab a table for the night.



Jake Bugg: The Sunday Times Magazine

04 October 14

Posted at 8:42

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg was recently interviewed by Krissi Murison for The Sunday Times Magazine. This is the most recent time Dean has photographed Jake,  most of the times before have been in the USA ironic as Jake is from Nottingham in the UK. Jakes hometown and his relationship with it and his old friends is one of the main topics of this brilliant and very honest piece. You can read an except of the interview here 


The Washington Post features Return of the Rudeboy

19 September 14

Posted at 6:46

Washington Post

Click on the image to read all about it... Yes the famous Washington Post features the exhibition.





Last night Dean and Harris presented a Creative Talk about Return of the Rudeboy and also background to their individual careers as part of the 125 Live event programme for details on the rest of the talks and exhibition in general click here.


125-LIVE : 12.9.14-28.9.14

05 September 14

Posted at 12:10

125 Live


Just announced: 125 LIVE : Acclaimed 125 Magazine is staging a great event at the London Newcastle Gallery between 12.9.14 - 28.9.14. The show pivots around a Photographic Exhibition but there will be Photographic Workshops, Creative Talks, (Dean and Harris Elliott will deliver one in the evening of 18th August) and Print Sales for the Art collectors. Several prints from Dean's 'Young Souls' series will be included in the exhibition and available to purchase. More details on this event can be found by clicking here or on the flyer.  


The X Factor : Let Battle Commence !

04 September 14

Posted at 5:09


Last Saturday evening millions tuned in to see the first in the new series of ITV's The X Factor. This often controversial and incredibly popular TV programme will certainly see some battling action as the shows unfold.

Dean shot  the epic advertising campaign a short time ago. We will reveal others from the series over the coming weeks...So hold tight!


ID Magazine Feature : Return of the Rudeboy

27 August 14

Posted at 11:13

id article

ID Magazine goes live today with an interview with Dean and Harris a great moment to celebrate the exhibition that has been at Somerset House for the past 10.5 weeks. Click on the image to read the piece.





The Original Rude Boy: Book reading with Neville Staple

20 August 14

Posted at 1:00

Friday 22 August

Limited spaces, sign up in the gallery from 15:30

Join us as musician and former vocalist of The Specials Neville Staple comes to visit the exhibition in its final week. Together with his wife Christine, Neville will be reading extracts from his autobiography, The Original Rude Boy. As witty, incisive and entertaining as the man himself the book encompasses early life in Coventry and his involvement in the Two Tone movement in the 70s and 80s. In between readings our guests will be reflecting upon the cultural, social and political landscape at the time. Neville will also be signing copies of The Original Rude Boy in the bookshop after the reading.

neville staple


Final Thursday Late at Somerset House

19 August 14

Posted at 7:30

Final Thursday Late

Thursday 21 August
18:00 until 22:00 (last entry 21:30) 
Terrace Rooms, South Wing, Somerset House
Free admission

Return of the Rudeboy at Somerset House runs until 25th August (Bank Holiday Monday) open every day free entry  from 10am-6pm plus the Gallery Late session on 21 st August. blog posters Late 1

Return of the Rudeboy Merchandise

Is available to purchase via the  Rizzoli bookshop  in the East Wing at Somerset House while stocks last. This shop is open daily from 10:00 until 18:00 and accepts cash and card payments.

On the evening of thursday 21st August the bookshop will be hosting a special late night POP-UP (until 21:00) to coincide with the Return of the Rudeboy gallery late night opening.

blog posters Late 2



Return of the Rudeboy draws to a close on 25th August

17 August 14

Posted at 4:17

Only a matter of days left now to catch THE exhibiton of the summer. Somerset House terrace galleries are open 7 days a week 10am-6pm and this week there will be a very special Late session on Thursday (21st Aug.)

Click here for general details of the show. Get down to this landmark show before it is too late.


Friday 25th = PARTY!! Jocks & Nerds in association with Return of the Rudeboy

17 August 14

Posted at 4:01

AMP ROTR poster

On Friday 22nd August there will be a great party going on at the renowned Edition Hotel in Berners Street W1 London.

Jocks & Nerds magazine are presenting an AMP Carnival Special in association with Return of the Rudeboy.

Between 9pm - 2am it will be top sounds and vibe in the basement of what some know as the most happening Hotels in London town.

Selectors on the night will be the legendary personalities Gaz Mayall , Chris Sullivan and Rudeboy, Judah (Deviation / Nonsense)

To get into this party all you need to do is to send your email address for the guset list to and you will be added to the guest list.



Relentless : Here To Be Heard (HTBH) Dj finalists

17 August 14

Posted at 2:14


Last night the finalists for Relentless Energy Drinks: Here To Be Heard' Dj aspect duelled it out. Dean is one of the judges this year so he popped down to Tin Pan Alley to check out the top five from this years competition entry.

Linier (a duo) kicked the sonics off and were followed by Luke Hassan, Deadskill, Birchy and the final Dj of the night was Floyd Bana....all were great!!!

Each DJ brought their own unique twists turns and musical style to the shake down...

Judging closes today click here to listen to the entrants submissions and to vote for your favourite.

The Relentless shop at  5 Denmark Street is well worth a visit...



New York Times : Return of the Rudeboy

05 August 14

Posted at 12:46

dean and harris

Today The New York Times has printed a feature on Return of the Rudeboy. Click here to read the on-line version of the article.

Above is the picture that accompanies the feature taken by Peter Macdiarmid in Somerset House

The New York Times feature is a significant moment for the exhibition, international interest has been flooding through, this coupled with the news that over 42,000 people have visited the show so far (With three weeks still remaining closing date 25th August 2014). It clearly illustrates that Return of the Rudeboy has struck a chord in a UK and  global sense. 


London Calling: Showing on Sky Arts

20 July 14

Posted at 12:05

radio times

London Calling is an excellent 4 part series directed by Simon Witter documenting how Art and Music entwine. You'll see Dean shooting ' New Street Adventure' and commenting on several aspects. This is a must see for any photographers, bands or people interested in Art in general...Click on the image to go to the Radio Times. Because it is on Sky the programme times are a little confusing but enough to say :

On for the next few Tuesdays at 8-9 pm on Sky Arts 1, with repeats at 8.30 am on Friday and 1pm on Monday.

Good that the programme is repeated and also available 'On Demand'  here. Do check it out.


Let's Be Brief : Talk with Dean and Harris announced : 03 AUGUST 2014

19 July 14

Posted at 6:43

LBB Talk

As they say: 

SUNDAY 03 AUGUST 2014 // 1:30-3:30 // £10 // OVAL SPACE 29-32 THE OVAL, HACKNEY, LONDON, E2 9DT 

If you were to prise apart the heart of many cultural zeitgeist, you’d most likely find design, music and fashion as integral components.

There’s not always a logical and linear reason for why trends appear, but it is why culture remains such an interesting phenomena.

In collaboration with Fashion Sunday, LBB will host a live interview with ‘fashion-industry favourite’, creative director /  H by Harris founder Harris Elliott and prolific photographer / filmmaker for ‘music’s most wanted photographer’  Dean Chalkley — both cultural instigators in their own right.

The topic of conversation will be the pair’s recent visual arts collaboration:  The Return of the Rudeboy, currently exhibiting at Somerset House. The multimedia exhibition featuring photography, installation and events, showcases the sartorial subculture of the 21st century Rudeboy as well as the contributing culture that underpins the movement. From its roots of 50’s Kingston, Jamaica, 80’s Two-tone Britain to the contemporary take on Rudie style.

LBB is a great site check out their stuff here


Return of the Rudeboy x Paul Smith

19 July 14

Posted at 6:33

paul smith tshirt


Paul Smith has colaborated with Dean and Harris and released 2 tshirts to coincide with the Retutn of the Rudeboy Exhibition. To check out and purchase this nice little number click here 


Relentless: Here To Be Heard: Competition for budding creatives

17 July 14

Posted at 4:44

here to be heard

This year Relentless are looking to springboard the career of aspiring gig photographers and music bloggers who are dedicated to the pursuit of elevating their life’s passion to new heights.Those winners lucky enough to take out their chosen category will be given a series of exclusive opportunities with Relentless this year:

1.The band will get an exclusive spot at Relentless Live later this year with some further surprises in store.

2. The blogger will become our official Relentless blogger for the remainder of 2014 – attending selected events and festivals with AAA access to the artists.

3. The DJ will get a prime slot on the Relentless Stage at Leeds Festival as 1st on the Saturday night, where Zane himself will be headlining.
4. The photographer will earn commissions for Relentless throughout the year to shoot various events and will get to showcase their work in our store in 5 Denmark Street, London and on a gallery. 

If you believe this is your year to be heard, click here to go to the Relentless site 


Return of the Rudeboy: Creative Review Print Competition

17 July 14

Posted at 4:17

Creative Review Print comp



Just announced!!! Your chance to win a signed edition print from the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition... As the Creative Review website says: 

To celebrate the exhibition's launch, Chalkley is giving away a photographic print (see top image) to one CR reader. One of only 50, it measures 50 x 70 cm and features Rudeboys Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert.

'To get your hands on the prize, all you need to do is tell us, in ten words or less, why you deserve to win, leaving your answer,'.... 'Points will be awarded to the most creative, Rudeboy-inspired answers and the competition closes at midnight tonight (Thursday, July 17).' Click here to visit the site and to enter.

What are you waiting for ? 


Channel 4 News Gets Rude!

05 July 14

Posted at 12:55

channel4 news

During last week Channel 4 News presented a special news feature on the exhibition, Boya Dee came to ' Return of the Rudeboy' and talked to Dean and Harris about the show and the way it has captured the essence of what is happening NOW!... This great feature has some classic old footage and sets the scene very well for those less familiar with the history of Rudeboy culture.

Thousands upon thousands have now visited the exhibition and  it continues to excite and draw people from right across the spectrum from young to old. People are seeing the show as an important cultural barometer as well as appreciating the sartorial elegance and manner of the subjects in the pictures. The three dimensional objects and the extra events are adding even more experiential depth and the functioning Barbershop on a Thursday and Saturday is certainly proving popular too..So get along to the show if you can, it is on for a few more weeks but don't miss it..

Return of the Rudeboy is open to the public until 25th August 2014.

Free entry open 10am-6pm everyday (Last entry 5:30pm)



Live Twitter Q & A Session : 1st July 3pm GMT @SomersetHouse

30 June 14

Posted at 8:03

exlaim 2

The Live Twitter Q&A will take place from 3pm GMT from Somerset House in London UK, Dean will answer a selection of questions provided by Somerset House and the public . Any questions you have need to be directed to @somersethouse twitter account and #RudeboysReturn. Click on the icon for a link to Somerset House Twitter account.


A Musical Moment: A Ship Full of Bombs: Rewind

30 June 14

Posted at 7:32

click here and scroll down to 21/05/2014 SEA SHANTIES MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER SPECIAL with Curly Dan Newman, Dean, Simon Fowler & Paul Hughes. So just in case you missed this podcast originally broadcast on 21/05/2014 here is a rewind of A Ship Full of Bombs (named after The Montgomery a ship that still to this day resides in the Thames Estuary full of munitions)




GQ interview with Dean and Harris

30 June 14

Posted at 7:16



Click on the link above to read the GQ interview with Dean and Harris it's a good one.

There is however a slight inaccuracy, there is a misquote attributed to Dean, it says , "with a style that goes back to the late Eighties/ early Nineties, when men wore their Nike Air Max sneakers with pin tuck trousers."  Dean would like to make it known that he is fully aware that the Rudeboy first emerged in the late 1950's early 1960's and it was only in a much later incarnation that said clothing was involved. We hope that clears the matter up. Tajinder has written a good article so please click on the picture to read on.


The Business! Dean talks to Sharon Reid from Mi B M

30 June 14

Posted at 7:02

Mi B M


Earlier today this great article came out. Sharon Reid Lifestyle editor of Mi Business Magazine explores through conversation with Dean; Junk Club, Fanzines, Merc and the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition. To read the article click on the picture above. 




Return of the Rudeboy : Hot Ticket: Babylon Film Screening announcement

02 June 14

Posted at 11:11

This is the first hott ticket announcement from Return of the Rudeboy : we are screening Babylon followed by a very special and rare Q&A with star of the classic cult Rudeboy Movie Victor Romero Evans

click here to get a ticket , get in their quick they are very limited in availability...while stocks last.



The Observer's Sean O'Hagan writes a piece on Return of the Rudeboy

26 May 14

Posted at 8:41

Featured as a massive double page spread in The Observer on Sunday 25th May eminent art critic Sean O'Hagan caught up with Harris and Dean to discuss Rudeboy culture music and how the culture has changed and evolved into the 21st century. For those of you who bgot the paper you will know it's a good deep read for those that missed it click here for the online version released through the Guardian website. 




'EXHIBITION' Draws to a close.

09 May 14

Posted at 9:00

tess final

EXHIBITION draws to an end at Trisha's , the notorious subterranean Soho establishment. We hope you didn't miss this new body of work by Dean. It opened on 20th March was due to only run through to the 20th April 2014, however it continued to be exhibited until 9th May .. It was a great show that many have commented on and visited...thank you and good night... EXHIBITION has it's final night on the 9th May.


The Arena screened at The Southend Film Festival

05 May 14

Posted at 8:03


the arena film still

The Arena will be screened at the Southend Film Festival  Closing Gala this evening. This film festival is a highly rated annual event attracting crowds to watch cutting edge films from around the world over a 5 day period.The final programme for the event this year includes  'The Arena' and the George Harrison psychedelic classic 1968 film 'The Magic Christian'.  This will be a great way to conclude what has been a very successful and eventful festival.

Click here to see the link to the Teaser for The Arena


Chrissie Hynde: Album Teaser

11 April 14

Posted at 8:22

Chrissie Hynde Album


Chrissie Hynde is one of the most iconic women in rock music, an amazing character that stands up for her beliefs, her influence and creativity has not only stood the test of time but continues to flourish producing more and more great pieces of music. It may suprise many that Stockholm is the first solo album, This new collection is eagerly anticipated.

Dean shot the Stockholm album cover and art work as well as many other images of Chrissie that will emerge as the release of the album approaches. Click on the picture above and link to the competition that's prize is a very special night where Chrissie will perform tracks from Stockholm.  


Click here to read more on Chrissie Hynde


Holly Willoughby for the Observer Magazine

30 March 14

Posted at 11:19

holly willoughby

On Sunday 30th March Hollly Willoughby exploded onto the pages of the Observer Magazine. Glamorous and fun are two of the words that could describe the shoot. Elizabeth Day interviewed Holly for this great feature, you can read the interview by clicking here.


21 at Quaglino's

24 March 14

Posted at 6:01

Dean's latest exhibition 21 at Quaglino's is due to open this very week and we are all very excited!

The photographic exhibition runs from 24th March until 5th July and comprises of 21 photographs showcasing 21st century musical heroes and heroines to celebrate Quaglino’s 21st birthday. It all adds up to be the hottest ticket in town.


Here is what Allinlondon (The who's who of what's what) have to sayabout the show..

Daft Punk Quaglino's


Return of the Rudeboy : Exhibition at Somerset House

09 March 14

Posted at 8:50



Return of the Rudeboy

Dean Chalkley x Harris Elliott

13 June – 25 August 2014
Daily 10.00-18.00
Terrace Rooms, South Wing
Free admission

This summer is certainly going to be a lively time on the embankment, Dean has linked up with creative director Harris Elliott to present "Return of the Rudeboy" at Somerset House.

This original exhibition will reflect a sartorial subculture through a series of portraits, installations and set pieces.  

For the last year Dean and Harris have been working on this great new project, shooting over 60 sharply dressed individuals from across the UK, all embody the essence of what it is to be a Rudeboy (or Rudie) in the 21st century.  The curated collection of images show subjects presenting their pure and singular sartorial swagger in locations linked to the Rudeboy lifestyle, whether it be on the streets of Shoreditch or Savile Row.

The exhibition will be an immersive experience of visuals and sounds, taking visitors into the worlds of today’s Rudeboys.  Each of the subjects featured in the portraits have provided their signature playlist, which will be amalgamated along with curators’ and collaborators’ choices into a soundtrack to capture the spirit and soul of the Rudeboy, acting as a sonic backdrop to the visual works.  Since grooming is integral to the Rudeboy routine, the space will host a pop-up ‘grooming station’ where visitors can book appointments to get their hair cut or beard trimmed by a top Rudeboy barber.  Working with artisan box maker Kitty Farrow and luggage manufacturer Alstermo, bespoke brief cases, hat boxes and luggage sets will be made to show how this collective of individuals pays attention to detail in all aspects with their fashions.

In true Rudeboy style, Chalkley and Elliott have collaborated closely with a variety of inspirational and influential creative minds to contribute exciting, engaging and enriching content to the exhibition.  These include Rashad Smith, a British-born, New York-based producer who has worked with the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes and Nas; the Art Comes First creative collective founded by top travelling tailors Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh; and founding member of Big Audio Dynamite, Grammy award-winning filmmaker and international DJ Don Letts, a pillar of the punk and reggae scene who inspired a generation through his groundbreaking music, films and fashions.

There will also be an exciting season of events in conjunction with the exhibition for visitors to exchange and enrich their knowledge and understanding of this important and culturally significant subculture, from film screenings to sartorial workshops.  The events will pay respect to the heritage and importance of the past, but focus on the present and future Rudeboy. 


So look our for



Twitter @RudeboysReturn

Intsagram @RudeboysReturn

Face Book


We are all very excited about this season of events that will span a two month period, so watch this and those spaces for hot news.



NME Awards Special Issue

09 March 14

Posted at 8:30

NME Awards cover

The NME 2014 Awards issue is now in the shops, get it while you can it will be swapped over on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.

It was a blistering night in Brixton Academy... Blondie received their Godlike Genius Award. Macca, Damon, Alex were photo bombed by John Cooper Clarke. Lots of pictures from Dean's improvised studio set up in the Academy. 


Alisa Cowan gets inspired

28 February 14

Posted at 7:24

Twitter scrap book..

Snip snip stick stick montage-a-gogo.... We spotted this on Twitter, you have been busy Alisa.




Quaglino's Exhibition Announced

22 February 14

Posted at 11:08

Get ready,  because  '21' is an exciting collection of music related images to be presented at London's famous Quaglino's restaurant. Full details will follow, but we thought you would want to know straight away. So here is the first bit of press that mentions it. Keep an eye on the blog for more details. The show will open towards the end of March. As you can see by the link there are a number of events ...Nice!



Daft Punk : Grammy Winners

27 January 14

Posted at 8:12

Daft Punk grammy winners


Congratulations to Daft Punk for their well deserved Grammy wins last night. The robotic masters bagged five awards on the night including the two biggest prizes 'Record' and 'Album' of the Year. Dean shot Daft Punk for NME during 2013, the images were released to coincide with the launch of the electronic duos amazing album 'Random Access Memories' you can get it here.

Daft Punk are seldom (like virtually never) seen without their helmets, ...we bet you wish you could see the frame after the one below hey... But we wouldn't want to show you all the roboty insides that lay beneath their shiny exterior, so the mystique must remain... They are truly out of this world though aren't they?


Daft Punk grammy winners



Steve McQueen Exhibition

10 January 14

Posted at 9:27

Steve McQueen Exhibition

Steve McQueen was of course a massive film star, but he was a style Icon too. We thought it was only right to tell you about an exhibition that has been created in his honour "I live for myself and I answer to nobody" Comprises of photography from the legendary Barry Feinstein (you can see one through the cars window above), The Mustang car (above) from the film Bullet, Motor bikes clothing etc, also there is a section of items that have been influenced by Steve McQueen.

It is all very good and free to enter. Here is a great interview from the Huffington Post, and for even more info on the show click here...One word of advice though, when visiting the exhibition take a big coat it is on the 3rd floor of Brewer Street Car Park and it is cold.


London Collections: Mens

10 January 14

Posted at 8:43

agi & Sam fashion Show 1


London Collections: Mens was a great success packed days of shows, meetings and exciting new outfits to see about town. The centre of London was peppered with striking people dashing from place to place, day and night the catwalks boomed and the parties rolled.

Dean went to the packed early morning Agi & Sam show in Bloomsbury on Wednesday. It took place on the last day of the events.  Here is a list of all the shows.

Harris Elliott acted as creative director to this show (also the Mr.Hare presentation in our previous post) Gary Powell was commisioned to provide the soundtrack for the show. Gary conducted 4 live drummers that morning, the ex-Libertines drummer is a very experienced composer and has provided many scores for films and fashion shows. 


Mens Fashion Collections: Mr.Hare

07 January 14

Posted at 8:13

Mr.Hare fashion presentation

Mr.Hare fashion presentation

Images ©deanchalkley

Straight back from Christmas and it's straight back into fashion. ' London Collection: Men' is sweeping London this week with shows events and related happenings popping up all over the Capital City. Monday's Mr.Hare presentation will be one of the highlights of the week for sure. Dean went along to join in the moment and to see what exciting new footwear Mr.Hare (Marc Hare) had created. Harris Elliott was overseeing this very strong and stylish event. A treat for ones eyes and of course ones feet. More foot related business here. Mr.Hare Twitter here.


NYE: Come and Party at The South Bank

26 December 13

Posted at 12:13

intage nye poster

Dean will be Djing in the Soul Casino with Si Cheeba at the Vintage New Years Eve party at London's South Bank Centre (As you probably know Si and Dean = The Black Cat Djs ). They'll be getting the party started right with Rhythm and Blues Latin Boogaloo and a touch of Northern Soul between 7:40pm -9pm. This incredible event is a must if you want to enjoy a spectacular and quality event to welcome in 2014. Tickets are running out fast so click here to see if there are any available. Hope to see you there.


Merry Christmas !!

26 December 13

Posted at 9:58

dean deer


Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have a good time and lots of fun.

Enjoy the Holidays!! From us all at ChalkleyTowers... Pip pip and Merry Christmas 




It's Time To Relax..and Dance like Mad

19 December 13

Posted at 8:06

black cat

So the Year is drawing to a close ...Well It's not over yet!! There's lots of time to party we will pop a few of the festive Dj dates Dean will be taking part in up on the blog. So if you want to finish this year off with some good nights out, to Dance to Rhythm and Blues, Northern Soul, Funk and Ska  in the company of good time clubbers then here's where it's at...oh don't expect many if any Christmas records.

You can also access Deans Deejay info on Facebook here

You'll notice Mark Professor is listed on the Black Cat flyer click here for a little taste of what he is like..


Bang & Olufsen: DB COHEN Filming SATURDAY

09 December 13

Posted at 8:56

db cohen B and O

image ©deanchalkley (Extract from B&O newsletter)

Come Down to the Bang & Olufsen Store in Swiss Cottage on Saturday the 14th Dec. Dean's making a short film and taking a few shots of DB Cohen playing an Instore accompanied by the B&O wonder box the Beolit 12. From 10:30am the first 10 people who come in the store for the gig will be given a free DB Cohen CD. After 11 am DB Cohen will Perform a number of Songs. This session will be filmed and photographed. After the Instore session the filming will continue in Swiss Cottage and in Camden Town. The music will travel....This will be a good bit of fun before Christmas, so come along and get in the picture or be on the film.. here is a link to DB Cohen's Sound Cloud.


125 Book and Pop-Up shop

06 December 13

Posted at 2:40

125 book

125 Magazine have produced a fantastic new book. Entitled 'X' it marks the tenth anniversary of the publications existence and contains many of its best features from the past decade. Copies of the book can be picked up at selected bookshops and galleries and the Magazine have a special pop up book shop at 123 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG (open till Sunday 9th Dec). This first edition numbered run is limited to only 1250 copies so snap one up before they go. Click here to go to the 125 Magazine website.

125 shop


Adidas Originals Blue FW13

22 November 13

Posted at 6:38


Recently Dean collaborated with creative director  Harris Elliott on the FW13  Adidas Originals Blue Campaign.

This collection has heritage and lux Street styles combing the two sartorial approaches seamlessly. As the Adidas statement says there is an undercurrent of sub-culture in these styles they also have a great feeling of cosmopolitan flare.

The shoot took place in Shoreditch Studios with sets that reflected the essence of the collections direction. Certainly inner-city life brought to life.

There will be more of this series posted soon in the fashion section of the site, so keep an eye out for that.



Ideas Tap Interview: Released Today

21 November 13

Posted at 5:02

dean ideas tap


Hot News.. Just released is Deans interview with the writer Hannah Marsh from Ideas Tap.

Click here to read the article and to get into the creative portal.  

Ideas Tap is a charity that supports creative people through  opportunitiesfundingarts jobs and  career development. Ideas Tap has a  thriving community of more than 120,000 members.




Chas & Dave: 'That's What Happens' Album Cover

15 November 13

Posted at 8:59

Chas and Dave

'That's What Happens' is the new album by legends Chas & Dave. Dean stepped out with the fellas to shoot the album cover and press images. The album has received critical acclaim and finds the chaps in top form this is what the Guardian say about the album: Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock's first studio album in 18 years will come as a surprise to those who remember their hit-making heyday. They've been working together for 50 years now and this collection of covers harks back to their skiffle and blues roots. There are echoes of Leadbelly and country harmonies on the likes of opener Railroad Bill and Midnight Special, and Hodges's voice has a kind of grit to it that only age and experience can provide on numbers such as Right String Baby. The old joanna doesn't even show up till the swinging, full-band single When Two Worlds Collide, and the only "rockney" track proper is piano-and-bass workout Rocking Gloworm. New Orleans march All By Myself closes the album with solos by Jools Holland and Hugh Laurie, but it's the jazzy I Can't Give You Anything But Love and the penultimate track Glory of Love, both featuring Martin Taylor on guitar, that are the real gems... Click  HERE to see them performing Railroad Bill on Mr. Holland's show


Eddie Izzard: Event Magazine

15 November 13

Posted at 8:51

eddie izzard

This is pretty intense...Dean photographed Eddie Izzard recently up in Edinburgh Scotland for the Mail's Event Magazine. You can see a behind the scenes film made by Warren Video of the shoot...Just click  HERE.

Eddie was in top form on the shoot and there will be more from this session appearing on the site soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.


A Night For Jon Brookes Images

15 November 13

Posted at 8:40


©Dean Chalkley Tim Burgess on stage at 'A Night for Jon Brookes.

The past few weeks have brought lots of requests for prints from 'A Night for Jon Brookes'. Dean was the official photographer for the event and covered the rehersals as well as the brilliant gig night. Currently prints are not available but watch this space as there might be developments in the near future...


In The Know!

01 November 13

Posted at 7:20

in the know

You Know Dean DeeJays well here is a special event that you might be interested in...Vintage Fair in the Day (Noon 'til 6pm) and Club (8pm-5am ...yes 5am!!) for more details on the "Do" click here


NME: Young Britannia 2013

31 October 13

Posted at 5:47

2nd and better cover image

' Say hello to the future of British music..' That's how the NME Young Britannia feature kicked off; these Singers, Songwriters, Producers and Bands have really got it going on. Holburn studios got nice and messy when Dean acted as ringmaster to this crazy 'ol shoot. Well to be part of this was a must if you were part of this elite crop of new exciting bands that are exploding on to the music scene .... It was a total GAS! Everyone came away with smiles on their faces and most with fire extinguisher foam in they hair...


Dean pops up to Scotland

21 October 13

Posted at 9:20

dean at edinbrugh ariport

©Jakub Gloser


Jakub Gloser snaps Dean at Edinburgh Airport, more on the mission later but enough to say that the shoot was pretty exciting and surreal...Watch this spcae for news on who was being photographed and what happened up in bonny Scotland.


A Night for Jon Brookes

18 October 13

Posted at 10:20

A Tribute to Jon Brookes Poster

Tonight at the Royal Albert Hall there is a special charity event 'A Night for Jon Brookes'. The Charlatans released an official statement that read "Following the loss of our much missed friend and drummer, Jon Brookes, we, together with some friends, are putting on a show at the Royal Albert Hall. The show will benefit The Brain Tumour Charity, which Jon was involved with during his illness. It’s our way of raising money for research into and awareness of a cancer that will unfortunately affect many lives as it has ours. We look forward to seeing you at the Royal Albert Hall and making it a night to remember." To find out more details please go to The Charlatans Official website  HERE. Dean has been documenting the rehearsals and preparations for the event and will also be taking photographs tonight. Artist  Pete Fowler has created the poster above for A Night for Jon Brookes at the Royal Albert Hall show. Limited edition prints will be available on the night.



Giggs: A firm Public Apology

10 October 13

Posted at 7:13

Giggs shot for the new british


Yesterday Peckham rapper Giggs published a video explaining why his forthcoming London concert had been canelled. To see the youtube video click here (Dean did't make this video by the way) 

Dean has photographed Giggs a number of times for XL Recordings and The New British magazine. The latter shoot produced the image above. 

Giggs' new album 'When Will It Stop' is released on the 15th October. There is more on this story at


The New British at the V&A

29 September 13

Posted at 12:10

The New British at the V&A

The New British at the V&A snaps 

©dean chalkley

'The Arena' is Deans latest film: Screened at the V&A Museum London on Friday 27th September 2013 as part of it's Friday Lates sessions. The film spins around the Crash Bang Wallop World of Banger Racing, a 12 minute long ode to the sport and various characters from the Spedeworth Racing Track in Aldershot. 

The New British Magazine was invited into the V&A to curate a space and present works that reflected the theme of Destruction. Kez Glozier the Magazines editor brought together works for several different artists to present an emotional informative and at times hard hitting selection of moving image pieces that reflect the essence of The New British's reason for being. 

'The Arena' film is not the end of the project, like all the works they point to more facets that will be announced soon, so watch this space, the Facebook page and @Chalkley_News on Twitter for details.

original post:  The V&A : 27th September : The New British : Dean will unveil elements of his latest project, he will screen a short film on Banger Racing in Britain. 6:30pm-10pm free entry places are designated on a first come, first served basis, this is an event not to be missed, For more details click  here.



Festival No6: The Saturday Black Cat Dj Set

20 September 13

Posted at 8:32

Dean in Black Cat mode

Click  here for the Saturday night Black Cat Dj's set featuring Dean, Si Cheeba and Sonny Scully Evans all spinning some heavy weight tuneage and remember all on Vinyl 45's. This session took place in Tim Peaks Diner in the amazingly odd Portmeirion.The Friday night Black Cat session featured Jack Hemingway, Sonny Scully Evans, and Dean. Sonny and Dean also played a afternoon session on the Sunday. If you like this session then you can hear more  here) 

Tim Burgess did a special supprise set in the Diner this can also be heard on Radio Novalujon click  here (..Tim mentions the was heavy rain outside.) 


Amy Winehouse Exhibition: INVITATION !

10 September 13

Posted at 5:43


Amy Winehouse invite





It will be an amazing night... Poinient of course , but a celebration of a great and unique person and what a celebration it will be...

Just look at what's on!!

The Exhibition includes many photographs of Amy some never seen before,  Dean will be showing some of his work in this very special exhibition entitled 'Amy Winehouse For You I Was A Flame'.  As you can see it's taking place at  Proud Camden  and has been curated by   The Amy Winehouse Foundation. The exhibition will kick start the celebrations for #Amys30 in Camden Town with a launch night on the 11th September that you are all invited to! Ticket details shall be announced shortly with all proceeds going to the Foundation. The exhibition will run from the 11th September until the 6th October.

so remember  #Amys30 on twitter and see  all the noise around the part of this!!

Click here for more info on the dates and places of events.


Tim Peaks Diner Action

10 September 13

Posted at 3:56

tim peaks

©Craige Barker

Today Tim Peaks Diner has a special day. It celebrates the opening of its first pop-up Diner in the HMV store in Cambridge. Tim Burgess asked Dean if he'd like to pop-up a few pictures on the wall, and of course Dean said yes, the whole Tim Peaks thing is an ongoing organic creative development.

Oh and what a place the HMV in Cambridge is too ! A grade 2 listed building with 3 floors of music games and books ..and now a Tim Peaks Diner amongst good is that...

The photograph of Dean was shot by Craige Barker, taken on 9th Sept when Dean visited the store to see it all coming together. The photograph of Tim was originally shot for the NME magazine and can be seen in the gallery on this site click here

This coming weekend the Diner pops up once again , this time in Portmeirion at the brilliant Festival No6 Dean and the Black Cat Djs this time including Sonny Scully Evans and Jack Hemingway (this link is more about him in general,  anyhow) they will also be spinning the vinyl , getting the people dancing and making the place jump to the Rhythm and Soul sounds Black Cat is known for....




SOCIETY: Maybe you heard it here first...

29 August 13

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Society have released their highly anticipated second single  '14 Hours' (Click  here). Shooting to infamy late last year on the back of the runaway success of a super-limited 7-inch vinyl-only debut called 'All That We've Become', they achieved major plaudits Radio 1 and  6Music  loved them as did them NME and  Q

'14 Hours' is a special release via the  Angular Recording Corporation the people who brought you These New Puritans, Klaxons, Bloc Party etc so you know this is going to be quality and weighty. The man behind this hunting and chilling croon is, 24-year-old London-based,  James Girdler, Dean photographed James for the bands first and very cinematic press session this is a malevolent image isn't it...

You will be hearing much more from Society soon..but for now, listen to their deep haunting  14 Hours 



Hush Puppies: The Darkroom

16 August 13

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From Friday 23rd August – Monday 26th August, Hush Puppies will be opening the doors of Truman Brewery and welcoming the creative and curious in for an exploration into traditional photography as part of their new pop-up Darkroom.

Taking budding photographers back in time to the days of old school processes and analogue cameras, the vast space just off Brick Lane, in the East of London will reveal all.

Guests can rent a 35mm film camera, hit the streets of London with their analogue in tow and on return personally print their own favourite image in the Darkroom with experts on hand to help guide people through the process.

Throughout the four days of the pop up there will  be a line-up of dynamic experts hosting interactive workshops too, these include learning how to make your own retro-pinhole camera, taking a tour with street photography experts who will help you take the perfect picture and then take you back to the Darkroom to develop your masterpiece.  As well as a pop-up classic camera store from photography specialists Films Not Dead.

Dean Chalkley will be exhibiting a sample of images from 'The Executioners' (see image above), a new and previously unseen photographic essay that portrays members of an obscure renegade British Car Club.Dean comented: “If you are using film on a shoot there's always an element of surprise, anticipation and excitement. Nowadays so many images are viewed ‘On-screen’, which is all good, but the beauty and physicality of a real photographic print and conventional photographic process is still a very special thing – I’d definitely encourage everyone to experience it.  I’m delighted to be displaying this series of images at the Darkroom. I had to think differently on this shoot, relinquish a bit of control, but this slightly different approach has reignited my appreciation of doing things this way. I hope it will produce similar feelings in those getting involved and taking part in the Darkroom”.

 Photographer and award-winning fine art printer Debbie Sears will be running the Darkroom for more info on all of this check out Hush Puppies site.





The Minx : Check Them Out !

16 August 13

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The Minx


The Minx are a band that Dean met about 2 years ago. A group of young men that have a great attitude, some have commented that, '. They LOOK like a band that met in a Borstal' such is their authentic grass roots energy and er...Danger.... The Minx are there for YOU! They are grafters, scallywags, urchins, and fun loving crash bang wallop rebel rousers. Go and see them ripping up a music venue near you soon! Click here to find out more about one of Manchester’s essential outfits. ..Oh and by the way The Minx are the Faces and Sounds of the  AW13 Dr Martins Campaign which was coincidentally shot by Deans good friend Gavin Watson. have a listen to them now on Soundcloud

  The Minx



Modernists gather in Brighton for August Bank Holiday

15 August 13

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If you want to hang out with the cream of the Mod scene, see some great scooters and dance to the very best in Modernist sounds then get down to Brighton on the August Bank Holiday. In case you are unfamiliar with Brighton’s significance to the Mod scene, check out Mod Culture website and you can find out lots of good information. It is the annual New Untouchables weekender. The holiday weekend will be jam packed with wonder, there is so much going on down there you must check out The New Untouchables site. Dean will be Djing at the Volts on the Sunday night for the second year on the trot. For full details of the weekend click  here. Click  here for tickets for the Saturday night. For the Sunday night event at the Volts featuring NUT's Dj's and special guest DJ slots but Pete and & Chris Tebbutt and Dean click  here or just pop down and enjoy the sun.

Dean will be warming up for the Brighton Weekender at  Black Cat this Saturday so pop along to the The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park this Saturday if you can.









Tim Peaks ..Oh No I Love You..

04 August 13

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Tim Peaks Diner at Kendal Calling 2



Tim Peaks Diner was brilliant! This small log cabin was the perfect setting for intimate performances, discussions and interviews. Great live music and Deejays (inc Black Cat Djs and Dave Haslam as well as creative Master classes presented by Record Producers, eminent Journalists, Cartoonists etc, Dean delivered one too on photography ( review). The weekends schedule was packed with so much good stuff! Spontaneous acoustic performances by John Ainsworth and Twisted Wheel, M usical Bingo even so you can see the scope of what was happening in this Hansel and Gretel like cabin...Well, the cake and Tim Peaks Coffee flowed and there were smiles all round, Tim Burgess played in the Diner on Sunday afternoon and it was amazing (picture above) People squeezed in 'til the cabin was full, people even watched through the windows trying to soak up the very special atmosphere. Legendary! (check out the ' Louder than War' blog about it)

The Diner was of course part of the Kendal Calling festival set in the Lake District amongst beautiful countryside and very well organised there was always enough great music, food Even a bit of a down pour on the Saturday night didn't interrupt the universal fun for everyone.... Like Kendal Mint Cake ..It Was Sweet!! her..did you like that??..


Fred Perry Twisted Wheel Launch Party

02 August 13

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fred perry launch twisted wheel



The Launch Party for Fred Perry's latest range went well. DJ's Sonny 'Scully' Evans and Oliver Abbott played a great selection of Northern Soul 45's to the crowds that'd amassed to celebrate the unvailing of this bold new collection. In the photograph above you can see Scully standing next to one of his infamous 'Ugly Sound System' Speaker Boxes. To the left of Scully stands Oliver Abbott drinking a cool beer well deserved from the evenings vinyl spinning. The Range is now available in Fred Perry stores country wide and online click here for the link.


Adidas Originals Blue Collection FW13

24 July 13

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Due for release shortly is Adidas' Originals Blue Collection FW13 with a campaign shot by Dean Chalkley.

The Adidas Originals Blue collection is a premium apparel and footwear line intertwining adidas’s impeccable lifestyle heritage with a luxury street aesthetic. Mixing functional sport utilitarianism with street attitude, the FW13 collection perfectly combines the two sartorial disciplines by focusing on versatile trainers and clothes. A sub-cultural edge is thrown into the mix, giving adidas Originals Blue an attitude worthy of any street corner in London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo or New York.

Prints clash but the colours match; adidas Originals Blue fuse all-over graphics, rock iconology, hip-hop culture, subversive camouflage and patterns from the animal kingdom. Innovative details, such as taped seams and technical zips, and high-tech water-repellent materials keep you on track. Classic basketball uniforms share the court with running gear re-appropriated for inner-city life.





Fred Perry - Twisted Wheel

24 July 13

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Dean's shoot for Fred Perry's Twisted Wheel range has now been published on their website. Fred Perry have also chosen to show an extract of Dean Chalkley's short film YOUNG SOULS on the site. Also featured if Dean's close friend Eddie Piller, with a carefully compiled playlist of his the most influential and the biggest floor filling Northern Soul tracks. Eddie just so happens to appear in Dean's YOUNG SOULS as the DJ too, fancy that!



Kendal Calling: 27th July Photography Masterclass

24 July 13

Posted at 10:38

On Saturday 27th July Dean will be a guest speaker at Kendal Calling's 'Acadamy'. He will discuss his route into photography images that have become important milestones in his back catolouge and other subjects around the creative world of photography.

The event will take place in the festivals pop up   Tim Peaks Diner at 10am until 11am on Saturday 27th July. Check the Kendal Calling Acadamy section by clicking  here details and full line up of talks.

Dean is also DJing at the festival. He will appear on the House Party Stage later that evening from 10 - 11pm, joined by his Black Cat DJ cohort Si Cheeba the duo will play the notoriously eclectic mix of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk and LatinBoogaloo as well as unexpected funk get down to Kendal Calling , it is a brilliant Festival and over the weekend has many attractions including Public Enemy, The Charlatans, Basement Jaxx and Primal Scream.

Click here for the Festival line up and the Black Cat mention here .


Gizzi Erskine for The Sunday Times Magazine

19 July 13

Posted at 7:28

Gizzi Erskine

 Gizzi Erskine is The Sunday Times  'new cook'. Dean shot the colorful cover feature in East London's Street Studios. The Feature was released on the 14th July 2013 generating a great deal of interest and introduced Gizzi in a beautifully vivid way. The Cover feature highlights Gizzi's modern cooking style and heralds Gizzi as a very exciting new recruit to the Magazines features crew. Dean wanted the images to reflect the essence of the 1950's and 60's prevalent in miss Erskine’s style and look. Link into the Magazine  here and to catch up on Gizzi's life follow her on twitter  here .


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - update

19 July 13

Posted at 12:59

© Dean Chalkley 2013


Dean has is now back in the UK following his trip to attend the eagerly anticipated private view of his new group exhibition You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet in Antwerp.


The opening night was 1100 strong parting in to the early hours, helped along the way with a DJ set from homegrown talent Tom Barman from Deus.


© Dean Chalkley 2013


© Guy Voet 2013


The exhibition, which focuses on modern day music photography continues to be shown throughout the summer until 06.10.13.


Click here to view a short video that previewed the show, test your Dutch and see if you can spot anyone familiar :)





Village Green Festival

12 July 13

Posted at 5:54

This Saturday 13th July, Dean will be attending The Village Green festival in his hometown Southend-on-Sea. Following the success of Dean's talks hosted by Metal, the festival's organisers Dean has been invited to DJ along with fellow Black Cat Si Cheeba.

SATURDAY 13 JULY 2013. 11AM – 9PMChalkwell Park. Southend on Sea. SS0 8NB


Adidas Blue ...Watch This Space

08 July 13

Posted at 6:26

Images have started to pop up online, the word is getting out ... a new and exciting range from Adidas is about to hit the mainframe. Check here in the next few days to see some of the shots Dean has done.. Adidas Blue is Coming.


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

13 June 13

Posted at 2:52

You aint seen nothing yet

Music and photography are inseparably linked. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet shows the work of photographers who stand out for their unique style and original approach. The exhibition in Antwerp Belgium includes intimate backstage portraits, eccentric group portraits and iconic album covers. FoMu is showing work by, among others, Dean Chalkley, Joris Bulckens, Daniel Cohen, Charlie De Keersmaeker, Koen Keppens, Ryan McGinley, James Mollison, Alex Salians, Michael Schmelling, Oliver Sieber, Alex Vanhee, Eva Vermandel and Rob Walbers. The exhibition includes album cover art, music videos, photography books and an installation by Radio Soulwax.

 You Aint Seen Nothing Yet Exhibtion at FoMu runs from 28.06.13 - 06.10.13


Water Aid Pump Up The Volume

12 June 13

Posted at 6:12


We are extremely proud to announce Dean’s involvement in Water Aid’s latest amazing awareness campaign ‘Pump up the Volume’.

The Campaign asks Glastonbury 2013 festival-goers to Pump up the Volume – for a world were everyone, everywhere has safe water and sanitation by 2030. Water Aid will be all over the site gathering signatures that will then be taken to the UN in September, calling for universal access to safe water and sanitation. At their stand, you will be able to support the campaign by having your photo as you Pump up the volume. But you don’t have to be at Glastonbury this year to take part and show your support. Click here to sign their Epetition.


Dean DJing at the Isle of Wight Festival

12 June 13

Posted at 5:26

isle of wight

This weekend Dean will be DJing, along with fellow Black Cat DJ Si Cheeba at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival. The Duo were specially asked by Tim Burgess to work their magic in the Tim Peaks Intoxicating Tea rooms from 19:00- 20:00 on Sunday 16th of June, they will also be playing a short set on the Saturday in the Hip Shaker tent! Pop along to see them in action, spinning tunes for your sonic pleasure!


Beady Eye : NME

11 June 13

Posted at 9:31


Liam NME cover


Dean has shot Liam Gallagher many times now, In fact Deans first ever encounter with Liam, Noel and the rest of Oasis was at the  Army and Navy pub in Chelmsford way back in the 1990's. Dean was in a very embryonic stage of his photography, always connected to the music scene and went to the 'Army and Navy' to check out this band that had a great buzz about them. The gig was by all accounts incredible, Dean positioned himself to the right of the small stage and awaited the band, when Liam walked onto the stage he spotted the Camera and thrust 2 fingers virtually into the lens...Whooohhh ...what an Attitude...Apparently the gig was amazing and the crowd went crazy, people dancing on the pubs counter as the band thrilled the eager the very excitable hipsters squeezed into this small venue.. Oasis finished their set with a cover of the Beatles classic  'I Am The Walrus'.

That was a long time ago though, and much has changed... Oasis went through several different line-ups and became massive of course. The legendary relationship between the Gallagher brothers has exploded across the media on more than one occasion. 

Both Noel and Liam now have very successful solo careers, Liam's splinter outfit is called  'Beady Eye' and they have just released their 3rd album since splitting up Oasis. The new collection of tracks it called "BE' and can be heard on Spotify, check out Beady Eye's website  here for more information about the band gigs and all that jazz....



125 Magazine is out!!

11 June 13

Posted at 9:20

valerie june 125 magazine 


The New Edition of 125 Magazine is out,  219 pages of juicy stuff including great editorial photographic features 'Wayne's World' by Rick Guest, God's Fondness by Tim Flach and Valerie June by Dean. This thick heavy bound magazine is available from good News Agents, Art Book stores, Galleries and online here.


Daft Punk Top Secret Mission To Paris

20 May 13

Posted at 4:04

daft punk cover



Eight years after their last album, the dynamic  French duo Daft Punk have released an explosive new album!

This fourth studio album entitled  Random Access Memories is available today in the UK.

It is a  phenomenal piece of work!

Recorded over five years in studios in Paris, London, and New York and reputed to have cost several million dollars to make Random Access Memories features collaborations with legends such as Giorgio MoroderNile Rodgers, Panda Bear, Julian Casablancas, Todd Edwards, Dj Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Paul Williams and Pharrell Williams.

Back to the shoot…

Although shrouded in mystery we can say that Dean travelled on a very secret mission to Paris and encountered the two maestros.

Daft Punk were interviewed in Bing Crosby's former mansion in California for the NME Magazine.  

The piece appears in the current issue and, you can take a look on to see a taster of the article and other Daft Punk stuff!!! Click here to go to spotify to hear the album.



Radio Show: Jazz at The Black Cat Bunker

10 May 13

Posted at 6:54

Jazz at The Black Cat Bunker


Join Dean, Si Cheeba, Adrian Lawrence and David Dawson on for a very special soup session, Jazz at The Black Cat Bunker. So it's this Saturday 11th May between 1pm and 5pm the Black Cat chaps and friends will blast the airwaves with latin, bebop and other ModJazz sonics. Click here to go to the cult radio station 'Radio Novalujon'


Mod: The Elusive British Dream

09 May 13

Posted at 11:07

Great article by Jason Holmes in The Huffington Post today interviews Richard Weight about his book. Click  here to read.


The Computers: Love Triangles Hate Squares

09 May 13

Posted at 10:55

The Computers

Have you heard this band?.. You really must rush out or log on and get their new album. Yes people it's The Computers with their new album 'Love Triangles Hate Squares'. If you get a chance go see them live , they are sensational onstage and even take the show to the people and get off stage too...More news about the band soon.  Click here to go to the bands website. Dean shot their artwork and press imagary, you will see alot about this band soon....They really are brilliant!!


The Vaccines: NME Magazine

04 May 13

Posted at 11:50

NME Vaccines 4th May2013



This weeks NME has a big piece on The Vaccines, to accompany the pictures and words there is a free cd give away too so you get the all round effect!! The article plunges head first into the world of the Vaccines and especially the lead singer Justine Young's mind. Hold tight its a bumpy  here for more NME on line info.


Royal Photographic Magazine Feature

04 May 13

Posted at 11:06

RPS Magazine

This Months RPS Magazine has just been published. This month there is a 7 page article written by David Land  about Dean. The piece focuses on Dean’s holistic approach, including commentary on his films, installation, and of course photography. The piece is illustrated with a range of images from The New Faces series, Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johansson and the Cath Kidston and Hush Puppies Campaigns as well as other photographs shot by Dean. The RPS Magazine is subscription only but the RPS can be contacted through their or friend them on twitter @The_RPS 




Radio Nova Lujon Soup Session : Listen and Download

06 April 13

Posted at 6:24

dean chalkley portrait


Dean's 3rd appearance on Radio Nova Lujon has now been released and is ready to listen to.

The show was broadcast live from North London's  The Hideaway Bar in Tufnell Park London on Wednesday 3rd April between 9pm and 2am. It features an exclusive live acoustic performance by  D.B.Cohen. Dean's DJ selection is a musical mystery tour that kicks off with his signature R&B and Soul selections and then reaches out into the corners of his collection retrieving sensational vinyl’s that add up to a transcendental sonic trip…blimey!! Check it out now!!!  



Shortlist out today with feature on MOD: A Very British Style

04 April 13

Posted at 1:51


shortlist cover 4-4-13 Mod 

Shortlist Magazine today features an article on "How MOD changed the world"; it refers to Richard Weight's recently released book that plots the history of the Sub Culture, its influences heritage and enduring impact. Shortlist's feature includes anecdotes about Scooters,  John Stephen, The Sassoon Hair Cuts, Blue Note Records and other sonic, sartorial and things the Mod (Modernist) culture incorporates. Two of The New Faces images are included in the piece.


Radio.Novalujon Broadcast

30 March 13

Posted at 9:27

radio novalujon cover page

Tune in live or download after, either way don't forget to log on to Dean's 3rd 'Soup Session' Broadcast on the award winning cult Station To find out more about the show click  here (special insider information for you, D.B. Cohnen will be making a live appearance on the show playing an exclusive selection of acoustic numbers from his forthcoming and highly anticipated album 'SCRATCHCARDS & WINE' D.B.Cohen will incidentally be playing his new album in full with all the musicians that contributed to it very soon so click  here for details of that show. Back to Wednesday the 3rd April though Dean's Soup Session will be broadcast live from  The Hideaway Bar in Tufnell Park London so if you are in the area come down and hang out, entry is free.


Hebden Bridge – A Screen Social Special! March 29th!

28 March 13

Posted at 10:26

Click here is a great little event thats taking place at Hebden Bridge!!!. The   collaboration between  Cannes in a Van  and  Inkfolk   will present films from the Cannes in a Van festival 2012. Young Souls will be screening in this special selection of films on Friday the 29 th  March at Macpelah Mill, Hebden Bridge. Expect the full Red-Carpet treatment – so if you’re in the mood, get out your glitzy frock and sharpest suit to add a little bit of that Hollywood sparkle!


MOD: A Very British Style

25 March 13

Posted at 11:31

MOD: A Very British Style

This Thursday (28th March at East Village Lounge,) Richard Weight unveils his new book ' MOD: A Very British Style'.

The publication charts the 'Modernist' Culture from its origins in 1950s Soho to the modern day. 


‘Mod! is a book about the distinctively British youth cult and the artistic and social influence it has had. What became known as Mod was an amalgam of American and European music, fashion and design that has left its mark not only on a variety of subsequent youth cults but also on British culture as a whole. At its peak, in the mid-1960s, Mod became shorthand for what it meant to be a modern Briton; it helped to shape popular ideas about social relationships, taste, lifestyle and national identity at a time when the British Empire was being dismantled and American consumerism was changing British society.’ - Richard Weight.


A selection of Dean's New Faces Photographs adorn the cover of the book.   


The opening night promises to be a big party! Tony Kofi will DJ as well as a number of special guests selectors!! It's going to be amazing!!

For those who don't know Richard Weight, "is a social historian and broadcaster and the author of several books, including  Patriots: National Identity in Britain 1940–2000 and  The A–Z Guide to Modern Britain. He writes and presents documentaries for the BBC, is a contributor to The Times, and is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Society of Arts. He lectures in Europe and Africa for the British Council and acts as a consultant to several organisations, including the Institute for Public Policy Research."


You can find the book at  amazon, book depository and at guardian bookshop.




NME AWARDS : Oh what a night!!

24 March 13

Posted at 3:31

  NME 2013 awards Collection

 Here is a little flavour of how the NME Awards 2013 night went. The Images were published in the March 9th edition of the Magazine but we just thought you might like to have a refreshed glimpse of the night. Click  here to see the expanded copy of the magazine.


David Bowie: IS

21 March 13

Posted at 12:13

David Bowie: IS Last night the V&A Museum unveiled it's much anticipated David Bowie exhibition.

David Bowie at the V &A : David Bowie IS

The star-studded private view event was a buzz with movers and shakers. Bowie has of course had a massive effect on the course of popular music for more than 4 decades his creativity and uncompromising approach has penetrated through into general culture. He is a living legend, icon and Transcendental in his appeal he's inspired countless people. This effect is also celebrated in the show, Dean's image of La Roux is included in the show, La Roux is one of the contemporary artists that are clearly highly affected by Bowie. The exhibition has been THE fastest selling shows the V&A has ever put on so if you would like to go to view the seminal show click  here to reserve tickets.


Click here is a great  BBC broadcast ... 


Do The Green Thing: Jumper Love

21 March 13

Posted at 11:26

jumper love


Green Thing is a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. With the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do - and enjoy doing. Join people from 209 countries doing their green things and making a difference. 

Today Do The Green Thing has released this little nugget, a shoot that should really warm you up.

Click here on the image to go to the Do The Green Thing site.

In addition to the poster, there's a great behing the scenes film. Produced by Dean and Directed and Edited by Diana's pretty funny so please click on the link here and have a look.


UPDATE: Dean recieved a message from the Do The Green Thing  charity explaining that , '..Pessimistic measures put our campaign reach at 11 million people, ...'  23 posters created by different creatives for the project they all look great and are fun oh and of course deal with important issues ... go check them out here.


Did you know Dean DJ's ?

21 March 13

Posted at 8:57

Here is a little bit of information away from the Photographic and Film side of the activity at Chalkley Towers. For those of you that don't know Dean regularly DJ's and organises club nights around London and other parts of the UK. Soul and Rhythm & Blues form the core of his DJ sets but Latin Boogaloo, Rare Groove and other dancefloor filling genres are included in his unique sonic blends. Dean created SHAKE! at the Boogaloo that ran at the imfamous North London Venue  The Boogaloo Bar for 4 years (click  here for a live Radio Nova Lujon broadcast of one of the nights.). After that residency drew to a close Dean and his DJ buddy Si Cheeba started up ' Black Cat' at the crutial Club bar The Silver Bullet. Black cat has been running regularly there for 3 years. 

Dean and his fellow Black Cat collective play only Vinyl records....

 If you want to hear some great records and hit the dancefloor here are a few dates that are coming up that Dean is DJing at:

 2 nd April  New Street Adventure at The Borderline 

 3rd April Dean will be presenting a Radio Novalujon Soup Session

11 th April   D.B.Cohen Album Launch Party at the Troubadour 

20 th April   Return of …The Ugly at Chinnerys in Southend on sea (Dean Chalkley guest DJ session with Sonny’Scully’ Evans, and Dean from 1000 tons and more)


+ Dean and Si Cheebas Black Cat will be on 20 th April   Black Cat at the Silver Bullet Finsbury Park London (Si Cheeba, Dom Cater, Eli S Deutsch, Neil Barker, Elliot Gale (Dean will not be DJing at this Black Cat instead he'll be at the above for this one off, the rest of the collective will keep the dancefloor rolling)


A bit more about the nights:


New Street Adventure: Fresh from their signing to ACID JAZZ RECORDS and recording of their debut album, New Street Adventure explode back onto the scene at The Borderline  Club on the 2 nd April .  This night will be  BIG!! Black Cats’s Dean and Si Cheeba will be spinning a very eclectic selection after the band, expect Rhythm and Blues, Northern Soul, Funk , Latin Boogaloo and even a more good times Hip Hop  angle to some of Mr. Cheeba’s selections.Black Cat is know for it’s cross pollination of styles , consistently great music that crosses genres and reaches to the outer limits, digging up killa tracks to the dancefloor. So get some rest this will be a night to remember

 It's £5 in advance: 

DB Cohen album Launch Special Gig: 'Scratchcards and Wine' is the title of D.B.Cohen's excellent new album. For one night only all the players on the 'record' will play, it will be a sensational night . Black Cat DJ's Si Cheeba and Dean Chalkley are most honoured to provide exciting vinyl stimulation after D.B.Cohen and his band have performed so get down to the world famous TROUBADOUR club in Earls Court for a unique night.

Only £8 on the door for this momentus evening.

Return of …The Ugly: Dean guest DJ session with Sonny ’Scully’ Evans, and Dean from 1000 tons and more a Seaside special...Boss Reggae meets Soul and R&B







16 February 13

Posted at 11:34


gael foget exhibition features Deans Photography

Click on the picture to check out this video link to Gaels Show


Hemingway Design for Hush Puppies SS13

06 February 13

Posted at 3:31

hemingway for hush puppies ss13

Today we spotted the first evidence of the new Hemingway Design for Hush Puppies SS13 Campaign to hit the press. 

To see the article in Clash Magazine blog click here

Click on the film below to play one of the reportage 'Shorts' that were made whilst Dean did the shoot.

screengrab Hemingway design for hush puppies ss13




Blink Magazine : 21 today!!

02 February 13

Posted at 1:02

blink pix

 Previous Blink Covers shot by various photographers not Dean


Blink Magazine samples


The Cover image of  BLINK magazine issue 21 was shot by © William Coupon


Kim Aram's magazine  BLINK goes on sale today. Limited to 500 copies this precious publication is unveiled, included in its ad free pages are the works of 

Danwen XingDavid TitlowElias WesselFrieke JanssensJulie BlackmonPaulina Otylie SurysWilliam CouponBettina GentenCharlotte Rutherford

and Dean of course...

The magazine is highly respected and will only be available for a short period due to its limited numbers. So BLINK and you just might miss that ?... 

Here some sample spreads from Dean and other photographers in the book:

blink pix




FOALS: NME: 26th January Issue

25 January 13

Posted at 8:01


foals for the nme

(Yannis from Foals)

The current edition of the NME has a great piece on FOALS! The band has now well and truly shaken off the pigeon hole term of ' Math Rock'. With this great new Album.  They say ' We wanted to have fun and write stuff that felt good from the waist down,' (Yannis Philippakis) well they have 100% done that. The single  'Inhaler' burst onto the scene and the album ' Holy Fire' now follows...set for release on the 11th Feb 2013

Dean Shot the band just after the Christmas break in West London (coincidentally in the same studio that he shot Paul Weller Miles Kane Noel Gallagher and Tim Burgess last year) The chaps were on good form and embraced the opportunity to make some very interesting photographs with Dean.

 You can get the digital version of the magazine  here or get the Magazine from newsagents now.


foals for the nme



'Scully' 'drops' into Shortlist

25 January 13

Posted at 7:50

Here's a cool little thing that Shortlist wrote up on Sonny 'Scully' Evans. You'll of course know Scully as the main guy in  Young Souls film and he also featured in the photographic series of the same name. Here Scully gives a couple of hints on how to do a classic Northern Soul dance move , The Back Drop. Later this year our good friend Elaine Constantine will release her film Northern Soul - The Film we are very excited to see it and know that it will be a great piece of work. 

Right get practicing!!



scully shortlist article


Artist Gael Froget: Vandalism

16 January 13

Posted at 11:16


gael foget exhibition features Deans Photography


Artist Gael Froget unveils new Exhibition in Malaysia. The show will feature this image of Zayn Clyre shot by Dean and 'Vandalised' by Gael...Pretty eye catching stuff hey!!!


Cath Kidston new exciting Campaign

13 January 13

Posted at 10:13

Cath Kidston home page

Today elements of the new Cath Kidston Spring Summer 13 campaign have been unveiled.  The Sunday Times Business Magazine have featured a story on Kenny Wilson and his working relationship with Cath Kidston and the shareholders. It makes great reading!

There is an immense lust for the product globally and the company is extremely keen to keep the brand fresh... Art Director Aaran Cawte and Dean worked with the team at Cath Kidston to produce a startling new set of images that will filter out over the coming weeks.

In the mean time here is a link to a short 'behind the scenes' film taken on set as the shoots were taking place, click  here to view. 





01 January 13

Posted at 8:15

All the best and hope 2013 is a great year for you!...



24 December 12

Posted at 5:16

It's been a big old year here at Chalkley Towers, a year of excitement and change. The ever evolving and rolling thing that is happening here has brought with it a change of location for us, a new agent ( and an explosion of new projects. It’s a very productive time with lots of Photographic and Film shoots in the worlds of Fashion, Music and Culture. These include shoots for Fred Perry and Hush Puppies and lots of Bands and musicians here are just some of the many shoots Dean has done over the year, Paul McCartney, Noel and Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller, Miles Kane, Jake Bugg, Patti Smith, Alt-j, Palma Violets. Many of the projects will be released during next year including The Computers album cover (they have made a great new album), stuff inside the Palma Violets album (goes without saying this is one of the most anticipated albums of next year) and much much more. (oh happy 60th Birthday NME)

On the Exhibition tip, the Royal Albert Hall, White Wall Space and Brighton's Hotel Pelirocco were all very notable. The former exhibition was accompanied by a gig curated by Dean, with Kitty Daisy and Lewis, New Street Adventure, Kieran Leonard.

 The creation of the Soul-a-trope was unique and very special (it may very well emerge again soon..) A special mention to The New British, congratulations for getting one of the best magazines out of all time, the NME for keeping new music fresh and buzzing.

 ...So keep your eyes on the blog for more thrilling stuff, it might be photography, it might be film,it might be something else but it will be exciting! Thank you for checking out the blog we hope you enjoy the site and also hope you visit it regularly in the future for more news...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!! OH AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

If you are in the Essex area on the 29th December Dean will be Djing with Black Cat DJ buddy Si Cheeba at the Radio Novalujon party at the Railway Hotel and if you are in London on the 31st December why not pop along to the 100 Club in Oxford Street London at the New Street Soul Club New Years Eve Party. It'll be Northern Soul, Rhythm and Blues and Ska with a very Special live sets from The Spitfires and New Street Adventure.


50 Years of British Rock Exhibition in China!

13 December 12

Posted at 11:24

Rock Archive Exhibition

Featured in this week’s UK NOW (British Council for Arts & Culture) is a special article on the British Council and Rock Archive’s touring exhibition celebrating 50 years of British Rock!

Amongst the 50 Iconic images, which included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay was one of Dean’s very own shots of the contemporary national treasure Adele. The Exhibition has been touring since May this year and was most recently shown at Harbour City, Hong Kong from 12 th – 18 th November. Click here for more information about the show.


In France with Alt-J NME Cover 24/11/12

27 November 12

Posted at 8:51


After  last weeks on the road feature on  Jake BuggDean Chalkley's done it again and produced another cover and feature for  NME magazine but this time Dean travelled to France to join  Alt-J on their European tour. The article explores the stratospheric rise of the band's debut and Mercury Award winning album ' An Awesome Wave'. The NME article was written by new NME hot shot writer  Jenny Stevens.

After catching the train from Kings Cross St Pancras, speeding over to Paris and then jumping on another train to the capital of Normandy the city of Evreux, Jenny interviewed the band whilst Dean and assistant Gideon Marshall set up an improvised 'studio' to shoot these and other unusual images of the band. They all then went to the bands gig that night where Dean shot the band in action. Check out the digital Edition of the magazine  here.



YOUNG SOULS and LOOK:HEAR at the Royal Albert Hall

27 November 12

Posted at 8:44

It’s been a big year for Dean’s exhibitions LOOK:HEAR and YOUNG SOULS.

The LOOK:HEAR debut was in Leigh~on~Sea, Essex and YOUNG SOULS continued to ride its wave of success from release. With a show at the infamous Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton.

In September the two collections came together for the first time at one of London’s most Iconic and monumental venues the  Royal Albert Hall.

The two collections complimented each other beautifully, one presenting us with a variety of Dean’s choice images from the vast pool of his ‘Music Portraits’, archives, containing both established (some of which have played at the venue) and new talent alike. The other being an exploration of the culture of Northern Soul, a music scene phenomenon focusing on a current burgeoning generation of young people who have immersed themselves into the music and culture that Dean himself, has collected and enjoyed since boyhood.

The substantial photographic show at the Royal Albert hall was seen by 5000+ visitors PER NIGHT!! with a total residency of 5 weeks. 

Needless to say the show was a great success and reviewed and blogged about by the likes of  It’s Nice ThatPYMCAThe Print SpaceThe Huffington Post.

Here are a few of the nice things that were said:

…“it is about time the world got to see exactly what ten years of dedication looks like.” – It’s Nice That

…”it is immediately evident that this self-effacing Southend-on-Sea-born man is at one with his craft, ostensibly picking up from where David Bailey and Terry O'Neill have left off.” – Huffington Post

*As a side note whilst the exhibition adorned the walls of the Royal Albert Hall many events took place at the world famous and iconic venue, The Beach Boys were amongst the performances and it was also the world Premiere of 'Skyfall' the latest James Bond film.... 





On The Road with Jake Bugg NME Cover Feature - 17.11.12

17 November 12

Posted at 11:53

Jake Bugg NME cover

In early November this year Dean traveled across the pond on a special mission to capture the Canadian & North American legs of Jake Bugg's tour with Noel Gallagher. Yet again teaming up with journalist Matt Wilkinson (remember THAT Arctic Monkey's American tour in the summer of 2011?). Dean joined Jake the Nottingham born 18-year-old sensation who is bursting on the scene with his unique blend of the Blues. To read more about the times on the road, the gigs and backstage check out a snippet of click here on the  NME feature  but of course it's best to buy the magazine to get the low down on the whole story. 

Also head over to Jake Bugg's website for a free download of Saffron!...Great Song!! ..His self titled album is a must have for your collection!


Loads going on!..but for now it's TV time.

03 November 12

Posted at 5:12

Things at Chalkley Towers have been crazy!... sorry for no posts for a while but it's been a busy old time. Even just in the last 14 days there has been a big shoot on location for Hush Puppies (...Really nice shoes and a great outdoor shoot to herald the Spring Summer 13 Range!!). This was followed by Deans special mission to the 'States and Canada with Jake Bugg (What a talent Jake is!!). We'll go into detail about all these things as well as summary of the Royal Albert Hall show (Wow!! That in itself will be a good post so keep 'um peeled for that one) soon. But here is something urgent we need to tell you about. Sky Arts are repeating the fantastic Art and Music documentary by Simon Witter entitled 'London Calling', it starts with episode 1 tonight (3-11-12) at 7pm GMT so turn on tune in and here for details.


London Calling Oz!

19 October 12

Posted at 9:56

Eminent writter and filmmaker  Simon Witter has produced a Fantastic documentary series entitled  London Calling: The Untold Story Of British Pop. 

The series started in Australia last week on the Arts and Culture Channel  Studio. There are 4 programmes in the series each approx. 1 hour long. Dean features in the second programme of the series 'Every Picture Tells  A Story', it is due to be aired on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

Just before Christmas last year Dean was Interviewed by Simon Witter for the programme. It's first broadcast came on  ARTE, (the European Arts and Culture Channel) earlier this year amidst the London centric summer of Jubilee celebrations and Olympic triumph.  The Series Screened on UK T.V.'s via the Sky Arts Channel around 3 weeks ago and now Australia is delighting in the show.

London Calling: The Untold Story Of British Pop focuses on the British Pop/Rock culture as well as celebrating its relationship within other artistic disciplines. Dean features alongside legendary photographers   Jill Furmanovsky,   Pennie Smith and  Gered Mankowitz, Writers  Jon Savage and  Paul MorleyBoy George and managers  Simon Napier-Bell and  Andrew Loog Oldham as well as artist/musician  Fred Deakin.

Interviewed at his North London Studio, Dean talked at length about the current scene and the nurturing of new talent, offering a contrast to his peers more historical insights.

Dean also invited  the the London Calling cameras along to  Shorditch Studios in London to hang out and document a live shoot in progress with the young and soulful band  New Street Adventure .  Dean has affiliated himself with New Street Adventure, inviting them to play at his immensely well-attended and enjoyed opening parties/private views for his latest exhibition “ LOOK. HEAR” shown in Leigh-on-Sea at the beginning of the year and now currently resideing along side “YOUNG SOULS” (another exhibition by Dean) at the  Royal Albert Hall, London until the 26th October 2012.

Here's a taster of the series.


Muse - NME

19 October 12

Posted at 9:50

This week, Dean's cover shot of Muse for NME graces News-stands across the country. Dean shot Muse last Thursday during their rehearsals (yes Rehersals! they actually took over Wembley  Arena to reherse in!!) for their 2nd Law tour promoting their latest album of the same name.

Muse NME cover 2012

The interview with Tom Howard gives NME’s readers a behind-the-scenes look into the band’s “maddest tour ever”, with in depth descriptions of the astonishly impressive set designed by Matt Bellamy himself. 

Muse’s 6 th studio album '2 nd Law' was given a very credible 8/10 in NME and, as the band informed Dean on the day of the shoot, that the album artwork is an illustration of the human brain’s intricate circuitry system, where the connections of how we process information has been represented in a colour coded graphic...Which is pretty cool.






Screen Social presents Young Souls Thursday 11th October

10 October 12

Posted at 9:07

Downstairs at the Book Club on Thursday 11th October'  Screen Social ' will present a selection of shortlisted and winning entries from The Van d’Ors’ 'Cannes in a Van' awards / festival, it will be a packed night full of film, music, chat, drinks and all-round congratulations! Plus there’ll be an acoustic set from Lee Clayden. Doors open at 7pm. Click here for the full details and facebook event.


The New British gets physical

07 October 12

Posted at 8:37

tnb party 

  the new british launch party

Last Thursday night ‘The New British’Magazine got physical. People gathered at the launch party. Eagerly  people looked at the sought after copy of the magazine that was present in the gallery. The Magazine is very rare some tried (and failed) to ‘half inch’ the copy.  Exposure gallery in Little Portland Street London was THE place to be that night. We salute Kez Glozier (the man behind the publication), it’ a great Magazine click here to see their blog

. the new british launch party the new british launch party the new british launch party the new british launch party


Open Day at the Royal Albert Hall: Saturday 6th October

05 October 12

Posted at 5:01

Dean's 'Young Souls' and 'Look.Hear' exhibitions remain up in the Royal Albert Hall until the 26th October, but this Saturday (6th October) will be the final Public Open Day. 

In other words this will be the last time you can just roll into the Royal Albert Hall off the street unless you are going to see a performance or on a guided tour. So, if you can make it along between 10am -3pm on Saturday it is the ideal time to see the work. We have heard that people have just arrived at the venue outside of the Public Open Days and have still been allowed to view the exhibitions but entry cannot be guaranteed, it is at the management’s discretion. Click  here for Royal Albert Hall Details.


BANG! The Palma Violets explode onto the scene.

04 October 12

Posted at 12:14




palma violets nme

THIS IS A BAND YOU WILL LOVE! ....Palma Violets shot at Studio 180 London

This Weeks NME magazine is full of Palma Violets pictures… well there are other stories but the Palma Violets have a substantial chunk of the Magazine. This band are exciting!  Some people are calling them the 'best new band', maybe they are?... The feature that Dean shot certainly captures them bursting out of obscurity. It seems very likely that we will reflect on this feature as a pivotal moment.



02 October 12

Posted at 3:43

'It's Nice That' is The Barometer for what's hot and what's not.

Today the site included news about the Royal Albert Hall exhibitions LOOK.HEAR and YOUNG SOULS... Click here to read 


Royal Albert Hall Exhibition Runs until the 26th October

29 September 12

Posted at 9:47

Already thousands of visitors to the Royal Albert Hall have seen the LOOK.HEAR and YOUNG SOULS exhibitions.

The iconic venue present concerts virtually every night, on average 5000 people come through the doors and view the exhibitions before settling down to see their particular show.

The exhibitions are not just for audiences of the Albert Hall though. 'open to the public days' allow people to just walk in off the street and see the work too. There have been a few of these already, the next will be the 6th October. The "open to the public days'' are free to enter between 10am-3pm.

...Hope you can make it along!

Click here for Royal Albert Hall details.



NME 60!!

26 September 12

Posted at 1:19


nme 60th nme 60th

nme 60th nme 60th


To celebrate NME's 60th Birthday ..Yes it's GOLDEN JUBILEE can you believe!!! The New Musical Express have published 8 different covers in one week, 4 of which were shot by Dean . We think these special collectors editions will be rare and sought after in the future, so it's worth keeping your eyes out for all the different versions. Check out here   


The Competition winner is....

26 September 12

Posted at 12:45




THE WINNER IS ELISA ADAMS !!!!!! you will be contacted and given a special list reference to enter..well done and thanks to all those who entered!!!..


What famous actress appeared in The Horrors Video Promo 'Sheena is a Parasite'?  the Answer is Samantha Morton.

ELISA we will see you and your +1 guest at Private View party this Friday (28th September 2012) at the Royal Albert Hall London.  



Mr.Hare in the Observer Magazine

26 September 12

Posted at 12:15



Mayfair Mr.Hare ?....The London based shoe designer Mr.Hare has just opened his new shop in Stafford Street (see all the details  here). Dean shot Marc Hare for the Observer Magazine on Sunday here is the image that accompanied the article. So get your best socks on and go and see what delights he has in the shop.



26 September 12

Posted at 11:52





ELISA you will be contacted and given a special guestlist reference to enter..well done and thanks for all those who entered!!!..



What famous actress appeared in The Horrors Video Promo 'Sheena is a Parasite'?  the Answer is Samantha Morton.

ELISA we will see you and your +1 guest at Private View party this Friday (28th September 2012) at the Royal Albert Hall London.  




Royal Albert Hall: LOOK.HEAR and YOUNG SOULS Exhibitions Announced

07 September 12

Posted at 12:02

  royal albert hall official picture

RAH picture © Marcus Ginns

The Royal Albert Hall presents Dean Chalkley

Thursday 20th September - Friday 26th October 2012  NOW ON!!!!


Dean is exhibiting both LOOK.HEAR and YOUNG SOULS exhibitions at the iconic and legendary Royal Albert Hall.

LOOK.HEAR is a collection of large fine art photographic prints depicting many of the heroes and heroines of the music scene. Dean has shot the likes of Florence (and the machine) Welch, Kasabian, The Kills, Paul Weller, Ian Brown, Noel and Liam Gallagher all these and many more appear in the LOOK.HEAR exhibition. 

YOUNG SOULS is a contemporary study of kids that are into the Northern Soul scene; originally published in the uber stylish 125 Magazine, this collection of prints is a perfect accompaniment to LOOK.HEAR further reflecting Dean's interest in the transference of music into a culture.


Both Shows run side by side, so a substantial photographic show awaits you.

Virtually every night audiences of 5000+ stream through the doors of the Royal Albert Hall so it's fair to say the exhibition will be viewed by a vast amount of people over it's run.


There are also free entry public open days, a perfect time to pop down if you have no plans to actually see a show at the venue.

Public Open Days:

Saturday 22 September 2012,  10am – 3pm

Sunday   23 September 2012,  10am – 3pm

Saturday 29 September 2012,  10am – 3pm

Saturday 06 October     2012,  10am – 3pm

Special Exhibition Party:

There will be a special private view party too,...hush hush at the moment entry by special invite only but there may be a few spaces available through this news blog and /or twitter (nitzerdc) so keep an eye on these information streams over the coming weeks. 

How exciting. for more information click here


The VAN d'OR Awards - Young Souls Shortlisted

06 September 12

Posted at 11:24

Van d'or poster

The awards night will be celebrating the brightest lights in film, animation and motion design and rewarding those shortlisted in 15 categories including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Animation, Best Actor & Actress and the coveted Van d'Or for Best Film. Among the judges on this year's Van d'Or Jury are award-winning director Gurinder Chadha OBE (Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice), Oscar-nominated producer Samantha Waite (Wish 143), Editorial Director of Little White Lies Matt Bochenski and a host of industry figures from across the film & media sphere.The 2012 Jury will make a decision based on a clearly defined set of criteria. The awards themselves will be hosted at Hackney House on the 14th September. The Hackney House is a sizzling new Olympic pop-up venue in the heart of London's creative hub of Shoreditch.  How exciting.

Come on Young Souls !!

Update: Well… Young Souls didn't win sadly, but... the film was actually nominated for 2 awards. Firstly the 'Best Music Based Film' and the second nomination for 'Best Cinematography' so we were all extremely pleased (especially Benoit Soler our brilliant Cinematographer) that the film was shortlisted in both categories. So great news! The event was great and the Cannes in a Van crew made a great party and ceremony.


Matt Skelhon on the Official Paralympics Magazine cover

31 August 12

Posted at 9:12

Matt Skelhon

Matt Skelhon will take aim and start shooting for Gold at 9am today. He's a great marksman, in Beijing Matt won Gold and we are of course hoping that this games are equally as fruitful. Dean photographed Matt in his back garden as well as in his 'Model Making Den' a short while before the games. You can't miss Matt with his shock of blue hair and piecing eyes, he is a great character and an inspiration. Click here for  the for the shooting schedule and other aspects of the games.

Update: Matt performed brilliantly winning a Silver and a Bronze medal so congratulations Mr. Skelhon on a great victory click here to read all about it. There is one thing Matt has lost however and that's his blue hair, it's gone, shaved off, vanished. 


Kieran Leonard releases his debut album

29 August 12

Posted at 6:54

kieran Leonard

Kieran Leonard is a name you will become very familiar with in the future.

He has just released his first and very accomplished album entitled 'Out Of Work Astronaut'. 

Kieran is particularly known for his poetical song writing and compelling live performances. There is a clear social and political awareness in his writing with an abundance of literary and cultural references. He has had critical comparisons to  Bob DylanKurt Cobain and  Leonard Cohen. In early 2011 his first single 'Jerusalem' was used in the soundtrack for  Ridley Scott's latest documentary film ' Life in a Day'.

In Spring 2012 Kieran established his 'The Chance To Fail Foundation' as a response to the London riots and the closure of community youth centres. The foundation for 12-16 year olds aims to teach the craft of songwriting and recording music as a constructive creative outlet, and a way of empowering disadvantaged young people in the capital. 

Here are a few videos:  1  2  3  4  5




350-354 Old St, EC1V 9NQ



Mariella's Fear of the Dark: Observer Magazine today.

26 August 12

Posted at 1:10

Mariella Frostrup's Fear of the Dark

When Mariella Frostrup mentioned she was frightened of the dark in one of her agony aunt colomns, her comments really caught the public's attention. She had so many letters from people who shared this phobia she decided to look more deeply into her 'Night Terrors'.



mariella frostrup



Bloc Party: Musikexpress August

24 August 12

Posted at 8:02

musikexpress bloc party feature

Dean shot Bloc Party at their rehearsal den in North London for the German magazine Musikexpress. 

In the past Dean has shot the band on several occasions throughout their career, one time in San Francisco with them hanging off a tram.The Band are Back with a great new album called 'Four', you guessed it, their fifth album...Not really it is their fourth album and will take up where they left off  click here to hear a preview of their new work.


Behind The Lines: NME 25 August

24 August 12

Posted at 7:55

nme behind the lines

The NME is celebrating its 60th anniversary. There are a whole series of features emerging that highlight the importance of the magazine and it's enduring influence.

BEHIND THE LINES is a series of rare interviews with the photographers who have created some of the most iconic photographs that have appeared in the magazine over the years. This week the magazine talks to Dean about his quite surreal shot of the White Stripes. 'Big Bang..' gives you a clue to one of the things discussed, you'll have to pop out and get the magazine to read all about it all though (or stand in the news agents and pretend you're going to buy one...). There's lots more in the Magazine beside this feature of course. It's a kind of Vaccines meets Reading/Leeds Festival special so tons of news about fresh up and coming music as well as  what to expect this weekend at the festival. Go on! Rush out and scoop up a copy...You know you want to...


The New British Magazine is coming!!

23 August 12

Posted at 4:59

The time is almost here! From the  heart of the underground with an uncompromising vision Kez Glozier and Neville Brody's magazine is on the horizon. Like Attila the Hun it will take no prisoners! It is a piece of class design with powerful and refreshing content. Here are some of the Teasers  The New British have just released.... Not for the faint hearted... Click here and here Watch this space for more news on the Magazine or go to The New Britsh's Website here


Zayn Clyre : Vandalised!!

17 August 12

Posted at 6:16

Zayn Clyre is a long time friend of Dean’s, a free spirit, shape shifter and overall ball of energy. Artist Gael Froget has worked with one of Dean’s images of Zayn creating this unique piece. Check out more of Gaels work  here. Gael is an outstanding contemporary artist look him up !!! and to see more of Zayn including a few images that Dean took pop along to her Blogspot ... Zayn's World


Natalie makes a break for it...

15 August 12

Posted at 8:21

This is the moment when Natalie my trusty assistant left Chalkley Towers.

Natalie has been here for 2 years, she was always getting stuck in to the work and using her numerous skills to help things running smoothly. We have had some great fun and explored parts of the visual world I could never have predicted. In fact some of the work Natalie contributed to has not even been seen yet, so keep an eye out for 'Shake this Mortal Coil' , a shoot with Kieran Leonard and another very interesting session with 'Tess' plus many more exciting things that are waiting for release. Natalie will reconnect with her own work more deeply following the path she set out on whilst studying her degree.

So Natalie thank you for everything it has been my pleasure working with you.. Dean 


Lanie Lane is on tour in Australia

14 August 12

Posted at 10:40

Lanie Lane is travelling across Australia over the next few weeks on tour. She will be playing in such places as Wollongong, Katooma,Toowoomba, and Warrenambooi...What names!!! Dean shot this picture of Lanie amongst her beloved guitars she had stopped off in the UK for a few days on the way back from a recording session at 3rd Man Records where Jack White produced Ain't Hungry. I'm sure you will agree it is great! Lanie Played at Black Cat in London's Finsbury Park last Autumn, this was a momentous event at the club night Dean and his fellow Black Cat Dj's run in fact it was also one of the few nights that Black Cat included a Band on stage, it is normally a DJ residency. Well if you are in OZ and near any of these dates do try to see Lanie she is great, if you are not however then all is not lost you can buy her album, 'To The Horses' that includes the brilliant 'What Do I Do" order it here now.


Kentish Town Relaxed and Dapper

10 August 12

Posted at 10:42

dapper Italian chap in Kentish Town

How amazing does this guy look?... This dapper gent was photographed in Kentish Town by Dean this week. Dean said  'I thought he looked so great and totally authentic. This chap was not into 'The Look'. He was The Look, The Look was his!! I approached this just over 5 foot fellow and asked him if I could take his picture. He seemed surprised that anyone would want to, but in a strong Italian accent agreed. He also explained that his Daughter was a Photographer, if you are out there let me know who you are and please compliment your father on his appearance... Anyway after a few moments he was gone, into the station and on his way... Maybe he was over in London for the Olympics ?... Maybe I'll never know'. 


Paul McCartney : Cover Feature of the Shortlist Magazine Olympic Special

26 July 12

Posted at 7:28




The Olympics have well and truly arrived in London!! Everywhere you look there’s evidence of this massive sporting occasion.

The next few weeks will be fun in old London Town, even more people people hustling and bustling on the tubes, lots of people smiling and talking with passes round their necks excitedly dashing towards Stratford, etc etc.. It’s a gigantic event and London seems to be ready!!.

Shortlist Magazine asked Dean to do a session with Sir Paul McCartney for the cover of the Olympic Special... Dean jumped at offer.

The Olympic Special Shortlist Feature includes the cover and 4 pages inside the Magazine. There are several photographs and the Q&A asks Sir Paul a raft of questions both musical and sporting. 'Do you have any concept of your status and influence?..' and 'What's your sporting pedigree like?' are just two examples …it's a good read. There is no doubt Sir Paul is still having a great time enjoying life and excited about stuff!!


Oh and one final thing he is a total Legend isn't he!.. 


The New Web Site is Live !!!

20 July 12

Posted at 11:49

Welcome to the new Web Site !

I hope you enjoy what you see

and enjoy looking around it's avenues,

let us know what you think, all the best



Sunday Times Style : A Devoted Style Hound apparently..

20 July 12

Posted at 5:58


Dean Photographed by Rick Pushinsky


Here is a picture of Dean... It was taken in his living room. As you can see there are several record boxes and a white cat lamp. Dean wears a knitted vintage short sleeved top from Mendoza,  New Hemingway for Hush Puppies boots and White trousers from H & M... Oh and Black shocks from one of the high streets best shops for socks ‘Uniqlo’. The article touches on Dean’s passion for vintage inspired Clothing, Vinyl record collecting and his discovery of such things back in the 1980's.


Mariella Frostrup

20 July 12

Posted at 5:55




Mariella Frostrup celebrated 10 years as agony aunt for the Observer Magazine on the 8th of July 2012. Dean photographed Mariella in his Studio in North London. This was the second time Dean has worked with Mariella. 


Into the future..

24 June 12

Posted at 10:09

Things over here at 'Chalkley Towers' have been busy as usual, what with website development (oh yes in the next couple of weeks it's all change), Shoots and all manner of thrilling new stuff,... We can't say too much at the moment but we will officially announce a few big movements in the coming weeks,... For now though here is a nice picture of some Seagulls from Margate...


Florence Welch on the Cover of Radio Times

24 June 12

Posted at 10:06

The Festivals of Britain are placed firmly in the public consciousness with the cover feature of this weeks Radio Times Magazine (23-29 June 2012 ). Focusing on many exciting events happening this summer the feature runs through an eclectic mix of festivals including this weekends Hackney Festival, Latitude, The I-TunesFestival, The Times CheltenhamLiterature Festival and lots more course.

Dean's Photographs of Florence Welch with her Virginia Woolf inspired finery appear on the cover and within the pages of the magazine. Florence certainly make a very eye catching cover star and the article is a great read too, so try to scoop up a copy before it gets snapped up and disappears.


The Soul-a-Trope (behind the scenes story)

24 June 12

Posted at 9:56

This image shows a prototype component of Dean’s installation known as the Soul-a-Trope. The Soul-a-Trope (???) I hear you say... Haven’t you heard about the Soul-a-Trope? Well in many ways it represents an extension of Dean's visual repertoire. It's not strictly photography or strictly film, it's an amalgamation of both but presented as a gallery piece. Only seen once so far in public. Viewer’s responses were great, some could not comprehend it or factum out exactly what they were looking at...but all liked it and found it stimulating and engaging.

The Installation will appear again soon so please watch this space.


Krissi Murison NME Editor Leaves

24 June 12

Posted at 9:49

Friday 22nd June 2012 was the last day of Krissi Murison's Editorship at the NME. This is a picture from her leaving 'Do'. The magazine always make a spoof cover for leaving presents.

Krissi was appointed in 2009, she became the first female editor the NME. Previously Krissi had worked for the title as a journalist and then for a brief period taken a position at Nylon Magazine. Her passion knowledge and charisma all made her the ideal choice to become the New Editor when Conor McNicholas the former Editor left.

Whilst at the helm Krissi commissioned many inspirational features none more controversial than a Christmas Simon Cowell story. This was a great subversive moment that devided opinion, created debate and generally stirred things up.

Dean Says "Krissi is first and foremost a lovely individual, a person who truly cares about music. She is not frightened stick her hand in the hornet’s nest if it means pulling out a good story. She kept the NME at the cutting edge of things as well as reflecting the heritage of the music world. So good luck Krissi in your next job it was an absolute pleasure working with you."

Krissi will join The Sunday Times Magazine as Features Editor. The new Editor of the NME will be Mike Williams he has been Deputy Editor since July 2011 perfectly positioned to get stuck in and take the magazine into the future.


Winner of the Harrods #FathersDayMemories Competition on Twitter

15 June 12

Posted at 9:53

Copyright ©@Sallyann17

The Harrods Fathers Day Memories Competition was announced through Twitter on Friday 15th June. People sent lots of great images from their childhood with their Dads. So many of the pictures showed great humour, fondness and the special bond that is between kids and their Fathers. But after a very enjoyable editing process Dean settled on one image as the winner..This is how the winning image was announced on twitter

Congratulations @Sallyann17 Congratulations Sallyann - you will receive this @Fujifilm_UK X100 Black Premium Edition camera -

@Sallyann17 The reason @nitzerdc chose your photograph was because he thought it really showed a very protective love. #FathersDayMemories

Dean said, "There were some great pictures sent through, some really funny ones, some odd ones and loads of cute ones too of course. It was a very close decision and difficult to judge one emotion against another but I think the winning image really shows a very protective love, so congratulations to the winner. Everybody who entered took time to send their great memories through, so thanks for the great response it looks like you all had brilliant childhood memories with your fathers and these photographs will always remind you of those great times..Thank you for sharing them with us."


Your chance to win a Fuji X100 Black Premium Edition Camera

01 June 12

Posted at 10:07

It is said that a photograph is worth a thousand words. So with that in mind, Harrods are launching their #FathersDayMemories competition.

Simply tweet them a childhood photo of you and your father with the hashtag #FathersDayMemories. Here are some examples

The winning photo will be chosen by Dean @nitzerdc and receive a @Fujifilm_UK X100 Black Premium Edition camera -

You have until Thursday 14th June to tweet them your photos ASAP. The winner will be announced on Friday 15th June. Good luck...and get sending

I would also say go for the creative pictures the ones that tell a story, that have mood atmosphere fun etc etc...

 Here are the simple instructions to enter the competition:

Simply tweet @Harrods a childhood photo of you and your father with the hashtag #FathersDayMemories good luck ... oh and the #FathersDayMemories is important. Don't forget to include it!


Harrods Competition Announced

01 June 12

Posted at 9:46

It is said that a photograph is worth a thousand words. So with that in mind, Harrods are launching their #FathersDayMemories competition.

Simply tweet them a childhood photo of you and your father with the hashtag #FathersDayMemories. Here are some examples

The winning photo will be chosen by Dean @nitzerdc and receive a @Fujifilm_UK X100 Black Premium Edition camera -

You have until Thursday 14th June to tweet them your photos ASAP. The winner will be announced on Friday 15th June. Good luck...and get sending

I would also say go for the creative pictures the ones that tell a story, that have mood atmosphere fun etc etc...

Here are the simple instructions to enter the competition:

Simply tweet @Harrods a childhood photo of you and your father with the hashtag #FathersDayMemories good luck ... oh and the #FathersDayMemories is important. Don't forget to include it!


From Coast to Coast

25 May 12

Posted at 10:41

From Margate in the UK to Seattle in the USA. This weekend is another big one for Young Souls.

Feed Back from the SIFF was that the Screening in the Seattle Uptown Theatre on Sunday 27th was sold out ... a full house !! Brilliant that the collection of 7 films from the UK they presented captured the audiences attention and got such a great turn responce.

The Famous seaside town of Margate is holding a very special event known as SOUL TOWN. It's a Celebration of Great British Youth Culture and Heritage. Young Souls will be included in a programme of short films made by Dean. In addition there will be 2 other short clip films on the bill by 'Hemingway Designs for Hush Puppies'. The films will be projected in the 'SOUL CINEMA', at the Westcoast Venue, between 3pm to 9pm. The whole event runs from 1pm until 11pm. It will be a great weekend in Margate the Sun will be shining and the ice cream flowing, so little better places to hang out, dance to Soul music and pop into the cinema for some shade and catch the films.

SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival)
Cinema Uptown - Seattle
SIFF's mission is to create experiences that brings people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. It is through the art of cinema that they foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive. This is why the festival thought that it was important to have Young Souls included in their programme. You can find out more about SIFF and what is America's largest film festival by clicking here . Young Souls will screen on Sunday so if you are in the area pop along and cheer the film on!..More later about this wonderful film festival so watch this space.


Dean's Talk at Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School

21 May 12

Posted at 10:44

Last Thursday (17th May), Dean paid a visit to Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School for Girls to give a talk to the year 12 and 13 Photography students.

The talk took place in the library. Dean showed the students a selection of photographs he had taken throughout his career, from early collage work to the present day. The talk was then followed by a Q & A with lots of questions from the eager students and a short portfolio review, where the girls showed some very promising work.

Here’s a picture of some hand carved figurines of the Madonna and Child and the Sacred Heart contained within the doors off a busy hallway in the 112 year old convent school.


A Busy Time...

18 May 12

Posted at 1:48

12-5-12 Almost Grown Cellar Cinema Club
Dean created this 'Happening' in the famous basement of The Royal Hotel in Southend-on-Sea Essex UK. The 'Cellar Cinema Club' was a great link up, an amalgamation of film and music on a weekend that brought thousands of Scooterists to the sunny Essex coastal town of Southend-on-Sea. 'Almost Grown' is one of Essex's foremost Mod and Soul clubs and they organized a whole 'Weekender' of club nights. Dean laced together the 'Cellar Cinema' daytime idea hooking up Almost Grown with the Southend Film Festival, securing a brilliant opportunity to screen Young Souls to Film lovers and lovers of Soul music too. It was the last event in the programme on the Southend Film Festival fringe schedule.

The happening was multi-faceted incorporating 6 exciting and different elements to stimulate all the senses… The Almost Grown Cellar Cinema Club comprised of:

1. Young Souls, screened on the hour every hour between 4pm to 8pm.

2. 'In Orbit : Periphery of Young Souls', a brand new just under 3 minute film of unseen footage taken from the edge of the Young Souls main filming.

3. 'Bodies Brut & Talc' and Odor Installation

4. '6 DJ's' playing music of the style and period. 

5. 'Scully's Car from the film Young Souls ' presented as a static display
6. 'Soulatrope' this very special never seen before installation that brings together dancing, vinyl, atmosphere and aesthetic, in a surreal manner.

Between 3pm - 8pm on Saturday 12th May 2012

The basement of the Royal Hotel became a very unique happening.

9-5-12 Radio Shows
Dean guests and then presents on 2 radio broadcasts, The Soup Sessions on Radio.Novalujon and Rob Messer's 'Soul Porridge' on Stomp Radio. 


Young Souls wins at Southend Film Festival

10 May 12

Posted at 2:23

Copyright © Nicola Jane 2012

On Tuesday this week Dean attended the Southend Film Festival Awards ceremony along with Sonny "Scully" Evans (who stared as the lead in the film) where his short film YOUNG SOULS had been nominated for Best Short Film in the Music category. We are very pleased to announce that Young Souls won in that category! This is the 2nd award that YOUNG SOULS has secured since it was released back in July 2011, winning in the moving image category of Creative Review's Photography Annual. Young Souls has been very popular on the film festival circuit having already been shown at the London Short Film Festival and Cinequest, USA and will be shown at the Seattle International Film Festival at the end of May. You can now keep up-to-date with the film by following YOUNG SOULS on twitter and subscribe to the YOUNG SOULS page on Facebook.


Dean Chalkley on Radio Nova Lujon

04 May 12

Posted at 2:43

Tune in on Wednesday 9th May, at 9pm for Dean Chalkley's first live solo broadcast on Nova's "Soup Sessions".

Dean's no stranger to the station, having recorded his first session alongside fellow Black Cat DJ Si Cheeba back in November 2010,Dean has been involved two live recording of his club night Shake! at the Boogaloo in December 2010 and in June 2011 and most recently, on the 3rd of Feb 2012 gave Dave "Jazz DJ Dawson of Radio Nova Lujon exclusive access to broadcast live from the after party of the opening night of his exhibition " Look.Hear" in Leigh~on~Sea

Dean will be spinning you up some vinyl delights of Northern Soul, R&B and more! Join them for an audio adventure presented to you in full stereo sound… live from 9pm (GMT+1)! NOT TO BE MISSED!

"I'm really looking forward to getting down to Nova Lujon towers with my car stacked full of vinyl to delight and excite the Internet airwaves." - Dean Chalkley


Southend Film Festival

02 May 12

Posted at 2:45

Currently all the entries for the Southend Film Festival Short Film Competition are being judged by actor Perry Benson. The awards ceremony will take place at the Park Inn Palace Hotel on Tuesday 8th May and starts at 7pm. Clips from all the entered films will be played and the winning Films will be screened in their entirety. It will be a great night out at the Park Inn Palace and all are welcome it is free entry so come down and support the festival and see some good stuff...come on!!!!


Young Souls to be shown at Seattle International Film Festival 2012

01 May 12

Posted at 2:51

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dean Chalkley’s short film YOUNG SOULS will be included in the highly prestigious Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) in Washington, USA!

SIFF runs from May 17th until June 10th and is the largest and most well attended film festival in the United States with 160,000 attendees expected in 2012. SIFF is also a recognised Oscar nominating Festival in the categories of Best Short Film and Best Animated Short Film!

YOUNG SOULS’s will be screened at the SIFF’s Uptown Theatre on Sunday 27th May as apart of the ShortsFest Weekend

Here’s the 2012 Trailer for the Festival….

"The Seattle International Film Festival is a BIG DEAL!!! How amazing that Young Souls has been selected. It means a hell of a lot to me. Young Souls is now getting out there, audiences are getting a kick out of it and being turned on whether they are knowing of the culture or not. The SIFF is a highly prestigious Film Festival and the largest in the USA, so the film will reach out in a physical way as never before. Young Souls is amongst incredible company just look at the festivals programme.. I can't wait for the audience to come through the door to settle down, for the lights to dim and then to start tapping their feet and watching the story of Young Souls unfold." - Dean Chalkley (2012)


Thames Delta Exhibition in Southend

25 April 12

Posted at 3:00

The Thames Delta Exhibition is a very important document to the profound effect that a small area has had on the World wide musical landscape. Many artists have submitted work to help illustrate this most dynamic of relationships.

A selection of Dean's photographs of Southend bands are on show at the Beecroft Art Gallery which runs from 7th April-16th June.

As you may already know Dean Chalkley hails from Southend and has a strong affinity with the area. The music scene in Southend, centred around Junk Club circa 2006 became the focus of Dean's photographic collection "Southend's Underground". During this period Dean shot many up-and-coming bands from the area including The Horrors, These New Puritans, Theoretical Girl, Neil's Children, Ipso Facto and more.

Split over two locations, The Thames Delta Exhibition celebrates the rich and varied musical heritage of Southend-on-Sea, Canvey Island and Basildon from the late 1940's to the present day. Naturally, Dean was approached by the organisers and submitted an array of images of the musical talent from this small corner of Essex.

Part one of the Exhibition is at The Focal Point Gallery and features works by contemporary artists including Ross Birrall, Matt Do and Scott King and runs from 16th April-30th June.

Part two, at The Beecroft Art Galley is an exhibition of ephemera and archive material relating to the rich musical history of the area. This is where Dean's images are located. Part two of The Thames Delta Exhibition at the Beecroft Galleryruns from 7th April-16th June.


And the Winner is...

16 April 12

Posted at 3:02

... Andrea Moore is the lucky winner of the much coveted 2.45m Jarvis Cocker!

The Giant Jarvis was raffled off by The White Wall Space Gallery and Dean Chalkley in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust and all proceeds have gone to charity!

Dean pulled the name out of the hat at The White Wall Space Gallery's pop-up location at Metal in Chalkwell Park, Westcliff-on-Sea on Saturday Afternoon. The Gallery will post a clip of the draw on their website soon! Click here to see it!

Thank you to all those who entered and well done Andrea!


Young Souls to be shown at Southend Film Festival

30 March 12

Posted at 4:25

Almost Grown Soul Club has linked up with the Southend~on~Sea Film Festival to present the 'Almost Grown Cellar Cinema Club'

12th May 2012 - 3PM-8PM - ENTRANCE: FREE

Taking place in the basement of the historic Royal Hotel, Dean Chalkley's short film YOUNG SOULS will be shown on the hour every hour from 4PM-8PM in between sessions by The Black Cat DJ collective, who will spin the best in Northern Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Ska to keep the essential club atmosphere “Uptight and Outta Sight” + a few surprises thrown in for good measure.
Later that night the club will take over the entire hotel for an all night club session.

Almost Grown Cellar Cinema
The Royal Hotel
1 High St.

Watch this space for more details of what’s in store! :)


The New Faces: A Short Film on

09 March 12

Posted at 4:35

Last night was the screening of Dean Chalkley' s " The New Faces: A Short Film " at The Book Club , London.

For such a lively and well attended event the packed out basement of The Book Club was silent through out the 20min long film piece which delves into minds of three young British Mods captured in the enthrallment  of a subculture. In the film we are privy to their refreshingly honest, personal and polarised views, rooted in the ideology of a Modernist culture. The film forms a hypnotic visual experience as well as being an incisive and engaging contemporary document. It’s also a pin point in a perennial subculture that began in the 1960’s and has evolved and lives on in this modern age. It was received last night with rapturous applause. It was a great night of people dancing and enjoying the passionately selected tunes by the film's subjects.

The film went live on SHOWstudio .com today. Click Here to see it!

SHOWstudio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight. It has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion and culture online.

"I'm really thrilled that the film is now screening on . The site is an institution dedicated to forward-thinking and challenging new work." - Dean Chalkley (2012).


Blur - NME

22 February 12

Posted at 4:40

In this week’s NME, Blur reveal that they are to headline a huge Hyde Park Olympic show. We went down to the Kentish Town Forum where they were busy rehearsing for the Brits to shoot them for this NME cover and feature story

Click here to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot.




Dean Chalkley: Special Guest Speaker at "Listen to This"

21 February 12

Posted at 4:44

Following on from Dean's stint at The White Wall Space Gallery, Leigh~on~Sea with his Music portraits retrospective " LOOK HEAR" (on until 29th Feb).

Dean has been invited along to Metal's Popular music and culture festival " Listen To This" to appear as a special Guest Speaker at the "Tribalism And Difference: Subcultures And Scenes" talk.

Dean will be discussing the subculture in which he immersed himself whilst growing up in Southend and how they have remained at the core of his inspiration.

Click here to purchase tickets for the event which will be held on Friday 20 April 2012 7.30pm – 10pm at Chalkwell Hall, Southend on Sea. or call 01702 470700


Look.Hear Portfolio review and Audio Pleasure

15 February 12

Posted at 4:48


Special Sunday Session: 19th February

Dean and renowned Photographer's Agent Adele Rider
will be reviewing photographers portfolios at the
White Wall Space Gallery Places are subject to availability so please apply by friday 17th February for your slot by mailing The gallery will reply with your allocated time.

The Fantastic Canadian Troubadour C.A.Smith will be performing a very special Acoustic Set in the Gallery space, this is not to be missed!

Click here for the Facebook event.


Young Souls Film at Cinequest Film Festival

08 February 12

Posted at 5:02

The Festival is attended by 80,000 and although over 2,000 films are submitted each year only 188 films are shown and so we feel very honored that Dean Chalkley's YOUNG SOULS is among the final selection.

Cinequest is an annual independent film festival held in San Jose, California.

2012 is Cinequest's 22nd year and takes place from February 28th until March 11th.

YOUNG SOULS will be shown in the Shorts Program under "Give-and-Take" alongside 5 others.

Here is what the organisers had to say about the selections:

 "What sacrifices must one make?
No matter how it's defined, most people enjoy successes, but what we rarely reflect upon are the losses we suffer. Give-and-Take highlights the good and the bad of our endeavors. This program questions how much effort we are willing to put fourth to achieve our desire and to what lengths we are willing to go. But ultimately, these creative and inspiring shorts help us identify what we really value as individuals and determine for which ambitions we are willing to fight."

Young Souls will be shown on the following dates:
01/03/12 at 2:15 pm
06/03/12 at 4:30 pm
08/03/12 at 07:00pm

Click here to buy tickets to "Give-and-Take" Shorts Program 3 where YOUNG SOULS will be screened.


Look.Hear - Now Open

06 February 12

Posted at 5:10

After a fantastic opening night on Friday 3rd Feb the White Wall Space gallery has now opened it’s doors to the public for Dean Chalkley’s new Exhibition LOOK HEAR.

“The Opening party of LOOK HEAR was a great success, packed with people enjoying the work and the after show with it’s Band and music all added up to a great “happening”.

I’m keen to get down to the White WallSpace Gallery and meet people who come to see LOOK HEAR. So I’ll hopefully be there every Sunday. There will also be some spontaneous live music added to the mix. So keep an eye out on the B log and the Facebook for the latest news!

So thanks to all who came down, and all those who made the event such a high point - the DJ’s, the band “ New StreetAdventure”, all those that worked at the gallery, my assistant, just to mention a few.” – Dean Chalkley

So far the event has had plenty of radio coverage. The entire after show over at The Ship was broadcast live on Radio Nova Lujon by Dave "Jazz DJ" Dawson, Click here for an excerpt. Early on in the night on day Ian Wyatt of BBC Radio Essex came along to preview the show and conducted an interview with Dean in the Gallery before the party. Click here Dean talking with Ian Wyatt about the exhibition LOOK HEAR which was broadcast on Saturday morning (skip to 2hrs 23 to hear Dean's interview).


Look.Hear on The Printspace's Blog

02 February 12

Posted at 4:57

This morning The Printspace informed us that they have posted up a little article about LOOK.HEAR. Dean talks about several images that appear in the exhibition. Click here to read the interview. More exciting exhibition news to follow so keep an eye on the blog.


Look.Hear - Echo Feature

01 February 12

Posted at 5:13

Today we are in Leigh-on-Sea hanging Dean's new exhibition LOOK HEAR!

Started the day off with a nice cup of coffee and read of the local paper!

The Echo have run a lovely spread on the show, which has it's preview night on Friday 3rd February at the White Wall Space Gallery followed by an after party at The Ship Pub (opposite the Gallery).
Anyway....back to getting the show up!


C.A Smith - Single Launch Party

30 January 12

Posted at 5:35

As you've seen on the Blog, Dean's Exhibition Look Hear will be unvailed this Friday!
The exhibition is a selection of music photography that Dean has taken over the past 10 Years!
Included in the line up of Artists featured is none other than C.A. Smith!

C.A will be celebrating the Launch of his new single "Time" tonight as he plays live at Eletricity Showrooms with his band "Sombody You Love". Visit the facebook page for more info on the event:

"Time" (double A side with, "Judge Judy") will be available on January 31st from



Dean Chalkley on Pelirocco Platters

30 January 12

Posted at 5:17

Dean returned to England's most Rock and Roll hotel, Hotel Pelirocco for the 2nd time in a year to record the Podcast Pelirocco Platters.

Dean was asked back onto the radioshow by the host and hotel owner Mick Habeshaw Robinson to chat about Music, DJing, 'Young Souls' and his new exhibition 'Look Hear', which has it's opening night on 3rd February 2012 at the White Wall Space in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

YOUNG SOULS is currently being exhibited at Hotel Pelirocco. The show opened to the public on the 20th January and will continue on till 29th March. Open day and Night!



Look.Hear - New Exhibition

17 January 12

Posted at 5:40

Dean Chalkley's brand new exhibition LOOK HEAR will be taking place at the White Wallspace Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea.

Opening night is on Friday 3rd February 2012 and will kick off at the Gallery where Dean will be showing a collection of some of his most iconic music photography. Featuring the likes of The White Stripes, Oasis, Paul Weller, Kasabian and more with images what span a decade.

Following on from the gallery the party will move across the way to The Ship public house where attendants will be treated to the sounds of the soulful six piece New Street Adventure + DJ's, dancing... ...What more do you expect from a Chalkley 'do'!

LOOK HEAR will be open to the public from Saturday 4th February til 20th February 2012!


The Maccabees - NME

09 January 12

Posted at 5:44

This week's issue of NME features Dean Chalkley's shoot of The Maccabees as their cover and inside feature. The Maccabees are on the cusp of releasing their new, eagerly anticipated third album 'Given to the Wild'

Last week The Maccabees attended the NME Music Photography Awards where Dean accepted the ' Outstanding Contribution to Music Photography Award'. The busy event was also attended by Kate Nash and comedian Matthew Horne, all of which have been shot by Dean on various occasions!
Click here to see Hugo White's footage of the covershoot.


Young Souls at the Hotel Pelirocco

06 January 12

Posted at 10:02

For your chance to see a selection of Dean Chalkley's Young Souls photographic exhibition with an addition of some new, exclusive, never-before-seen images get yourself down to 'England's most Rock 'n' Roll Hotel' Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton.

The exhibition opens to the public from 20th January until 29th March 2012 and is Free!
To attend the highly anticipated, exclusive, launch party on the 19th January 2012 (6pm-11am) at the hotel, please RSVP your names to

For more info on the event such as DJ line up and more please join the Young Souls Facebook page here!

For info about the Hotel Pelirocco click here!


Dean Chalkley's Playlist on Rose Blake's Studio Music

13 December 11

Posted at 10:04

Dean was approached a few months back and asked if he’d like to take part in the newly launched Studio Music.

Illustrator Rose Blake has been asking creative’s to select 10 inspirational/favorite songs that they listen to whilst working with a brief explanation as to why they like them.

The results are then published in the form of playlist on The playlists are free to listen to and updated weekly.

Dean’s selection went live this week and can be found here alongside other contributors such as No Days Off, It’s Nice That, Stella McCartney, Tracy Emin, Le Gun, Rob Ryan and Peter Blake to name but a few.


Young Souls to be shown at London Short Film Festival

09 December 11

Posted at 10:09


We've had to keep this under our hat for a few weeks… so I’m very proud to finally be able to revieal that Dean Chalkley’s short film Young Souls has been selected to be shown at the 9th London Short Film Festival!

The Festival will take place between the 6th and 15th of January 2012 at the Roxy Bar & Screen in Borough, London and will screen 24 Programmes of New British Shorts, showcasing nearly 300 new short films from British Filmmakers.

Young Souls will be screened as part of the New Shorts 16: Music & Video Program, on Thursday 12th January 2012.

To see it for yourself and be treated to a total of 152 mins (+interval) of the best british short films chosen by LSFF based on their marriage of sound and image, click here for tickets:

For more about the Listings on the 12/02/12 click here:


Dean Chalkley wins NME's "Outstanding Contribution To Music Photography" Award.

16 November 11

Posted at 10:50

We are extremely pleased to announce that NME Magazine has named Dean Chalkley the winner of their “Outstanding Contribution To Music Photography Award”.

In their issue dated 05.11.2011 (which featured Dean’s cover shot of the Arctic Monkeys in Fort Lauderdale) NME said:

“From shooting Arctic Monkeys for our Radar section to capturing Pete Doherty being set on fire – and plenty more besides - Dean Chalkley has been responsible for some of the most iconic music photography for the past 10 years.”

Further celebrating this in their 12.11.11 issue, NME published 4 posters in it's centre pages taken from the vast Chalkley back-catalogue of work with the NME. This included a picture of the late Amy Winehouse, Ian Brown, the formentioned Pete Doherty picture as well as the winner of The Picture Editor's “Portrait of the year award”, which features Noel Gallagher.


Creative Review announce Dean Chalkley’s Young Souls as “Photography Annual Motion Category” winner

16 November 11

Posted at 10:45

We are very pleased to see that Creative Review has included an excerpt of the short film in their blog post announcing the winners of this year’s Photography Annual’s new Moving Image category.

Alongside Dean Chalkley’s Documentary ‘ Young Souls’, which looks at the contempory Northern Soul scene, winners in this category include Carl Warner's animated short for Findus, Adam Hinton's work for the War Child charity, and Dave Young's 'Everyone has a story'.


Robert #2 in Reading Museum's permanent collection.

16 November 11

Posted at 10:26

After having exhibited his collection " The New Faces" at Reading Museum for their "Reading Steady Go! Exhibition" which ran from 6th April 2011 until 9th October 2011, Dean Chalkley offered "Robert #2" as a gift to the Museum.

This offer to donate the picture featuring the Reading-born subject "Robert Grindrod" was brought forward to the Reading Museum's acquistion's group.

We've recieved the wonderful news that the committee was unanimous in accepting this offer to add this picture to the Museum's fine art collection.

We are told that the museum's curators are concidering hanging "Robert #2" next to Gilbert Spencer's portrait " Reading Boy" of 1923; Wonderful news!

We'll keep you posted with more news on this soon, so watch this space...


Dazed and Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along

08 November 11

Posted at 10:56

Today we received a copy of Dazed and Confused: 'Making It Up As We Go Along'.

It is a book plotting the visual history of the Magazine. ' Dazed' has been the 'enfant terible' of the Magazine world, challenging convention and breaking the rules. Many great Photographers, Artists, Stylist, etc. have worked on projects for the publication.

The main body of the book is delivered through photography producing an very stimulating and pleasurable read. Dean shot many projects for Dazed in the past, included in 'Making It Up As We Go Along' are Ice -T and George Clinton, as well as a special artist series with the late Angus Fairhurst (the images of which are included here).


Arctic Monkeys - NME

03 November 11

Posted at 11:00

The Arctic Monkeys have been on the road in the States; NME flew Dean and journalist Matt Wilkinson out to Fort Lauderdale to catch up with the band on their travels. What ensued was a story with clear parallels to the rock flick 'Almost Famous'... The usually sunny state of Florida was hit by unexpected thunderstorms high winds and torrential showers but this didn't deter your intrepid photographer and Journalist… Dodging Hobo's, hanging out in trailer parks and going to an insane Mansion all night party. Pick up a copy of the NME and read all about the crazy trip with insights to the band, the gig, and the very odd goings on in the "Sunshine State".


Creative Review the Photography Annual 2011 OUT NOW

27 October 11

Posted at 11:04


The Creative Review Photography Annual launch Party was a blast!

Last night the Aubin Gallery in London's East End was packed with the good and great of the design world, all there to celebrate the release of this special edition of the Creative Review Magazine.

Dean, as mentioned in the blog yesterday has in total 3 things in the publication all were projected during the event.

To see more of the publication and the Magazines Launch party click here ....oh and who is that smartly dressed chap in the second picture?


Photography Annual Launch Night

26 October 11

Posted at 11:07

The Annual aims to be the definitive collection of the best commercial photographic work during the year. Work included this year is not restricted to stills photography as a moving image element is also present. Dean has 3 pieces of work selected to appear in this years collection. A single image photographic entry, secondly a campaign for the agency Figtree 'Everything Everywhere' (you can see the making of the campaign here), and the third being the film ' Young Souls'. Creative Review is a publication that Dean loves, it's consistent reflection of the zeitgeist of contemporary visual design has inspired Dean for so many years to be included in 'The Annual', is a great Honor and one which Dean is thrilled about.


Florance and the Machine - NME

21 October 11

Posted at 11:11

Here is a little sample for you all of Dean’s shoot with Florance Walsh from Florance and the Machine.

The shoot took place at the Master Shipwright's house in Deptford, Southeast London and here are some behind the scenes pictures of the shoot taken from’s video footage.

Click here to see the behind-the-scenes footage of Dean's Florance and the Machine shoot for NME.


Noel Gallagher - NME

21 October 11

Posted at 10:21

Noel Gallagher came over to Dean’s studio in Kentish Town, London for this NME covershoot.

Shot by Dean his own studio as well as the surrounding area, including outside one of the local corner shops, to the bemusement of passers by.

The Interview, written by Hamish MacBain discusses Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, his new project and soon to be released album. To find out more you'll have to get your hands on the issue.


Kasabian - Behind-the-scenes

26 September 11

Posted at 5:57

Here are a few stills taken from NME's behind-the-scene's footage of Dean's shoot with Kasabian.

Click here to see behind-the-scenes footage shot at Dean's Studio in North London for NME's cover shoot with Kasabian.


Kasabian - NME

21 September 11

Posted at 5:45


Copyright © Dean Chalkley/IPC Media

Yesterday we recieved the latest NME magazines. We are excited to announce that NME have decided to release an extra issues to run concurrently with the regular magazine as a special edition issue with an alternative cover.

Both cover shots were taken by Dean in mid August of this year at his studio in London.

Dean also shot Kasabian's press shots, earlier in the summer for the promotion of their album "Velociraptor" which was released on the 16th September. To see more click here!


Lanie Lane at Black Cat

21 September 11

Posted at 5:43

Copyright © Dean Chalkley 2011

Lanie Lane is playing at the Silver Bullet this Saturday 24th September.

Black Kitten (the live part of Black Cat) pounces into action with a special guest from Australia. She'll be on from 9 so it's essential to get there early. This is a show not to be missed!

Special guest and top Modernist Sound Supplier Paul 'Smiler' Anderson. This guy has records that will put a spring in your step and leave you no choice but to get on the dance floor, uptempo Rhythm and Blues, Ska , Soul thats his bag and boy oh boy has he got some tunes!!!

To Back Smiler up your regular 'Cats about Town' Si Cheeba and Dean Chalkley will keep keep the party in full flow you know that they always deliver a top night.

Entry price on the door is £4 or if you email and say you want to come to BLACK CAT then it's a nice £3 so get clickin'.

For more information please check out the facebook page here!


R.I.P. David "Honeyboy" Edwards

16 September 11

Posted at 5:40


Original Blues Legend David "Honeyboy" Edwards sadly passed away on the 29th August 2011. The Mississippi born Bluesman was born in 1915 and carried on playing as many as 100 shows a year right up until 2008. Even once this intensive touring period was over he still undertook performances across the globe until July 2011 when declining health forced retirement from public performance.

"Honeyboy" won 2 Grammy's one in 2008 for his album "Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen : Live in Dallas" and a lifetime achievement award in 2010.

As the title of the album states he was one of the greats! Through his long career he played with all the Godfathers of the Blues scene including Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Johnny Shines, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf.

Dean took this photograph whilst David "Honeyboy" Edwards at the The Luminaire, Kilburn, London on 25th September 2009. By all accounts it was a brilliant gig and the warm personality, charm and pure musical talent of the 'Man' enveloped the enthralled audience.

To read more and get into the music of this Legendary Delta Bluesman go to David "Honeyboy" Edwards


Lanie Lane - Guardian's First Sight

09 September 11

Posted at 5:29

Copyright © Dean Chalkley 2011

We are please to share with you Lanie Lane, (who dean shot early in the year when she was last over here form Austalia ) has been featured in the Guardian's First Sight! Even more exciting perhaps, is that Lanie has announced on the Myspace a handful of London Dates!

One inparticular is a MUST for all you music lovers. BLACK CAT / BLACK KITTEN !! this is one of the club night sessions Dean and his good friends and 'DeeJay' partners Si Cheeba, Sir Errol D and Eli run. Dean is thrilled to announce that Lanie will be on stage at 9pm on the 24th September and followed by a top DJ line up including Mod 'Face' Smiler, Si Cheeba and Dean himself. Click HERE for all the details.


Dean Chalkley on Pelirocco Platters

06 September 11

Posted at 5:26

Dean's interview on Brighton’s Cult Radio show 'Pelirocco Platters' will be broadcast on the evening of Tuesday 6th September between 6pm-8pm.

Click here to go to Pelirocco Platters

(it's through

The show hosted by Mick Habeshaw Robinson has had some great guests in the past, notorious characters such as Captain Sensible, Paolo Hewitt, Don Letts, Mark Baxter and Charlie Harper from the UK Subs have all been on the show...

If you miss this broadcast then it will be repeated in Wednesday 7th September between 10am-Noon and then available to download on Soundcloud.


Benedict Cumberbatch - The Observer

04 September 11

Posted at 5:22

Dean's pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch have now been published in The Observer magazine.

In the accompanying interview with Emma John, Cumberbatch talks about immersing himself in the historical context and cultures surrounding the roles he plays as well as punching Tom Hardy and adjusting to being single after 12 years.

You can read the interview online here!


Dominic West - Radio Times

01 September 11

Posted at 5:17

This weeks Radio Times have chosen to use this lovely portrait of Dominic West by Dean to accompany their feature on the actor who is best known for his role as Detective Jimmy McNulty on the award winning and highly addictive drama series ‘The Wire”.


Lanie Lane Shoot

31 August 11

Posted at 5:14

In May this year we were graced with the presence of Lanie Lane who had come all the way over from Australia via Nashville Tennessee where she had just recorded two tracks with non other than Jack White himself.

‘Ain’t Hungry’ and ‘My Man’ were recorded at the incredible Record Store/Record Label/Live Venue/One Stop Production house and Photo Studio that is “ Third Man Records” and will be available August 23rd.

Lanie’s photoshoot for her press shots took place in London at Gibson Guitar studios and was a lovely day. Here is a gem of a picture from that day’s shoot.

Watch this space for news about Lanie Lane’s next visit!


Young Souls - LIBERATION!

31 August 11

Posted at 5:02

Stephanie Binet from Liberation came over the channel last month to London to do a piece about Mod Culture. After coming to the premiere of Dean’s new short film YOUNG SOULS, which took place at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in London, she traveled to Reading for the “Reading Steady Go” festival. The festival; run by Reading Museum is a retrospective of the explosion of 1960’s youth culture and it’s legacy today. Here Stephanie also encountered Dean’s exhibition “The New Faces” exhibition, which is centered around a group of young modernists.

The results of Stephanie’s exploration can be seen here in Liberation!


Matt Bellamy - NME

31 August 11

Posted at 4:58

This weeks issue of NME magazine features Matt Bellamy from the band Muse which was shot by Dean Chalkley. In the 3 double page spread feature on the band they discuss the resurrection of "Origin of Symmetry" on the Reading and Leeds stages; 10 years after it's first release as well as what fans can expect form album No. 6. For more click here for


The Horrors - NME

17 August 11

Posted at 4:55

Dean shot The Horrors in June this year for NME's mammoth feature on the boys' new album "Skying" and here is the result...


Young Souls - Exhibition Closes

17 August 11

Posted at 4:51

Dean Chalkley's photographic exhibition and short film was being shown at PYMCA's Youth Club Gallery from the 22nd June untill the 16th August!

The Exhibition has now been taken down however you can still see the short film online at 125 Magazine's website. Click here to see it!

Young Souls has received rave reviews, but don't just take my word for it! Here are a few online reviews:

Creative Review

British Journal of Photography


It's Nice That

"[The] film... seriously good in terms of the cinematography, sound, aesthetics etc., and (perfectly captured in the still photos) the dancing is so damn cool it hurts."- Bryony Quin, "It's Nice That"


Young Souls - Last chance to see Exhibition

12 August 11

Posted at 4:49

Dean Chalkley's photographic exhibition and short film "Young Souls" at PYMCA’s Youth Club is due to come down at 6pm on Tuesday 16th August 2011 so tomorrow (13th August) is the last Saturday of the Young Souls Exhibition! So if you haven’t seen it yet, for some of you this may be your last chance! Youth Club is open from 1pm till 6pm on Saturday and 11am till 6pm on Monday and Tuesday.



BBC Radio Berkshire heralds the opening of The New Faces

02 August 11

Posted at 4:42

BBC Radio Berkshire celebrates the opening of Deans Touring Exhibition 'The New Faces'.
click here to go to the BBC website it has a great gallery with several images from the show. Dean also gave an interview to the BBC live on air on the day of the Exhibitions Private View.

The Private View and Special Club night at the Reading Museum was on the evening of Friday 29th July, a great evening that went from the museum to the 3B's Club with great DJ sets from Readings Club Rude and Londons Black Cat Dj's (of which Dean is one).

The Exhibition officially opened to the Public on the 30th July and the show is on until the 4th September

Click here for details of the Reading Museum, the link includes opening times and details of the Museums location.


Young Souls - The Guardian: Big Picture

02 August 11

Posted at 4:29

Saturday 30-07-11: The Guardian Weekend Magazine featured Dean's Project 'Young Souls'. The double page spread for the BIG PICTURE was one of the subjects from the Young Souls Exhibition. Perry 'Winkles' Neech looked splendid, the Image that ran on pages 8 and 9 was accompanied by a very interesting and complimentary article by Phil Daoust. To read the story go to The Guardians On-line Magazine simply click here


Young Souls Exhibition at Youth Club Pop-up

22 July 11

Posted at 3:52


©james lange pymca

Youth Club one of London’s newest and most happening Galleries hosted the Private View for Deans New Exhibition. The Gallery in Kingly Court (off Carnaby Street) London had a great turn out and was visited by lots of people eager to catch a first glimpse of the show.

Legendary Northern Soul DJ and Mr. 6T's / Kent Records Ady Croasdell was joined behind the decks by Donna Driscoll, Jo Wallace and Dean also popped a few choice 45's on too, the night was a very lively affair.

The show is now open to the public and runs until 4th August.

Saturdays inc 23rd July 1pm - 6pm

Weekdays Mon - Fri 11am - 6pm

The exhibition consists of 22 large prints some of which are exclusive to this show and there is also the opportunity to see the YOUNG SOULS film that is currently screening on

The Galleries address is as follows for all enquires
contact Youth Club direct:
Telephone: +44(0) 20 7437 0391
2.3 Kingly Court
Carnaby Street
London, W1B 5PW
all images of the Private View Part shown here were taken by ©James Lange @ PYMCA


Young Souls on

15 July 11

Posted at 3:34









Last night Dean unveiled his new Short Film


There was an electric atmosphere in The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club last night as eminent Soul DJ's built up the excitement with their finely tuned record selections.

Then it was time!..

YOUNG SOULS played at 9pm...

As the film drew to a close the audience’s cheers, whoops and applause confirmed that YOUNG SOULS is not only a beautifully engaging Art piece but an accessible thrilling and energizing expression made with integrity and passion.

In total the film ran three times through the evening, each time to packed audiences. Between the screenings the DJ's kept the dance floors pulsing.

As day broke and the night at Bethnal Green drew to a close YOUNG SOULS became available to view online at

Already the film has been viewed by an incredibly high number of viewers and amongst its plaudits..

The Word Magazine Tweeted:

"If you've ever totally lost yourself while dancing, this brilliant short film by @nitzerdc (dean chalkley) will bring it all back ..."

Q Magazine Tweeted:

"Get a Northern Soul fix with this smart new short film YOUNG SOULS from Dean Chalkley. You can smell the talc from here."

So what are you waiting for get to:




R.I.P Amy Winehouse

27 June 11

Posted at 4:21

It was with great sadness that I heard the news of Amy's death. She was a great talent and will be missed, not only for her music but also for her character. Thoughts go out to her family at this difficult time. R.I.P Amy.


Craig Roberts - Total Film

25 June 11

Posted at 4:25

Dean Photographed Craig Robert at Spring Studios for Total Film in May this year and here it is!


The Dogbones - The New British teaser on Vimeo

08 June 11

Posted at 3:21

Up and coming culture magazine The New British is set to launch this year.

The first issue features the work of the likes of Nick Knight, Neville Brody and Dean Chalkley.

Today The New British has released a teaser video of The Dogbones shoot by Dean Chalkley which will feature in the first issue.

 see it here:


F2 Freelance Photographer Magazine Profile on Dean Chalkley

06 June 11

Posted at 3:24

Vol 5 No5 Issue of Freelance Photographer's special "Moving To London Graduate Guide" features 4 double page spreads dedicated to Dean in their F2 Profile section.

"Top Music Photographer Dean Chalkley talks to David Land, about the changing nation of the industry, shooting HD video, and the importance of tangibility in achieving a cachet for your work."

The interview touches upon Dean's soon-to-be-released short "Young Souls", his love of Northern Soul music, internships and much, much more.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy you can buy it online by clicking HERE! or alternatively F2 Magazine is also available from most WH Smiths High St. branches, The Photographers Gallery Book Shop, Harrods London and other specialist photographic outlets.


Foo Fighters - NME

01 June 11

Posted at 3:16

Dean Shot the Foo Fighters the day after he shot all of the winners at the 2011 NME Awards, where Dave Grohl won "Godlike Genius award". The photoshoot took place in and around The Vinyl Factory in London's Soho District. The Foos were in the UK to promote their new album Wasting Light and a new feature length documentary "Back and Forth" directed by James Moll, which Dean had the pleasure of seeing two nights previous to the shoot. Dean also got to see the band play at the end of the week at Wembley Arena too. So all in all a fun packed Foo Fighting Fantasia.

The issue was released on 16.04.11




Young Souls now on 125 Magazine's website

07 April 11

Posted at 1:56

Dean’s photographs of the “YOUNG SOULS” are now out in the Religion issue of 125MAGAZINE (Issue #17)

The connection to “Young Souls” and the theme of the issue: Religion, Is the binding mantra of Northern Soul devotees: ”Keeping the Faith”.

For many years Dean has loved this music and culture so he felt it was time to make work around it.

So here it is…. click here to find out more! and here for stockists of the magazine.



Shake! December 2010 Session now available to Download

05 April 11

Posted at 1:43

On the 4th of December 2010 SHAKE! at the boogaloo bar in Highgate was broadcast live on air on

This Audio Spectacular has now been cleaned up and is available to download in the shape of a podcast for FREE!

On this very special session at the Boogaloo, regular SHAKE! Deejays: Si Cheeba and Dean Chalkley were joined by the formidable ‘Chap from Essex’ David JazzDJ Dawson. David has been an influential mover and shaker for many years with ‘too many to mention’ deejay appearances at Clubs Glastonbury festivals etc. A great Deejay who, not only knows his music inside out but knows how to get the crowd up on their feet and dancing nonstop...not only that....David JazzDJ Dawson brought with him his broadcasting abilities. As the man behind cult internet radio station David streamed the atmosphere soaked tunes spun by Dean, Si and himself out to the world on the internet airwaves.


Young Souls Teaser now on 125 Magazine

14 March 11

Posted at 1:39

the new short film by Dean Chalkley.

You can see the Teaser for the film by clicking the link to 125 Magazines Facebook page below.

The full length film will be out soon so watch this and 125 Magazine's spaces.

Here is the Link:
Young Souls Teaser

If you like the music on the teaser and want to get in the mood of the film go to:


The White Stripes

22 February 11

Posted at 12:48

This week the NME have chosen to go with Dean's classic shot of The White Stripes from 2003 as their cover to announce the news the The White Stripes are now no more.

The issue is a special tribute; dedicating 7 double page spreads to the band who have been together for 14 years. Over this period Dean has shot the band many times, some of these pictures can be found inside the magazine as NME map the bands success and pay tribute to their legacy.


Strip now on Vimeo

11 February 11

Posted at 1:04

Dean has just uploaded his short film 'Strip' onto Vimeo.

Strip was Dean's first film and was made in the year 2000 and shot on super 8 film.

With the support of the British Film Council, 'Strip' was successfully entered and screened at several short film festivals around the world and it won the Kinofilm 2000 Best Experimental Short Film award at the International Short Film Festival in Manchester.

Strip was written and produced by Dean Chalkley
Music and Sound by Geir Jenssen
and Edited by Suky Chiaranussati.


Serge now on Vimeo

24 January 11

Posted at 12:35

We've just uploaded the film Serge onto our new Vimeo account. Click here to see the new hi quality version.



Soul Film and Photography Project (club scene filming)

20 January 11

Posted at 12:31

The filming side of the project will take place on 30th January in North London. This time we are planning to shoot some club scenes so we're looking for some more people to come along.

All ages are welcome, so as long as you can dance to Northern and are interested in taking part please drop us an email to:

We have to receive an email from you - so please don't just join the Group - its important!

If possible include a picture of yourself with what you might wear...even if it’s from your camera phone.

There might be a limitation on numbers so please pass your details over as soon as you can!

The result will be a short film, not be a feature film and it doesn’t set out to be the definitive story of Northern Soul you’ll be relieved to know, but it does aim to celebrate it.

Also I thought that it would be necessary to mention that this project has no outside funding, which means that Dean will be paying for the whole thing himself. Therefore what is being asked is for people to donate their time!

Amanda Ashed

Looks Agency
020 8341 4477


Clémence Poésy - The Observer

11 January 11

Posted at 12:18


Here's one of Deans Clémence Poésy shots which was published in The Observer Magazine on 19/12/10 The picture accompanies an interview of the lovely Clémence by Elizabeth Day.

Clémence emanates a 'quentisentually Galic' beauty. Strong yet effortlessly sexual, which made her perfect for the role of Joan of Ark, one of her resent films.

Out Today is Clémence' latest film '127 Hours', directed by Danny Boyle. The trailer can be seen here!



Tony Christie - Now's the Time

07 January 11

Posted at 12:41

Tony Christie's new album is released today.

'Now's the Time'; released on Acid Jazz Record label. All of the photos taken for the album where taken by Dean in various Soho haunts.

Tony has spent time rediscovering the soul side of his early career, and has encompassed this into the recording of an incredible album, which was produced by friend, fan and one time collaborator, Richard Barrett from The All Seeing Eye.

The album brings together the sound of Northern Soul, British Beat and filmic soundtracks. Tracks like ‘Get Christie’ (a re-work of the iconic theme from Get Carter) features a collaboration with fellow ‘Dee-Dar’, Jarvis Cocker, other collaborations on the album come from Roisin Murphy amongst others.

Available now in all good record shops, online, on iTunes
<> and in our
eBay Shop <>.


It's a great album! Don't take our word for it though... here's what The Guardian had to say about it:

"Tony Christie considers this album to be "the real me"... ...Now's the Time! returns the 67-year-old crooner to his comfort zone of brassy lounge-pop and film soundtracks, and he sounds pleased to be there. And why not? His tenor, which forever hovers at the edge of quivering melodrama, was made for high-quality MOR like this. The best of a uniformly good bunch is 7 Hills, a deliciously sleazy country duet with Róisín Murphy, but also worth hearing are the jazzy Too Much of the Sun, which casts him as an old roué melancholically looking back at his life, and Get Christie, a spoof of the Get Carter theme with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker ("If a job needs doing and needs doing right, who ya gonna trust? Get Christie!")."- Caroline Sullivan

**** Tony Christie's 'Now's the Time' was given a 4/5 review ****


Exciting New Soul Photography and Film Project

07 January 11

Posted at 12:27

Dean is scouting for good, youthful Northern Soul dancers to feature in a short film and photographic project.

It will be presented through the biannual culture and fashion magazine '125'.

125 Magazine is a unique visual compendium of new ideas in photography, fashion, art and culture. Each issue is a tribute to creative freedom, showcasing breakthrough work by emerging and established creative's in a luxury 300 page edition.

If you are a good northern soul dancer or know anyone who is; please send a video clip to show us your moves. We are looking for a mixture of young male and female soul enthusiasts who can dance well to Northern Soul.
Although we are interested in a variety of styles we are very keen to get people who can do the more acrobatic style of dancing. 
You must be available for the potential shooting days which are 16th Jan and the 30th Jan and will take place in a central London location.
On the 16th of Jan a small group of dancers will be selected for the photographic element of the shoot and on the 30th of Jan a larger crowd will be needed for filming. 
If this sound like you then please send us a video to show us your moves. It will be an essental part of the selection process. If you could also send a photo or two this would be good too.
Contact us with:

your name
video clip/s
telephone number
and e-mail address

e-mailing this to the casting Director Amanda Ashed at

Once selected, successful applicants will be contacted by Amanda, who will explain all of the neccessary details about the photographic shoot and film.

Also, I felt it necessary to mention that this project has no outside funding, which means that Dean will be paying for the whole thing himself. Therefore what is being asked is for people to donate their time.


The New Faces - Reading Steady Go! Exhibition

07 January 11

Posted at 12:22

Dean's Exhibition the New Faces is being shown at Reading Museum and Town Hall as apart of a larger exhibition which explores Mod culture.

Reading Steady Go! Is an exploration into the explosion of youth culture in the 1960's and it's legacy in today's music and fashion. The museum aims to use the town's own experience of the impact of this particular youth subculture by displaying beloved artefacts from donators. The Museum is appealing for those who would like to lead their own material for the exhibition. So if you would like to get involved in enriching this display of this insightful exhibition please click here. or alternativly call the museaum on 0118 937 3400

The exhibition will be running from the 9th April 2011 until 9th Oct 2011 as is sponsored by

To read more visit the Reading Museum and Town Hall website.

To join the facebook page click here.


Serge in Housegrey Magazine

05 January 11

Posted at 1:12

Dean was asked to be a contributor to the online Magazine Housegrey.
The film was shot on super 8, written and directed by Dean,  a homage to the " Physical Culturist". 
The haunting soundtrack by icelandic contempory classical composer Johann Johannsson, is entitled "Odi et

It recites Catullus' Ancient poem in Latin through the means of modern technology:

I hate and I love. Wherefore would I do this, perhaps you ask?
I do not know. But I feel that it happens and I am tortured.

Serge was edited by Spencer Doane.
See it here on Housegrey
or here on Dean's own website.


SHAKE! at the boogaloo Podcast

05 January 11

Posted at 1:08


On the 4th of December 2010 SHAKE! at the boogaloo bar in Highgate was broadcast live on air on

This Audio Spectacular is now available to download in the shape of a podcast which is free to download! To download click  HERE!

On this very special session at the Boogaloo, regular SHAKE! Deejays: Si Cheeba and Dean Chalkley were joined by the  formidable ‘Chap from Essex’ David JazzDJ Dawson. David has been an influential mover and shaker for many years with ‘too many to mention’ deejay appearances at Clubs Glastonbury festivals etc. A great Deejay who, not only knows his music inside out but knows how to get the crowd up on their feet and dancing nonstop...not only that....David JazzDJ Dawson brought with him his broadcasting abilities. As the  man behind cult internet radio station David streamed the atmosphere soaked tunes spun by Dean, Si and himself out to the world on the internet airwaves.

This treat followed the Super Successful Soup Session transmission on which Dean  fellow Black Cat Dj Si Cheeba guested in a mammoth 7 hour sonic bonanza a few months ago in what became the station's most sucessful show, with record numbers of listeners tuning in....enjoy


Dale Ted Watkins

05 January 11

Posted at 9:30

Here is an interview with Dale Ted Watkins. Dale is an exceptional hairdresser who has worked on many shoots with Dean, the latest of which being Tony Christie's Press and Album shoots. He has spent nearly 30 years as a pioneer of men’s hairdressing in the UK. Having trained and worked at Vidal Sassoon, Dale felt the men’s market was where his passion lay and he has continued to take this passion through stints in London salons such as Refinery and Adams of London and his clients include Sasha Baron Cohen, Guy Ritchie and Jonny Owens.

Dale’s technical ability and knowledge of traditional barbering techniques puts him in constant demand as a session stylist.

Click here to see the interview.


Paul Weller - Find The Torch, Burn The Plans

10 December 10

Posted at 1:05


Paul Weller has just released a very special double DVD and CD of the acclaimed Julien Temple film 'Find The Torch, Burn The Plans' alongside a concert filmed at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Dean’s picture features on the cover of the Single of the same name.

The DVD package comes complete in a deluxe hardback case with previously unseen photos of Weller’s year and exclusive sleeve notes Paul Moody interviewing Weller - a must buy for any Paul Weller fan!The DVD is bolstered by the '7&3 Is The Strikers Name' promo video directed by Lawrence Watson.

In addition there is a CD featuring 12 songs from the Royal Albert Hall show plus six tracks from Weller’s in concert at the BBC Theatre show - including collaborations with Richard Hawley and Lauren Pritchard.

The full track-listing is as follows:

Live at the Royal Albert Hall: 
1. Andromeda
2. From the Floorboards Up
3. 7&3 Is The Strikers Name
4. Into Tomorrow
5. Aim High 
6. Moonshine
7. Up The Dosage
8. Strange Town
9. Wake up the Nation
10. Shout To The Top!
11. Trees
12. You Do Something To Me
13. One Bright Star
14. Wild Wood
15. The Eton Rifles with guest Kelly Jones
16. That’s Entertainment with guest Kelly Jones
17. Fast Cars/Slow Traffic
18. Come On
19. Why Walk When You Can Run
20. All On A Misty Morning
21. Light Nights
22. Butterfly Collector
23. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
24. Art School
25. Scrape Away
26. Pieces Of A Dream

Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
A Film by Julien Temple
7&3 Is The Strikers Name promo video directed by Lawrence Watson

Live At The Royal Albert Hall
1. Andromeda
2. From The Floorboards Up
3. 7&3 Is The Strikers Name
4. Into Tomorrow
5. Aim High
6. Moonshine
7. Up The Dosage
8. Trees
9. Wild Wood
10. The Eton Rifles (with Kelly Jones)
11. That’s Entertainment (with Kelly Jones)
12. Fast Car/Slow Traffic

In Concert at the BBC Theatre
13. Start!
14. Sea Spray
15. Strange Town
16. Broken Stones
17. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (with Lauren Pritchard)
18. No Tears To Cry (with Richard Hawley)


Tinchy Stryder - Third Strike

04 December 10

Posted at 9:30

Third Strike was released on November 15, 2010 it's Tinchy’s third studio album and his second album with Island Records.

The shoot for the album and singles was done in two parts.

The first part of the shoot took place at Big Sky Studios London. Dean shot Tinchy in this environment to get the 'raw material' to project in the second part of the shoot. Part two of the project was epic, the studio shots were projected on to a huge abandoned  secret location in London. T he projector was so big it had it's own lorry and i n the dead of that night Tinchy stood tall visable for miles. 

Heres how the picture looked on the album...

Keep your eyes out for more shots of Tinchy they'll be filtering out very soon...


Kings of Leon - Triple J Mag

01 December 10

Posted at 9:30

We got a parcel trough the post today all the way from OZ….

Our copies of Triple J Mag’s October and December issues arrived as they both feature Dean’s pictures on the front cover.


October’s issue features the pictures Dean took in New York. We particularly like the double page spread with banner illustration. 

Very Nice.


Muse - Triple J Mag

01 December 10

Posted at 9:30

The Dec/Jan issue cover is of Muse which Dean shot Muse specifically for Triple J Mag at Wembley Stadium the shoot too place as the band prepared for their massive show.  

This month’s issue is dedicated to travel. As a contributor Dean was asked to summit his own thoughts on an inspiring trip. It was published as follows:


Slash - The Observer

01 December 10

Posted at 7:26

This week one of Dean’s pictures of Slash was published in the Observer to accompany an article of quick fire statements about the Musician’s life and Career, covering drug addiction, groupies, God and Axl Rose. Slash was very cool, professional and did not disappoint, dressed in his iconic trademark style.


Luella's Guide to English Style

29 November 10

Posted at 9:44

Luella Bartley has recently released a book titled Luella’s Guide to English Style. Luella chose Dean’s picture of Dizzee Rascal to feature in the book.

This charming book is a beautifully-bound, traditional, embossed hardback and is guide to the social style rituals of Britain.

The former journalist’s study is a social, anthropological one supported by photographs, illustrations and occasional diagrams (which appear as numbered plates).

The seriousness of the books exterior, along with the traditional layout, present a light hearted and humorous content which explores contemporary themes through chapters covering Tradition English “Garb”, fashion values according to class and the different Tribes of Britannia.

Dean’s picture (plate No. 33) supports Luella’s analysis of ‘Grime’ where she credits Grime artists such as Dizzee for salvaging working-class style form the chav, by injecting back into it a bit of humor and satire. The picture was taken from the front cover of Dizzee Rascal’s debut album Boy in Da Corner, which was shot by Dean.

In all the book looks beautiful and is both enlightening to the uninitiated and affirming to the familiar. A really nice read.


Matthew Williamson Book

29 November 10

Posted at 9:27

British Fashion Designer Matthew Williamson is the subject of a new book by internationally renowned publishing house Rizzoli which was released on the 18th October 2010.

The book is a definitive volume, exploring Matthew’s life, work and achievements. It is a wholly absorbing experience of riotous colour.

Dean’s contribution to the book is a picture of Matthew in his home. Matthew sits amongst his interesting bright and colourful study, it’s clear to see all his influences, including the Indian inspired colour pallet that permeates into his work for the likes of Pucci and his own eponymous label.

The Book comprises of numerous photographs by the worlds top fashion photographers. Images of shows, collections, and even personal snapshots and sketches by Matthew himself are contained within its pages. Colin McDowell; the author of the book, chronicles Matthews career, from his debut collection, ‘Electric Angels’ to his 10-year anniversary show giving a unique insight into the life of one of Britain’s most celebrated designers.

Dean was kindly invited along to the book’s launch on Tuesday 12th October at Somerset house. A concurrent exhibition is being held there until January 2011, featuring images from the book. Here’s what Matthew Williamson said about the night:

"This book feels like a new chapter in my life, it was so personal to me. It is amazing to be here with all my close friends.”

here to read more about the book.


Kings of Leon- in London for Uncut

29 November 10

Posted at 6:29


The week following Dean’s trip to New York to shoot Kings of Leon for the NME, the Kings of Leon came to the UK. This time the session took place at the beautiful Connaught Hotel, for Uncut Magazine.

The Magazine has run a six double-page spread on the Kings, with an interview by Jaan Uhelszki in which the Kings talk about their early songwriting days, recalling stories of a prophetic preachers from back home, as well as artistic differences in the band and of course the obligatory family bust-ups.

The magazine, which came out this week, also features a review of the Kings of Leon album “Come Around Sundown”, which they have given 4/5 stars.

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Paul Weller - NME 27/11/10

27 November 10

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Dean’s picture of Paul Weller was chosen to be on the front cover of the NME this week.

Inside, Paul shares his thoughts on his musical past, his triumphant 2010 and confirms he has no plans to quit touring and recording music any time soon.

He tells the music weekly: "If I can still stand up, I will be (touring), definitely. I don't think there's any end to it, until I drop dead."

Also in this issue is a free poster give away section to promote the new NME Collection at Sonic Editions.

Dean, along with Andy Willsher and Tom Oxley have submitted a selection of photographs of various iconic artists for the NME.

The sonic editions are limited to 495 per image and come in a range of 3 print sizes, with various framing and mounting options and are available to buy online. Click here to find out more.


Streetstyle Book New Edition!

25 November 10

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Streetstyle new edition book launch at The Book Club in conjunction with PYMCA
(Photographic Youth Movement Culture Archive)

PYMCA have unveiled a new edition of the seminal work by Ted Polhemus , Streetstyle.  Fashion icon Chloe Sevigny has been quoted by The New York Times as referring to Streetstyle as her “Sartorial Bible”.

First published by Thames and Hudson in 1994, the book was instantly successful and had a profound effect, describing and documenting how youth subcultures grew, manifested themselves and evolved.

As it’s title implies, it focuses on styles and trends that emanate from the street, having a trickle-up effect, eventually reaching high fashion status.

Dean’s pictures have been selected to feature in, not only the book but also in the exhibition.

The Private view of the exhibition/book launch and signing took place at the Book Club, London on 30th September. You can get your hands on a singed copy by Ted Polhemus from PYMCA .


The New Faces Exhibition mentioned in ASOS

25 November 10

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Flicking though October’s issue of ASOS this week we came across a mention of Dean’s Touring Exhibition ‘The New Faces’ in their ‘Hot New Now’ section on page 43 where the ’The Mod Squad’ is their ‘mood of the month’…. now features an online gallery dedicated to ‘The New Faces’ exhibition, it shows a sample of 9 images taken from the 30 strong body of work making up the collection.

Here is what people said about The New Faces Exhibition when it came out:




Kings of Leon- in New York for NME

25 November 10

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Dean flew to New York to catch up with the Kings of Leon for the 21st August 2010 edition of the NME. The shoot took place at Milk Studios on Manhattan.

The Kings were in fine spirits, it was the first shoot they had collectively done for a while…

The images accompanied an great interview by the journalist Barry Nicolson, in the wake of ‘the incident’ (you’ll have to read more of the magazine to find out about that..). The article touches many issues that are close to the hearts of the band not least the subject of the bands reaction to being accused of ‘selling out’ as well as offering a prelude to the band’s eagerly anticipated 5th album ‘Come Around Sundown’.

The shoot has a ‘warm’ feel to it, Dean wanted to reflect the Followill’s homely small town, southern roots that challenges the ‘Stadium Rock’ label that they have been attributed since the release of ‘Because of the Times’.

According to those lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of the bands new record, it is reported to be very much back to their old roots, which will delight old fans as well as show the new comers the journey they have come.

For more from this session go to or pop along to the news stand and pick up a copy of the magazine.


Tony Christie- New Single

25 November 10

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Dean met up with Tony Christie in the midst of his stint, treading the boards in the west-end musical show Dreamboats & Petticoats

The shoot took place amidst the landmarks of Soho’s old-school clubland, with scenes that would not have looked out of place in Colin MacInnes’ Absolute Beginners, Bar Italia and the rain splattered streets featured heavily.

Dean shot Tony for his brand new record ‘Now’s the Time’, which is being released on Acid Jazz in January 2011.

The first single ‘Nobody in the World’ out on the 8 th November, has a great Northern Soul feel and would not be out of place in any self respecting soul DJ’s set.
It’s the first release from Tony on the Acid Jazz label.

The Album ‘Now is the Time’, sees Christie, going back to his roots bringing together the sound of Northern Soul, British Beat and Cinematic sound-tracks.

Jarvis Cocker, a big fan of Tony, has reworked the iconic theme from the film ‘Get Carter’, for the album now entitled ‘Get Christie’, it has an additional classic line from the film  “he’s a big man but he’s out of shape” …nice touch….

More on the album as it approaches it’s release, but for the time being…


Tess Daly - The Observer

25 November 10

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Dean’s pictures of Tess Daly were featured in the 26.09.10 issue of The Observer .

The hostess of Strictly Come Dancing was in a playful mood on the shoot and depicts Tess in a chic and glamorous way, far from the celebrity lifestyle magazines in which she is often portrayed. With elegant dresses by Stella McCartney and Amanda Wakeley and a hat by milliner Peter Betley.

The article by Elizabeth Day touches on the personal issues that have revolved around Tess’ life in the past year. In the article she also explains how her TV career took off and expresses her love for her dear friend, the late Quentin Crisp.


My Chemical Romance - NME 13/11/10

13 November 10

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Dean was asked by the NME to shoot My Chemical Romance last month. The results were published in the November 13 th issue. The NME have used Gerard Way, with his striking new red hair as the cover shot.